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Comments (49)

  • Finland only won because of the force majeure circumstances. Danish players' heads were not in the game after it was resumed. This was a very bad way for Finland to record their first ever victory in a major tournament.

  • @splint3r That's hardly true. It was naturally very hard for both teams to start playing again but Denmark continued were they left off before Eriksen's collapse and were again very dominant. It looked more like Finnish players were not that ready and Danish were very determined to win the game. It was only after Finland's surprise goal when Denmark started to struggle, although they came close to score a couple of times in the latter stages of the match. But surely the outcome would have been different, had Eriksen played a full game without the incident...

  • @splint3r I think they don't care how they got their first ever victory ...

  • @neumi17 In general it would be fine. But in this case, they should care. What if Eriksen had died on the pitch?

  • @splint3r It was Danish player's wish (and apparently Eriksen's) to continue playing. And Finnish players didn't (or even couldn't) celebrate after the goal. What more can you expect? They did celebrate after the game, but their thoughts were with Eriksen, as they said in the interviews. Every player on the pitch played for Eriksen.

  • @Castle No, it wasn't the wish of danish players, you got it totally wrong. It was an ultimatum from Uefa: You either finish the game saturday night or sunday at 12:00. The Danish football union (DBU) didn't have the balls to say, "we don't finish it at all". So the Danish players agreed to get it done rigth away instead of waiting till after a sleepless night. IMO this game should never have finished.

  • Sometimes 1 shot in the entire game is enough to win a match.

  • Denmark need a very good striker.

  • After some crazy shit like that happens (Eriksen incident) Who knows where the players heads are after that, not surprising to see Finland come away with it, 1 shot 1 goal lmao, insane.

  • Danish dynamite got wet today somehow ...

  • @neumi17 Sorry, I intentionally hit Report. Yours is a disgusting comment. I am ashamed that we both share the same nationality. At least your favorite team is not Bayern anymore.

  • @neumi17 Sorry, I accidentally hit Report instead of Reply. Was just going to say that this is perhaps unsurprising considering what happened.

  • That was a shocking Denmark penalty.

  • Both to score.

  • This will end 0-0.Finland defence are proving very tough to break down.

  • @Rensen But they will score

  • Eriksen is fine. Thank god, it looked worse on tv

  • @NuchalLine it was very bad indeed, thanks God the doctors and technology did the job.

  • It reminded me of Fabrice Muamba when he played for Bolton and his heart stopped for 78 minutes.He had to retire though which may be the same scenario for Eriksen.

  • Who could benefit from poisoning Christian Eriksen? Just asking

  • Following the request made by players of both teams, UEFA has agreed to restart the match between Denmark and Finland tonight at 20:30 CET. The last four minutes of the first half will be played, there will then be a 5-minute half-time break followed by the second half.

  • Are they going to carry on tonight from the 40th minute ? I thought they may suspend it for a few days.

  • They will play the game

  • Eriksen is awake in hospital and talking.

  • He is a great kid, in his whole carreer he never forgot his roots. Every year he came back to his hometown Middelfart to play games with a team of mentally disabled. I watched some of these games and saw the joy, he spread to all of these people. I really, really hope he will be fine and fit very soon.

  • Eriksen is conscious, they say now.

  • Praying for Eriksen

  • oh no

  • Please be ok Eriksen.

  • 2-0

  • Let's hope these teams will NOT read the script from the previous 2 games when they started out with a coward game plan and the consequent boring 0-0 at half time. I want to see some brave, attacking football from both sides, designed to entertain the fans in the stadium!

  • @Zoltan based off your previous comments and this one you don’t have much of a football sense. Fans in the stadium also like to see their team win, it can’t always be that exciting and attacking football results in a win. This is Finland and Denmark, what makes you think it benefits both these teams to play like that?

  • @normal_fan99 also benefits the players to concentrate on the process and its creativity, instead of just being result oriented! the players will have more fun if they play instead of fighting!

  • 3-0 or 0-0 game. Nothing can upset the game. if it does upset, it could be draw game.

  • @Makus Apparently, something can...

  • Denmark goals over 1.5.

  • 3-1

  • Denmark are in excellent form, winning eight of their last 10 international matches.Finland enter the tournament winless in six and with injury doubts surrounding their star player – Teemu Pukki.

  • Denmark have a great group of players and will be too strong at home to Finland.

  • 3:0 for Denmark

  • Denmark 3-1 in Copenhagen.

  • Denmark will win - they do have a complete team in which the players play much better than in their club teams (a rare feat!).

  • 1-1 ?

  • 1X