Probable Lineups


Probable Lineups Statistical Comparison

(7) 7 Goals 2 (4)
(3) 2 Assists 3 (3)
(6.6) 6.7 Average Ratings 6.6 (6.5)
31.4 Average Age 31.4
181.1 Average Height (cm) 185.5
(1) 1.1 Shots pg 0.9 (1)
(44%) 45% Aerial Duel Success 59% (56%)
(0.8) 1.1 Dribbles pg 0.8 (0.8)
(1.6) 1.5 Tackles pg 1.1 (1)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in EURO Grp. F.

Missing Players

Player Reason Status Rating
João Cancelo Out N/A
Player Reason Status Rating
Jonas Hofmann Out N/A
Lukas Klostermann Out N/A
Leon Goretzka Doubtful 6.86
Matthias Ginter Doubtful 6.52
Serge Gnabry Doubtful 6.58

Team News

  • Pepe could keep his place in the side on Saturday and then earn a rest if they avoid defeat to Germany.
  • Portugal left it late to defeat Hungary on Wednesday but are unlikely to make wholesale changes here.
  • Bernardo Silva came off with 20 minutes to go but his work rate and pressing is exactly what Fernando Santos will value against Germany.
  • William Carvalho is perhaps most likely to drop out of the side with the likes of Ruben Neves, Joao Moutinho and Renato Sanches pushing to start.
  • Matthias Ginter is a major doubt for Germany after coming off injured against France on Wednesday night. Emre Can should deputise.
  • Lukas Klostermann is out for a couple of weeks after suffering a thigh injury in training but will stay with the squad.
  • Antonio Rudiger's has been cleared to play despite appearing to bite Paul Pogba in their defeat to France.
  • Germany should welcome back Leon Goretzka from injury for Saturday's clash with defending champions Portugal.
  • Jogi Loew's side lacked cutting edge in attack in their opener and we could see a bit of rotation for their second group game.
  • Serge Gnabry worked away from the main group on Thursday and is rated as a doubt, while Jonas Hofmann is ruled out.


  • Portugal ran out 3-0 winners over Hungary on Wednesday but only scored their first goal in the 84th-minute.
  • Germany lost their opening game at a European Championships for the first time ever after their 1-0 loss to France. The scoreline flattered Germany.
  • This is the first meeting between the two sides since the 2014 World Cup when Germany ran out 4-0 winners thanks to a Thomas Muller hat-trick en route to winning the tournament.
  • A repeat scoreline is highly unlikely if Germany's performance against France is anything to go by. There was a period in the second half where they pressed at France but aside from Serge Gnabry's mis-hit effort they really struggled to create any meaningful chances.

User Predictions

Comments (131)

  • haha now ron understands the pain of having semedo in the team of having barely any creativity in midfield an sometimes no support from other attackers:D

  • ahahahahah Ronaldo MOTM yes he made exellent match but still Gosens is the MOTM by far!

  • @mor7al if you look at the stats theres really no debate; ronaldo was motm

  • @matthew130199 What do you mean, of course there is a debate. What did Ronaldo do in 90 minutes and what did Gosens do in just 60 minutes ? Ronaldo had maybe 3 or 4 good moments in the game, Gosens about 20.

  • @mor7al No dispute. Should have been 2 goals and 2 assist for Gosens. He was an absolute beast here

  • @alx30 and all in 60 minutes

  • @mor7al nope

  • Havertz slowly getting to his true potential

  • @alxdru Havertz played key role in all goals together with Gozens. Surprised by his mark. However I didn't watch the game, extended highlights only.

  • @alxdru Only in front of the goal. In midfield and built up he was no factor again.

  • @neumi17 maybe that's his true potential :) h actually has striker stats in his best years at Leverkusen ,better than Sane and Gnabry if you take the league stats

  • Ronaldo, sanches and jota can only do so much

  • Woah, where was this germany all these years? That was a cracker of a game as well.!

  • @Real_Madrid Last match they dominated France completely but they lost due to own goal and Gnabry missing the chances. They played well again, but this time it was the opponent scoring 2 own goals xD But yeah it was a good game to watch!

  • @hellreaper Totally wrong ! They played like shit offensively, only defended well. But in the entire game Germany had only ONE decent scoring chance.

  • Ronaldo 8.5 vs. Gosens 8.4 is just hilarious!

  • @BeautifulLoser no it is not, compare their stats, Ronaldo can only do so much when Portugal's defence is this bad

  • @BSN That's right but what did he actually do ? Gosens was a machine all game long , whereas Ronaldo had a few good scenes.

  • @BeautifulLoser I agree. It's hilarious how Gosens got almost the same score as a player who have been perfect.

  • @hellreaper Ronaldo has been perfect?! Surely not in this game.

  • lmao, Portugal and Ronaldo were trash again, but lucky he got to pad his stats to pretend like he's a top 5 player in the tournament

  • @1974cruyff Ronaldo scored the opening goal and gave a remarkable assist. I didn't see him showboat in his half with unnecessary dribbles and passes. How is that stat padding? He wasn't great in the match against Hungary (scored 2 but still was bad imo), but he and Renato were the only Portuguese decent tonight. Stop the unnecessary hate.

  • @1974cruyff What are you talking about? Ronaldo was perfect everytime he touched the ball. He even scored and made an assist and a few more good passes. And Portugal almost scored the 3rd goal with that blast from Renato Sanches. And you have to consider that this match is being played in Munich, not in neutral venue. So they did good, except the own goals.

  • Portugal goal in last ten minutes.

  • @Finucci It could have happened. They were playing well

  • @Finucci nobody cares

  • @axelxyz I'm a bettor so cares, last minute goals is very vaule for me. :) I won a lot of on Hun-Portugal 80+ three goals., Italy 89. goal, Wales 94. goal etc.

  • Penaldo and Penandes have gone missing. :)

  • @Rensen Ronaldo is man of the match so far

  • @bosco433 You mean Gosens

  • @Yman He just misspelled Gosens.

  • @Yman No. Ronaldo, Pepe or Renato Sanches are the best this match

  • @hellreaper Gosens won the Star of the Match award! Fully deserved, what a masterclass

  • Bruno Fernandes big game ghosting continues

  • I know Gosens was superb, but Muller's touches are pure golden.

  • Imagine thinking Germany would lose a must win home match to PORTUGAL. Cry baby Ronaldo going home

  • Portugal's defence is terrible as i expected, Pepe is so slow and semedo doesn't get back to cover his position, all of the goals came from his area, where is Cancelo.

  • @BSN Pepe is perfect. The right back should be Cancelo but he got covid. Guerreiro have been playing so-so

  • @hellreaper yes Semedo have always been weak defensively

  • @BSN True, Semedo is only good on FIFA Ultimate Team.

  • Haha now Germany 4-1 and Ronaldo is crying.

  • @Rensen gave an assist while ze Germans already stopped playing. I see him playing.

  • Gnabry best man on the pitch so far

  • Amazing! When the Germans don't have an out-and-out centerforward, 2 Portuguese defenders will chip in with one-one goals for the Germans! In this Ball Posession/Defensive Game Championship most goals come as a matter of luck!

  • @Zoltan they forced them to play like that

  • Is Gundogan even playing? Where's Goretzka???????

  • @Yman He has a muscle-injury since the beginning of may. He hasn't played a game since then.

  • Pepe the animal tried to injure Muller but failed LOL

  • Imagine thinking for no reason that Portugal is better than Germany

  • It's 4-1 now. Another German battering. Whoever said Portugal has the best defence. lol

  • @wilde portugal have scored 3 goals

  • @wilde imagine thinking that Bruno is better than Havertz

  • @wilde falcon_ranger and splint3r dont know much about football ^^

  • @Nataku 4 goals were scored by Portuguese players in this game. What would it have been without the own goals? That's right, a draw. So shut it.

  • @splint3r those own goals were forced if they didnt try an block it a german would of scored it so shut it:D

  • @BEE10 Whatevz.

  • @Nataku Wait till 90 mins atleast to make such comment. Germany can have 20 shots and have 60% possession but they are so susceptible on the counters. Final score could be 4-3 Portugal and what Germany did in this game would become irrelevant as they will virtually be out of Euros. They are making it entertaining, I will give Germany that

  • @falcon_ranger now gtfo u noob its already 4-1 for germany

  • @Nataku Its ok, criticize me, banter me, but don't throw insults

  • @falcon_ranger LOL Jota diving, they even try to cheat now

  • @falcon_ranger it should have been like 5-1

  • @falcon_ranger they are like 10 times better, so far as i expected

  • @Nataku Portugal lost due to inferiority complex. They simply didn't turn up

  • What a filthy piece of skill by Ronaldo. Clowned Rudiger with those juggle and back heel.

  • 4-3

  • germany has to win this game is she wants to go till the end.. All-in for them

  • @Sexyboy1 She? Germany is a woman? That would explain a lot.

  • Over 2.5 goals

  • @Rensen Booom over 2.5 goals wins.

  • Portugal will win and Ronaldo score panelty goal. :)

  • @Finucci your dumb

  • Germany getting battered today. 3-0 Portugal. Ronaldo brace, Rudiger getting red. Low to get booed

  • @falcon_ranger If the match were played in Lisbon, yeah, but it's played in Munich.

  • CR never scored and never won against Germany and France in 10 matches.

  • Portugal all the way

  • All are thinking that Portugal are superior team thn Germany. How? They played really well against France without conceding too many goals. Yes they failed to create chances but played well. I will bet on Germany to win and over 2.5 goals. My prediction is 1-3 to germany

  • @Babor143 LAMO, Germany getting their a$$ handed tonight by Ronaldo. I'd be shocked if Portugal didn't win by less tha 3 goals margin

  • @falcon_ranger you are delusional, take a cold shower and face reality

  • @falcon_ranger as i expected, germany is like 10 times better...

  • @Babor143 Portugal is indeed better, but Germany plays at home and can be better this match, so a German victory wouldn't surprise me.

  • @Babor143 Did you see the Spain game? Just go ahead and flush your money down the shitter.

  • @Babor143 what's the point of playing well when you can't score? lol Germany's attack was toothless against France and that won't change here

  • @NHJ LMA aged like fine unpasteurised milk

  • Germany should play a lot better than the last time if they want to get something out of this game. Still, I don't see that happening. Portugal not to lose guranteed.

  • @NHJ Germany played really well, but missed their chances. I think Portugal might lose, but it's always hard to predict

  • Portugal should not start with Jota. He was terrible the last match. Also Carvalho or Danilo should bench. But these coaches are stubborn.

  • @StickandMove So 1 bad match and he must immediately be benched? This isn't fifa.

  • @StickandMove What are you credentials? Could you mention a few teams you've coached?

  • @Gronounours Go fck yourself buddy

  • 1-1

  • Important note: Germany will play at home in Munich.

  • @hellreaper Which will make their loss today even more embarrassing

  • @hellreaper It doesn't matter. Portugal are better. If they underwhelm, it might be a draw, but if they play at their best, they will beat Germany.

  • @splint3r "It doesn't matter. Portugal are better." Based on what?

  • @Gronounours Based on the fact that Germany suck? Did you watch them (try to) play football against France?

  • @splint3r They lost 0-1 against by far the best team in the tournament with the only shot on goal being the own goal. If Löw won't do too much stupid stuff (like wasting Kimmich by turning him into a winger), they will probably win. Portugal is not as good as they should be with those players either.

  • @alx30 do you mean France - who scraped a 1-1 draw with Hungary….

  • @splint3r Yes. But I think Santos will start 7 defenders again and Portugal will wander aimlessly around the field. Why does Santos hate attacking football so much? I agree, he has got things done in the past. But they're not the underdogs anymore. He should put more faith in his team's attacking prowess.