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Paris Saint-Germain

Borussia Dortmund

Paris Saint-Germain

Borussia Dortmund

Paris Saint-Germain

Borussia Dortmund

Paris Saint-Germain

Borussia Dortmund

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Comments (74)

  • Why did Can get a straight red? Usually pushes don't result in a red card, just yellow. That's only because Neymar fell?

  • What Neymar did after his goal and what the PSG squad did at the end of the game is a disgrace to football. They will get what they deserve soon enough.

  • @splint3r sure, let's pretend nothing happened before so that PSG is the arrogant club again... or let's admit that Haaland (and other Dortmund players) teased PSG for weeks after the 1st leg. Can't add a link here but FYI Haaland posted "PSG is my city, not yours" the day before the 2nd leg, don't you think that's the stupid thing in that story?

  • @DBabou The BVB teasing was real, as any club does. I often see Chelsea (the club I follow) teasing other teams before the matches and there's nothing disrespectful in that. About the Haaland story, I can't find any evidence that he actually posted the captions. Most news say it's fake. I think Neymar celebration wasn't the problem, but the whole PSG team doing that over and over after the match was a bit too much.

  • @splint3r I still don't understand why they did that. Was it just to provoke Haaland?

  • @MrNemobody What did they do? I missed the match

  • @dib Neymar mimicked Haaland's meditation celebration after scoring, and at the end of the match all PSG players did that as well on the pitch and in the dressing room.

  • I just hope someone will eliminate PSG from UCL this season, because nobody normal wants them to win it, it would be worst thing ever in modern football.

  • @stefanm For once, I agree with you.

  • Hahazard flop again!!

  • Bottlers doing what they usually do.

  • @GioMonaldo As expected, the team with less possession emerged victorious.

  • @SeuneMilmas more often than not it's the opposite

  • @SeuneMilmas psg was something around 67% possesion at half time, what you saying?

  • @Legolas. Full time: PSG 46.8% possession.

  • @SeuneMilmas They scored 2 goals while having around + 60% possession .Obviously Paris didn`t have to make the game anymore in the second half. Also, you just copy and paste that sentence from the Liverpool game ...

  • @neumi17 LOL.

  • poch to bvb

  • Favre is really a terrible manager. His cowardly tactics never work yet he repeats them again and again ...

  • @neumi17 true

  • @neumi17 Yeah, true! I already wrote to them an e-mail in which I wondered how hard they had to look to find such an idiot! Even Haaland is out of form now: he did not score in the past 2 games and even that might be the outcome of Favre's "work"!

  • @Zoltan two matches without scoring is enough to be called out of form?

  • @wilde That was his third game in a row without any impact upfront.

  • @wilde For Haaland, yes.

  • @Zoltan Favre Did he win something in his life? Yes a trial , nothing more - During a match, when he was a player, he was injured .. AND .... he complained against the player ... and made money with that...

  • 1-0 final score

  • PSG too defensive with Icardi and Mbappe on the bench (Cavani is out of form). Dortmund did NOT look impressive at all against Monchengladbach in spite of an away win. Verdict: this might be a low scoring game (the idiot Tuchel goes for a 1-0 BUT Dortmund may find an away goal by accident: Haaland didn't score in his past 2 games)

  • Mbappé to steal the show . PSG to qualify

  • @alxdru How ?

  • @neumi17 Dancing at the sideline!

  • @Fromhell haha ! he's the only one equipped for winter on PSG bench

  • @alxdru and red for Witsel

  • 3:0 PSG qualify

  • neymar loves to play to his audience, right? he's the kid they all come to see. will be interesting to see how he behaves and performs in front of next to nobody

  • @idiot Like he always does: rolling about on the floor and sulking

  • I always thought the away goal rule should be scrapped. But it seems particularly unfair to have it when this game is being played in what is essentially a neutral venue when there's no fans. I want Dortmund to go through but it would be harsh if they went though on away goals.

  • Haaland was the necessary signing for Dortmund's attack, but let's not forget other key players that make him the current "monster" he is in face of goal. No fans also in Parc des Princes, not sure if a good thing or a bad thing for PSG side. Anyway, expect PSG pull a win if Neymar is on his days and if Mbappé plays, which I believe he will even with a sore throat. 2-1 win for PSG and we are awarded with another 30 minutes of game to watch.

  • Mbappe most probably on the bench, Sarabia to stat and Kurzawa instead of Bernat. Anyway we will see. However Tuchel said some stuff about 1-0 being good result. Hopefully if he sets up this team to play for that score, BVB will score at least 2 :)

  • PSG without MBappe, but Neymar ( wow ... ). it all depends if Neymar does not have his menstruations, or does not have a sore finger, or did not go out for his sister's birthday ... In other words 3 chances out of 10 to have a top match on his part. On the other side we have FAVRE, a pretentious who has never done anything at a high level. But as the match is behind closed doors PSG has almost no advantage in hosting ... and as every time PSG stops at this stage of the competition ... it is rather the performance of Haaland which should do the difference in the quality of DORTMUND ...

  • @splash I have big doubts on Neymar, he is completely out of form (Tuchel was happy that he did 90min last week...) Worse, I believe he does not care about PSG anymore. Mbappé has grown arrogant and selfish for two years, but he can still produce magic... If he is on the pitch. On the other side, Haaland his the vital ingredient that has tranform BVB back into a real team with confidence. If he is not shut down by defence PSG will have a nightmare in a ghost stadium. I see BVB go through with a draw 2-2 or 3-3.

  • PSG forever chocking in the UCL

  • Both games tonight will problaby be tight affairs that could end either way. I think PSG and Liverpool will go through. Could be a +1 goal win for both teams. We just have to wait a bit to see the final lineups. PSG's "weak" midfield in the preview worries me a bit but their offensive 3 are awesome.

  • As much as I like Borussia Dortmund i think Paris Saint-Germain will qualify. Dotmund receive lots of goals away and PSG score a lot of them when they play at home. Probably 3+ goals @ 1.35 or PSG to qualify @ 2.15

  • Draw. Dortmund through. PSG will crumble again with no real ambition in their players. Dortmund hitting form at the right time and will want this far more.

  • They are going to smash Dortmund.

  • Mbappe is out.

  • @Ezio he can play with sore throat

  • @haemorrhage NO

  • @haemorrhage He also needs to be able to yell a bit when he scores. No screaming celebration, no party.

  • @haemorrhage it’s very rare for a player to play without training a day before the game. He missed both monday and tuesday trainings.

  • @haemorrhage He might have the Coronavirus....

  • @Zoltan Omg, there's no end to these Corona comments. Hope humanity gets whiped out so that the planet can keep going for a little while longer. I also hope the Italians go down first xD

  • Match to be played behind closed doors. Bit unfair on PSG as they lose some of their home advantage.

  • @Nico1 There's no way around it. You have a slight injustice in a game on the one hand and a global pandemic on the other.

  • @Nico1 Even with home advantage they couldn't do much against this Dortmund.

  • @GioMonaldo I would be shocked if PSG didn't win 5-1.

  • @Nico1 Will be way worse for the traditional clubs. No one goes crazy for the artificial petro clubs anyway.

  • @alx30 I'm no PSG fan, I actually support one of the traditional clubs. But PSG's ultras are crazy, the players will certainly miss the atmosphere they create.

  • @alx30 regardless of the club it still serves as a massive disadvantage...

  • 3-1 (head, heart says 2-2)

  • any news about Reus?

  • @Zoltan Still out for a while which is good ...

  • @neumi17 good?

  • 2-2 Haaland to finish the job

  • hope dortmund make it through, classic german choking potential is always there though

  • @1andonlydude How loosing from 2-1 scoreline is chocking??Its fairly possible that PSG goes through with that away goal in their bag.

  • @1andonlydude They'd have to choke harder than PSG in CL knockouts. Tall order, even for Dortmund

  • 1-3

  • 4-2 yup

  • 4-2

  • 1-1