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  • posession lol

  • It’s safe to say that Germany have reached an all time Löw. #copiednotmine

  • @tonystarKK hahahs

  • If someone hadn't realised it up to now, now you know. Joachim Löw is a fraud. Germany's title in 2014 was largely due to Guardiola coaching Bayern.

  • @splint3r there are simply few exceptional german players right now and if you could have a kimmich on RB but have to play him on DMF you get an idea. Ginter is not even a good center back and played RB here. On the other hand, in Spain (and elsewhere like in France) there are so many young gifted players right now. also, 4-1-4-1 is a formation that approached like ten years ago especially to beat 4-3-3 and 4-4-2. it's easy to see how Werner, Gnabry and Sané have more problems with exceptional and experienced players like Ramos, Roberto and Gaya than Morata, Koke and Canales with Ginter, Koch and Max. Asensio and Oyarzabal even on the bench.

  • @splint3r No, it was due to Hansi Flick

  • @splint3r If anything it was due to Flick doing tactics for Germany back then...

  • @alx30 No, it was due to Guardiola's tactics at Bayern. You know the unwritten law that wherever Guardiola goes to become a coach, the given national team wins the world title. Only England couldn't do it, because they suck. But even they managed a 4th place finish exactly for this reason.

  • @splint3r - It's not unwritten, much less a law. It's just a reasonable assumption that the style and confidence of the dominant team in a country would transfer that through its players to its national team.

  • Don't worry guys. It was well planned by the players and rightly so. Löw can finally be out the door.

  • @falcon_ranger and bette to do in semi competitive game than in Euros. He should have been out after the wc 18

  • @falcon_ranger Actually after the Euro16 would have been an appropriate timing.

  • I have never seen Germany with a worse defensive line, than in these last games. Embarrassing.

  • Ridiculous performance from Germany. Spain doesn't even play well, they just get to do whatever they want. 0 pressing. I hope they get wiped out and Low finally sacked. Disgraceful how he is still there

  • @alx30 Spain played well and Germany were total rubbish at the same time. Spain basically had their 2nd team except for a few positions though. Their players were very motivated.

  • First half annihilation.

  • Spain 2-2 Germany

  • 0-2

  • 0:2 Germany (Ramos misses 3x penalty, 2x Werner

  • @jurinho87 I seriously doubt he'd take a third after missing two already, but I hear you xD

  • @Fromhell this guy looks like a troll to me considering his recent comments

  • 1-2 Werner, Gnabry

  • 1-0 Ramos