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  • Dominic Calwert-LewanGOALski

  • Cymru am byth!

  • @MEHJones What does that mean and what language is this ?

  • @neumi17 Welsh. It means "Wales forever". "Cymry am byth" means "Welsh people forever". It's a chant essentially.

  • Both teams have more important games on the horizon and the England Wales rivalry in football is not as intense as with rugby. Nevertheless, a derby is a derby so the teams should be up for it. Wales will be missing several important experienced players (e.g. Bale, Ramsey, Allen). However, England themselves are unlikely to play their best 11 (e.g. no Sterling, probably no Kane), and will doubtless try out some youngsters. There will still be plenty of good players on the pitch with potential to shine for either side and make the most of the occasion, E.g Graelish, DCL, Brooks, Ampadu. Southgate should be aware of the danger posed by Moore and has home advantage. England to edge it. England 2-1 Wales.

  • I can seeing England playing a very weak side as of the important Belgium game at the weekend.Not a game to be betting on as there will be a lot of subs coming on as of the friendly status of the game.

  • 3-2

  • @eastend1 wales will win this easy

  • @flephmang I hope you're right but I can't see it myself unless England fail to show up.