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  • Congrats Bayern on winning a record 9 Bundesliga titles.

  • And that's why Jonathan Tah will never go to a big team. Two crucial mistakes lead to goal and 3 poins for Bayern.

  • Bayer Leverkusen wasted a golden opportunity to lead the table during the winter break. It would have boosted their morale and they actually might have had a chance to win the title. Pity...

  • Totally unfair result.

  • @stefanm Actually not. I also hoped that Leverkusen wouldn't lose for the sake of the league but it wasn't undeserved for Bayern. They had 14-7 shots and according to understat, they had 1.41 to 0.31 expectedGoals.

  • @stuckonautomatic clear and present situation of how and when stats lie. It's easy to deduce domination by Bayern looking at metrics but all who watched the match know different. Tah made a horrible mistake with his dinosaur first touch. And to think he was in Bosz's dog house for a while. I would probably bench him for the Hinrunde.

  • @stuckonautomatic After the first half it could have been 3-0 Leverkusen. Bayern did not have a shot on goal until the 30th minute. In the second half Bayern was the more active team and had more shots but not more scoring opportunities. So because of both halfs a draw would have been a fair result. In general Bayern plays awful football these days but Lewandowski, Neuer and Conan save their butt's on a regular basis.

  • @stuckonautomatic Jonatan Tah was Bayerns agent today...

  • 2 goals and 7,9 rating!! Tapin merchant just like penaldo

  • @JotaroDio imagine basing your opinion about players on whoscored ratings. good for you dude

  • @JotaroDio difference is that lewa scores when needed and necessary

  • Kimmich is a beast.

  • Player of the Year!

  • Different team with Kimmich

  • Death, taxes, Lewandowski scoring.

  • 1-1 final score

  • 2-1, 1-1

  • Damn, Schick just scored a Puskas goal. What a banger!!

  • Alario, Bailey, and Diaby will test that Bayern defense for sure. I wouldn't be so confident in that Bayern win. In fact, if Leverkusen is confident and takes some risks, they could win easily here. Their players are in a much better form than those of Bayern, who became a bit flat without the contribution of their leader: Kimmich!

  • Lever is really playin some great football this season

  • typicall, bayern will win like last time with Union Berlin:) embarassing 2-1 for Lverkusen

  • @lucca87 Embarrassing is heading towards bankruptcy with the most income of any club, publicly screwing over your most legendary player or being exposed as frauds by loosing 8-2 in a UCL quarter final. Losing against an Leverkusen on fire at home while missing your whole midfield would not be embarrassing.

  • 2-1