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* 3-way betting is when you bet on the match result as one of home win (1), draw (X) or away win (2)

* Halftime/ Fulltime betting is when you bet on the outcome combination of both periods

* Ex: 1/2 means in the end of the first half Leeds will be leading but the match will end Manchester City winning

* Double chance betting is similar to 3-way betting but in this case the bet covers either one of two possible outcomes

* Ex: 1/2 means in the end of the first half Leeds will be leading but the match will end Manchester City winning

  •   Leeds
  •   Manchester City

Goal Scoring Statistics

* Over/Under bets are the ones when you bet on the number of goals exceeding or not exceeding a certain limit.

* Ex: Over 2.5 means the total number of goals will be over 2.5 such as; 2-1, 2-2, 3-2

* Correct score betting is when you bet on the exact score outcome of the match.

* These statistics show how many times a team scored a certain amount of goals

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* There are different betting markets when goaltimes statistics can be used, such as Leeds will score in the first half.

TIP: Usually goal time bets are done during live matches.

* Clean sheet / Failed to score statistics can be used to bet on either one of the team keeping a clean sheet in a match.

* Keeping a clean sheet means that the team will not concede a goal.

  •   Leeds
  •   Manchester City

User Predictions

Comments (45)

  • Leeds' prossession more than City's

  • What i learned from this game is that this leeds team will go far and will be in UCL next season

  • @sampo It is VERY early in the season bro. There's a long way to go and a lot of things could happen along the way. Would problaby be the first time a team went from Championship to Champions League over a season.

  • @Fromhell Leicester won it after 2 seasons so not impossible

  • @sampo they forced edirson to 6 critical saves which means they can score a lot of goals and this is why they hit liverpool with 3 goals.

  • @sampo - Leeds create many chances under Bielsa but their finishing is very poor. So, forcing Éderson into 6 saves and scoring just 1 is par for this team.

  • another fail for bald fraud, give him another 300 milion euros to spend so maybe he can than win against leeds ,a championship team!

  • I can't believe it why this man city team always among the favourites to win the ucl while they keep showing their inconsistency.

  • @VKey Almost all teams seems to have inconsistency 2020.

  • again anti-football Guardiola tactics punished. Pitty Bamford, Ayling missed sitters and others shot 2x at the bar.

  • if you are not an idiot, tomorrow your coach should be Bielsa, not this bald clown Pepitto))). How many he spend? What was the tactic for match? - going to Mike Dean complaining that he ows you a penalty shot... Genius tactic for a match against Championship side. Kudos to Guardiola)))

  • why there is no punishment for diving? sterling flopping left and right 24/7

  • So, a 100m worth of CDM protecting a 250m worth of defenders still concede 5 more shots on target than City. Maybe throwing money isn't the solution eh, Pep?

  • Aguero carried this team for so long. Without him, they're an average side.

  • @uefalona They definitly need a new center forward. I'm surprised they haven't reinforced yet. They're not short of funds, are they?

  • Mancity sucks

  • Moreno, sub and score

  • ManCity with 48% possession against Leeds ... is Pep still their coach ?

  • @neumi17 He is facing Bielsa, who also promotes possession football. Quite logical balance.

  • @Thypot Yeah, some sort of balance. But ManCity is the much better team on paper. It is not clear to me that the weaker side has more possession.

  • @neumi17 Bielsa and they winning 1-0 already...

  • @richccfc Now 42% and it doesn't look like winning right now.

  • @neumi17 Bielsa and they already winning 1-0...

  • City too good

  • Torres and Costa starting?? Is this an Atletico Madrid match??

  • 1-1

  • Confirmed: Ruben Dias is in the starting lineup with Laporte as his cb partner.

  • 1-2

  • lol that 15-1 seems lit

  • I really enjoy the playstyle that Man City has had over the last seasons, they're most often fun to watch. Today however, my heart goes out 100% to Leeds and their supporters. May you win or atleast draw!

  • @Fromhell As usual, the team with less possession will predictably win the match. Leeds 3-2 Man City.

  • @SeuneMilmas Leeds had the most possession so you choose the wrong winner anyhow.

  • With Marcelo Bielsa at the helm of this blistering Leeds squad, this match is expected to be an almost evenly-contested duel between the newly-promoted side and a City team that is looking to prove a point to critics. New signing Ruben Dias will be under the spotlight following some questions about Pep-some defence in recent weeks. Bielsa's Leeds have proven that they take on anyone ( as they showed with Liverpool) hence the feeling that this will be a tight game. All in all, I think the score will even out at 3-3

  • @TheLoneRanger we think alike

  • 1:3

  • i hope this will be an even match with Leeds cashimg in 3 points :)

  • 1-4

  • Leeds were unlucky against Liverpool and managed a clean sheet against Sheffield Utd. City were awful against Leicester. Leeds can cause an upset here. Sterling on his own playing striker was terrible against Leicester.

  • 1-4

  • Over 2.5 goals

  • Klich hero to score. 1-2

  • @koziol.mutant I would be shocked if Leeds didn't win 3-2

  • Home 15-1...I like it

  • 0 - 2 Bamford to miss a sitter

  • @Overmars and he duly delivered