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  • they already plead massive against strong Arsenal and were a bit unlucky, they're something this season

  • Great game from jamie brandy

  • Maxtomlinson. Only they got torn a new one by WHU - clinical.

  • So predictable. Wolves to win and tottenham X2

  • @Ndt07 boooom all my bets won today :)

  • @Ndt07 nice tips in the comments, man. I looked them all. congrats

  • Is Michail Antonio about to be a England international?

  • Leicester are on fire and I don't think West ham with their surprise win over Wolves can stop the winning streak. 2:0

  • @specter LOL

  • @specter LOL.

  • @eastend1 There goes another infantile comment, lol

  • @specter lol

  • @temitopetko easy to comment after the match has started

  • @specter lol x2

  • 2:0

  • Leicester doesnt win this one guys

  • @Ndt07 why do you think they won't?

  • @specter too many good players missing. Also they had too many wins on tHe roll

  • @Ndt07 great call

  • @Ndt07 you are good

  • 4-2

  • 2-2 or 2-1

  • Leicester's form so far this season and West Ham's abysmal record on the road means I expect Leicester to win this one. West ham are a truly awful team with a terrible manager, but their 10-men behind the ball tactic will frustrate. A crowded penalty box could see Vardy scoring again from the spot before opportunities open up for the likes of Barnes and Castagne.

  • @maxtomlinson You obviously miss the WHU wolves game and the end of last season...

  • 3 - 1