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  • Outclassed. Go back to the Championship, where you belong, Leeds United!

  • Havertz with a no show

  • @neumi17 As per usual.

  • Chilwell to score

  • 2-1 leeds

  • Leeds lost 4:1 to inconsistent Crystal palace.. How will they take points from Chelsea, if Chelsea's Forwards, Midfield and defence are all scoring goals. CHE 3-0 LEE

  • Leeds to score 2 and hold Chelsea to a draw? Nope. Unless Arizabalaga is back in goal, Silva is absent and Zouma drop form again. lol

  • @Iapetus you can see Mendy's form now

  • @Iapetus what do you think, suddenly chelsea are mighty in defence with mendy? it is luck and coincidence. they will start to let goals sooner than later. i expect leeds to score some but also let some in... 3-2

  • 4-1 Chelsea win

  • Chelsea have had a good run, but against clubs that have suited their style. Leeds will be very different with their ability to counter, run and press. Neither Newcastle, Burnley or Sheffield was able to do the same. I wont bet on the result, but I would bet on both teams to score

  • @adrian.k Only two of leeds 10 PL games have gone without a single goal for them, and that was against sides Arsenal (where Leeds was very unlucky not to score) and Wolves.

  • 2 - 0 CHelsea and we might see a red card in this match or plenty of yellows

  • True.. Leeds are a well oiled team.. But u see, there is a reason Chelsea is called a Big Club.. Nd there lies the superiority.. Chelsea win... Absolutely

  • Chelsea's "first team" got a good rest against Sevilla. With 3 goals conceded in the last 12 matches(!!), surely they wont concede 2 against Leeds.Easily the most inform team in the league. Easy 3-0 win dont @ me

  • @Ferit22 absolutely.... Chelsea win with clean sheet

  • Tough game but hoping Chelsea come off with all the 3 points

  • Last time leeds was in the premier league, Abramovich had just bought Chelsea LOL.. CHE 3-0 LEE