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  • XG: West Brom 0.92 vs 1.95 Tottenham. Total shots: West Brom 11 vs 18 Tottenham. A deserved three points.

  • Three points away from home. Job done.

  • that was deserved! lets go! top of the table!

  • Gareth Bale having another awful game, tell us something new~

  • spurs more likely to score, should've had a penalty in the first half. 0-2 second half.

  • Hard match for Tottenham...Maybe draw

  • spurs dominant so far, a goal is coming.

  • @lukeduke14 LOL

  • @lukeduke14 1st half 1 shot...

  • 2 red cards

  • 1-1

  • Everton-United BTS, City-Liverpool BTS, Arsenal-Aston Villa home win, WBA-Spurs away win and Chelsea-Sheffield United home win. Combined odd @8,09 GLGL us.

  • Kane and Son to link up as Batman and Robin and destroy Jokers WBA: 1-3.

  • @StickandMove I hope you are right.

  • @StickandMove I would be shocked if Spurs don't win 1-0

  • @SeuneMilmas finally!!! waw

  • @SeuneMilmas that's a bad sign for Spurs :-)

  • @alxdru Pardon my ignorance, but why is a 1-0 away victory bad for Spurs?

  • @SeuneMilmas because 1st place is for winners :-)

  • If Tottenham win this match, they will go top for an hour or so. Unfortunately. Tottenham are playing West Brom who they often seem to draw (or even lose) against regardless of how well they are playing or how much they need the three points. Tottenham's Europa match on Thursday is unlikely to help either. West Bromwich Albion 1-1 Tottenham.