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  • I'm a Newcastle supporter. I'm glad Leeds won. Bielsa is a proper, ambitious, talented manager. Steve Bruce is a mediocre, weak, satisfied nobody. Mike Ashley needs to leave. This is getting ridiculous. I want to see my club relegated; it's a proper indication of the utter pointlesness of this Arsenal supporter's cluelesness. Get rid of Ashley. Even worse than Ashley are the weak, consumerist fools who keep on going to St. James' to watch this aimless group of mercenaries (bar Shelvey, the only decent player we have). In the 80s we boycotted the club until a decent owner (John Hall) took the club to the next level. Back in the 80s men had balls. Now they have manginas. NUFC is a club for pussies.

  • The time to win for LU.

  • 2-1 Leeds win

  • 0-1 Wilson

  • 2-1

  • 3-1