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  • over a year without goal for Traore in PL. 4-1 and maybe Traore to score

  • @alxdru - Even when he scores he doesn't score!

  • @alxdru so close

  • Lots of goals

  • Home win. Phillips is an irreplaceable player for Leeds. Plus, their defense system is really vulnerable to players like Traore and Neto.

  • @NHJ I guess you forgot Raphinha and Bamford. These two players alone are enough to smash the Wolves.

  • @arisvi - Good players, but not irreplacable. Raphinha in particular only played half of league minutes, because they also have Costa, Harrison and Poveda-Campo for the same position. Rodrigo and Roberts are also forwards if Bamford got injured. But there's nobody that can naturally play the same position that Phillips does, let alone with the same style.

  • 1-0

  • Leeds comfortably wins the match.

  • 2-1

  • 4-3

  • 3-2

  • Wolves - Leeds 2:1(1:0)