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  • As predicted, the team with less possession of the ball won.

  • @SeuneMilmas yes, this was one of this one in a hundred predictions when you are randomly right

  • Minute of play 21:54 Liam Cooper (Leeds United) header from the centre of the box is saved in the top centre of the goal. Diego Llorente is a misrepresentation.

  • @skorpionmk this is also confirmed on other sites such as the BBC. Can you look into changing this?

  • @MK110 Liam Cooper headed the ball on target. The video of the match verified it without doubt.

  • 0:0 full game

  • Leeds to win by two goals

  • Leeds not to lose.

  • 2-0 Grealish is a huge loss for Villa.

  • @nexus747 I'll be shocked if Villa don't win 1-0 without Grealish in the team.

  • @SeuneMilmas lol 5 mins to go ������

  • Will end 0-0

  • Leeds - Aston Villa 1:1(0:0)

  • 1-0