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  • what a game.

  • That was the best goal of the year for Liverpool from an unexpected source. Now Chelsea is in much more danger not to qualify for next year CL. Thanks Alisson, you saved my bet

  • lol

  • Damn, West Brom getting robbed out here

  • Becker scores a great header.


  • OMG What an ending

  • Whaaat is thattttttttty

  • Common Liverpool ONE more goal UCL is waiting

  • Liverpool bottling it for a champions league place.

  • @nexus747 Alisson says hello

  • @nexus747 Delete this nephew

  • I’m not going anti Liverpool here, but I am going anti ref standards: anybody notice how mike dean butchered the rules about 10 seconds before Liverpool’s first? He blew the whistle because he got in the way of a pass, but play was restarted with a free kick when by the law it should’ve been a drop ball with Liverpool receiving possession.

  • @normal_fan99 drop ball only happens if ball hit the ref

  • @nithinbvb if the ref interferes, it’s always a drop ball. There’s no difference for if it hits him or not, the call is the same and the restart is the same

  • West Bromwich 3:2 Liver Fool

  • Draw or West Brom win

  • Liverpool have to win their next 3 games including this to try and get 4th place for a CL place.

  • 1-4

  • 0-1

  • West Brom - Liverpool 1:1(0:1)