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  • Where is Burger King? did they send him back to Chelsea already? :D

  • Sh*t happens, we move on, good thing in football you have another match in 3 days to fix the things

  • *They have

  • Let's face it: Real Madrid squad is weak, especially offensively. There have many aging - though excellent - players (Marcelo, Ramos, Modric or Benzema), whereas the younger ones are not convincing (Vinicius or Jovic). I don't know how they can expect something this season if such a weak team.

  • What a pleasant surprise!

  • Jesus Christ, at times it seemed like they were competing for who could be the worst player on the pitch.... and they all won! An ominous start to a crucial week. Hala Madrid!

  • 2 shots on goal for Real at a game at home ...

  • No VAR, no party! My prediction at the end: 1.Barcelona 2.Atletico 3.Sevilla 4.Villarreal or VARdrid.

  • @Pastore10 UEFAdrid is finished...

  • I wish UEFAdrid plays against Bayern in the round of 16 over 2 legs... That would be something spectacular to see :D

  • @CrazyBarcaFan00 I'd 8-2 see that but the way we were playing today Shakhtar could probably do a Bayern on us!

  • @Real_Madrid man it will be 16 or 20-2 I swear Bayern still has a grudge it may happen if you dont buy proper players and send that crazy French guy home

  • Real to score in both halves

  • @alxdru Sorry?

  • @Pastore10 no...not a RM fan

  • 3-1

  • 2-0. Big Benz and Kroos to score

  • @Elluso250 Big Benz ran out of gas

  • @Elluso250 Small Benz :D

  • 2-0 Karim