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  • Would like to see the long faces of Hazard's haters

  • welcome hazard

  • 4 goals, ZZ spoiling us! Good shift put in by Hazard, wish we got the clean sheet too. Hala Madrid !

  • @Real_Madrid oh yeah zz is the best

  • Real subbed Hazard to save him for tuesdays game with Inter Milan.

  • Hopefully Hazard can now remain injury free.

  • Hazard looked great today. Great goal.

  • what a golazo by Hazard wow from 25 meters!

  • When has Madrid become so bad and why ?

  • @neumi17 which game you watched

  • @tomerb The first half of this one. Than I switched to another game.

  • @neumi17 since Ronaldo left

  • @uefalona ???? They won the league last season and comfortably beat Barca last week. Sometime teams take time to find their rhythm and consistency but the quality is still there for all to see.

  • @vieri beating barcelona in this day and age is as good as beating the one from ecuador. both of spain's top teams suck hard right now, it's just that with real madrid it's less obvious why

  • 2-0 or 3-0

  • 2-1