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  • Real need to win the last game and hope Atletico draw or lose.If they both finish on the same points then Real will win La Liga due to head to head records.

  • @nexus747 Thanks, Captain Obvious.

  • Well done madrid, I'm very proud of this team regardless of what happens. Wish it could translate into trophies but that's football. Till the end. Hala Madrid.! :)

  • lol

  • Look I am indifferent to what goes on in LaLiga, but this RM deserve an applause whether or not they win the league. With 65 injuries + covid this season, fighting till the last match day is super commendable effort by them.

  • @falcon_ranger and 2 cheated classicos, yes applause my ass

  • @Pastore10 you're a bad loser

  • @Pastore10 Barca were inferior to Madrid in both matches. You are delusional.

  • Zero cup is loading born loosers LOL

  • Lmao in the end Madrid is the winner. I bet that dumb Pastore guy will find a thousand excuses.

  • @vieri sorry? LMAO

  • @Pastore10 We are at least sure it won't be pathetic Barca lmao.

  • Madrid will win this league

  • @Elluso250 LOL looser

  • @Pastore10 I'm the one who lost to Celta at home today

  • @Elluso250 not*

  • 2 penalties not called for Madrid. Officials clearly don’t want Madrid to win

  • Ath Bilbao - Real Madrid 1:1(0:0)

  • 2-1 villalibre to deliver the title to Barca

  • @CrazyBarcaFan00 When is the title celebration parade?