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  • "Ronaldo threw his jersey on the ground on his way to the locker room after the final whistle. [Sky Italia]" Statspadding mission failed.

  • Ronaldo Man of the match for shooting and missing a lot......

  • @Nico1 I just saw he had 5 dribbles ... that's probably the reason why :-))

  • Ronaldo motm without goals and assists.

  • @Nashonba It's because no. of dribbles and touches greatly affect the ratings. You can be utterly useless in a match (even lose the match) and still become the motm if you have enough dribbles and touches. eg: Messi lost the el clasico yesterday but was still the motm.

  • @SonOfDrogo I watched the game yesterday, Barca Madrid, Messi wasn't useless, he literally was the most effective player on the ground, created some good opportunities. Created space. he was just brilliant

  • @Nashonba happens once a season :D

  • @Nashonba Yes, how come ??

  • @neumi17 5/5 dribbles, 2 shots on target and 1 shot on post.

  • dybala will get 7.5+ score

  • Dybala will be a super sub today.He will come on and score :)

  • Juventus win , handicap (-1,5)

  • Finally the last year's MVP and most creative player Dybala is back, ideal opponent for Pendu to statpadding

  • Juventus win this match.

  • Juventus - Genoa 1:1(1:0)

  • @BetStatDroid_com you are false