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  • Fitting that Juve should deservedly lose to a smaller but superior side, as they look to join the super league cash grab where they would never have to play sides like Atalanta

  • Thank you Pirlo

  • I want Real to win UCL and Juve to miss UCL places to see the marketing christ burning alive

  • Juventus without Ronaldo would bee in the 14th position..

  • @Nashonba like CR without Modric, Kroos and Zidane not even an UCL last 8 player, wake up, they won 7 titles in a row before him, 4 coppa italias before him (zero with CR) 2 UCL finals, and 1 cheated quarter against Real in 2018, what are you talking about? He destroyed this club completely, Juve sell his identity for instagram likes, shame, new coach in every year...only statspadding and instagram likes from CR

  • @Pastore10 After seeing Ronaldo living in your head rent free you just hate the man. Don’t say Ronaldo destroyed Juve cause that’s simply dumb, Juve had a proper coach and a whole team. Now it’s just chiesea and de ligt who can be considered world class. His first year he helped Juve reach the QF, only this year he did nothing. Even in the serie A Juve were not only terrible, AC Milan and Inter have improved massively and you can’t deny that. If u blame Ronaldo for juves failures keep the same energy for Barca. Messi has a team full of world class players and he has yet to win the UCL. PSG have invested heavily on so many players and they are struggling against lile in ligue 1.

  • @Nashonba they are at best a mid table team without Capitano Throwarmbando.

  • under (3,5)

  • CR has never won against Atalanta, a big loss in italian cup (0-3) and 4 draws, last year with two cheap penalties, this year he even missed a penalty, but Juve won 3:1 here without him.

  • @Pastore10 "CR has never won against Atalanta" such a wrong sentence.

  • Crucial match for both team. I predict 2-2

  • Ronaldo will miss this match

  • Atalanta - Juventus 2:2(1:1)

  • DNB 1

  • 1-0 Zapata to show to Mr Penaldo who is the boss. :-)

  • @stefanm , want to see what you write if CR7 rejoins Madrid

  • @footballover Madrid already denied any offers for him, it's not happening.