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  • I hope Pirlo would stay longer in Juve. Great Performance ! :D keep going Andre !

  • xdddddd

  • Juventus doesnt deserve ronaldo

  • @Jaybird23 , Juventus will strive eventually, even without Ronaldo.

  • @Jaybird23 He is rather a curse, without him in some time Juventus would be real Juventus again like until 17/18.

  • Juventus Without Cristiano - 5 games 0 wins. And that's it...

  • @Coutadas , Juventus was eliminated of last season's UCL. With Ronaldo. xD

  • @Coutadas no Pendu, no party!

  • @Coutadas he want a rest before Kiew statspadding

  • Omg this Juventus team is really awful. Full of big names but couldn't do nothing. Couldn't even win against teams like Benevento and Crotone. I really missed the 2015 Juventus team. They dominated almost every game, even against big teams in UCL, and didn't lose points unnecessary like this.

  • Lapadula and Ramsey to score

  • how the hell do we have 3 CBs injured at the same time? Jesus... That's 1-2 for Juve at best.

  • Ronaldo out , Bonucci in

  • @oshami confirmed