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  • ronaldo flop again..

  • @stefanm and Messi lose again, no penalties for him this time lol

  • @stefanm Better than entire real madrid team

  • Flopnaldo was useless without his feeders as always.... :-D

  • @JimmyHopkins Eibarman will retire this season.,.what will u do?

  • Dybala and ronaldo should not play beside each other

  • @Jaybird23 Juventus bought Ronaldo to win the UCL, but they were never so far from it. And why? Cause Juventus sell his identity for instagram likes.

  • @Jaybird23 Ronaldo should not play in this team anymore, look at Juve till 17/18 and Juventus with him with Allegri, with Sarri and now with Pirlo, never will work in such a collective team so an overpaid, individual egoistic statspadder. Marketing buying.

  • Juan Cuadrado is a top 5 CB in the world ! Love that man.

  • @boss_dj Cb is central defender , Cuadrado is playing as a right wingback

  • Pain to watch this Juve, it even looks worse than Sarri's

  • Belotti to score two

  • 4-0 Ronaldo hatrick , this is easy game

  • @stefanm so was it easy?

  • @stefanm Yep.:) Juve win this match, but I don't think with four goals, maybe with three.