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  • Modern napoli never had ballz, so nothing to wonder

  • How could they blow it like that way? Knowing what was at stake and Verona had nothing to play for. This fcking coach is to be fired really.

  • This is on Napoli's soon-to-be ex-manager Gattuso. He just blew the base fee for Champions League group stage (€15,250,000) to the wind. How can you start this match without Mertens?

  • Bunch of losers...

  • You pretty much knew that Napoli or Milan would screw up and it was Napoli. A bit like how you knew Leicester would screw up earlier. Small teams with small mentality and/or match fixing.

  • @uefalona The only small-minded person here is you, if that is how you think about teams with smaller budgets.

  • Napoli bottled it so far now its half time.I cannot see them getting a win if they continue to play this badly.Juve winning so Napoli need a win for CL.

  • Napoli will win.

  • Less than two goals

  • Huge pressure on Napoli but they will win easily.

  • @Rensen ofc

  • 4-0

  • Napoli - Verona 2:1(1:0)