Match Summary

Norwich Manchester United
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities from the flanks
Stole the ball often from the opposition
Were poor at finishing
(Team has no significant weaknesses)
Gave away a lot of free-kicks around the box
Attacked down the right side
Favoured long shots
Attacked down the left side

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Manchester United


Manchester United


Manchester United


Manchester United

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Comments (64)

  • Fernandes has been out of form recently, with terrible passing, awareness, vision, strength on the ball, he needs to pick it up and maybe VDB should start over, also Fred what a beast he's been.

  • United outplayed by a Norwich team missing 5 players with illness. That's the headline.

  • And his brainless fans will claim he earned(!) 3 points for MANU.......... Being disappeared the whole match, trying some ridiculously failed attempts, eventually scored from penalty spot........ And celebrated like an ox!!!

  • @oihik Creating 10 accounts and liking your comments means you are insane. Seek help. Ronaldo has made you nuts.

  • @oihik So you watched the whole game because of Ronaldo? Thank you :-)

  • @oihik What has he done to you, mate? All your comments over the past two years is you hating on Ronaldo.

  • @SonOfDrogo If you knew how to read you would understand it wasn't about what he hade DONE, but what he DOESN'T do. And it certainly is not about hate. It's reality. Wake up.

  • Really unconvincing from United this game, I think they were lucky not to draw this one but de Gea came to the rescue. Definitely still a lot of work to do when you're looking off-colour against a Norwich team that has no business being in this league.

  • ladies and gentlemans, the greatest diver in the history of football... is penaldo

  • @Faceman Keep crying. Your tears make me happy. SIIIUUUUU.

  • I see 2 very specific Chelsea fans are running rampant with nonsense in yet another United thread. Surely we're past embarrassing at this point.

  • @childishjp yes me with my two comments and Alpha00 with his very obvious on the nose trolling. You idiots keep taking his bait and overestimating me lol

  • @Chilly_B It's a bit more than two mate, you're both a bit obsessed.

  • @childishjp he's obviously a troll I wouldn't pay attention to him if I were you, it's what he wants. And you can't say that any of my comments here are unjust lol

  • De Gea match saver again, Norwich next match sure win

  • De Gea man of the match no doubt.

  • Alpha00, the self called " God of predictions " is the biggest joke I have seen here so for on whoscored. He made a total fool out of himself with his " statements " ... At least it was a one time thing, his credibility is gone now.

  • @neumi17 My predictions were 99% right throughout my glorious history. 1% is only this game. Norwich Bottle it against relegation. Zone-weak team this is a Big scandal in the Norwich history, this is not my mistake, so it's a only a result could happened in many decades, and about my credibility or my reputation are unbreakable, after all we're talking here about "the God of Predictions" show some respect to that Name you imbecile

  • @neumi17 I think you are a bigger fool to take that guy seriously

  • @Chilly_B I really am since I read his stuff today for the first time. Now I know better

  • @neumi17 he's a lifeless troll who I get grouped in with because we both support Chelsea. A foolish ally is worse than a cunning enemy

  • @neumi17 He's doing it to rile people up, clearly it works.. but man he must have absolute NOTHING going for him in life if that's how he spends his time. It's so sad.

  • @neumi17 Credibility? He's predicting 7-0 against favourite teams all the time, just a clown.

  • ManU is not great but better than Norwich. I think they will still win this. 0-1, 0-2

  • United's front 4 have been awful

  • United is terrible , they just don't want to play!

  • Lets all laugh at man utd lol No chance of winning this.

  • @nexus747 Laugh at your sorry ass for predicting "no chance of winning" at middle of the game, also won by late goal against Crystal Palace so no point expecting a thrashing score here. New formation which United didn't use before Rangnick, team will need time to get used to it.

  • Ralf always plays a 4-2-2-2 formation which united are struggling with.

  • Meanwhile great "stepping back" saving from Krul to a nice headed by Mc Tominay . My memory betrays me sometimes, is /was he the GK of Netherlands national team?

  • @dib he was and famously came off the bench to save 2 penalties in the shootout vs Costa Ric in the World Cup 2014 quarter finals

  • Only the most delusional rival fans would call a Norwich win here. That being said, full time Norwich 1-0 United

  • @Chilly_B How can you be that blind, probably you've got an eye down your spine, Norwich will surely slap UTD's red As; -) with 4 - 0

  • Norwich have replaced 5 first team players due to positive covid.

  • @Rensen even with that still an easy Norwich Win

  • The trolls are ready with their pre-written texts about Ronaldo: If he doesnt score, they will cry that he didnt score. If he scores, they will say about the way he scored. If he scores hattrick, they will say its only Norwich.

  • @Belinho dude you have the same pre-written texts about Lewandowski

  • 1-3 United

  • 1-3

  • 1-3

  • If you are having a bet,it is best to wait until the teams are announced a hour before kick off.

  • 1-3

  • 0-4

  • UTD fans, don't give up or losing faith on defending your weakest team, may a miracle would happen decreasing your lost against Norwich from 4-0 to 3-0

  • @Alpha00 your existence serves no purpose

  • @normal_fan99 how can you say that to the God of Predictions

  • There are fears 5+ Norwich players have covid and are getting tested.They played covid hit spurs last week.

  • Norwich - Man Utd 2-0 (Pukki 37, 51)

  • MU 4-0

  • easy and inevitable Win for Norwich City between 4 to 6 Goals, if this Game ended with 4-0 for Norwich, that might be one of the best results in the UTD history, hard luck to UTD fans

  • @Alpha00 Be quiet mr Omicron.

  • @Alpha00 you are not enough to be Alpha, you are enough to be Omicron... ;)

  • @Alpha00 - Bitty mummy

  • @Caseyyy1 lol