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  • Salah warming up for his first BDO.

  • What a hit. Needed it too, the centre back partnership for Liverpool has a few mistakes in it.

  • 1st goal of Liverpool IMO was a wrong call, as there were one defender on the floor. Game should've been stopped then til defender received medical attention or at least woke up and being attender out of the pitch. I like Liverpool but I like more fair play.

  • @dib Why stopped? Was no head injury and collided with his team mate. In that case any dangerous situation and defenders fall on the ground demanding the game to be stopped

  • Should be a blood bath

  • With a little bit of luck Pool wins this 2-1.Saint-Maximin should score first though

  • @alxdru What do you smoking over there at Emirates?

  • @Barele I don't live on Emirates

  • 4-1 with Alisson or Thiago squirts a chance for goal for Castle

  • Newcastle is going down ��

  • They will thrash them 5:0

  • 3-0

  • 3-1

  • 5-0