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  • guys !! read the new rules for handball. The goal should be cancelled even if Salah was sleeping and the ball touchs his hand. This has been applied since 2 or 3 years.

  • @sampo sorry guys i did a mistake. it is a goal becos it touched Salah head before touching his hand which is 1 of 3 exceptions for intentional touchs. i am sorry

  • @sampo Ifab Law 12: Fouls and misconduct Handling the ball

  • Tottenham were lucky that Salah didn't play. ;)

  • @MEHJones Haha

  • The refs were terrible full stop. Clear pen and Kane red first half, red for Robbo was correct but shows terrible inconsistency. Anyone griping over Liverpool’s 2nd goal is insane, arm was within Salah’s body frame and made no motion towards the ball. Lastly Liverpool’s midfield were disgraceful defensively today and far too passive on the ball; without Alisson making 5+ goal saving actions it would have been a mauling (excepting of course Tottenham deserving to be 10 men from the first half). Anyone that considers the two possible reds as deserving separate card outcomes is not impartial and unfit for the job. VAR ruins an otherwise good game once again.

  • @sarigginsUSA you blaming VAR shows you're also biased. Without VAR there would be even more uncorrected mistakes.

  • Conte is now Pep's best friend lol

  • Good day for Man City.Both Chelsea and Liverpool drop points.

  • Clear red card,handball on Salah but Klopp stil whining

  • @alxdru Maybe he was still stuck about not sending off Kane in the 1st half, due to that serious foul against Robertson...

  • @alxdru red card for what? Salah trying to head the ball and touches his hand. I think that's not enough for denying it

  • @nithinbvb no the new rule is different. if the ball touchs the opponent hand whatever the intention or the position of the hand the goal should not be allowed. That what we saw tenth of times in previous game. i have nothing against liver or Salah but really the ref was awefull.

  • @sampo sorry i am wrong

  • @nithinbvb I've seen penalties given for that even though it wasn't intentional,but I think in that case was intentional handball .As for the red card... it's just red nothing to explain

  • @alxdru if salah scored or assisted that goal then it will be ruled out. As simple as that

  • Good tempo

  • Jota has been in great form recently.

  • @Rensen he has been so good since he joined the club

  • @nithinbvb he has been great since he was at Wolves.

  • What's a strong beginning from Spurs! 4 clear chances, 1 goal, 1 saving from Alison, all of those in just 15 minutes of match!

  • Liverpool are obviously favourites particularly if Tottenham's crowd are less numerous and animated due to COVID. Tottenham 1-2 Liverpool

  • Over 2.5 match goals.

  • @Rensen Booom bet wins

  • 1-1

  • @koziol.mutant good call.