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  • Score1-2 Shots on target 4-6 Saves 3-3 ????????������someone can explain me?

  • @California A defender blocked a shot that was on target.

  • Why does Klopp still use the best 11 for premier league games? There is practically no way Liverpool can still pass Man city at this point. If someone important like Salah gets injured then we also might lose UCL finals. Just save the good players for UCL man.

  • @Jeff12323 Because it’s better to fight for all 4 with the hope that City choke as they have done in other competitions than to give up and put even more pressure on the FA Cup and CL finals, psychologically. Plus it would invalidate the effort the whole club has put in to even be in with a chance

  • Salah was very good in this first half, probably the best his performance of the last 15 games or so... and yeah, I know he is on the bench bois.

  • Somebody please explain to me what's the purpose of fooling around every 3rd day in the Premiership when the players are exhausted and miss kick the ball like Naby Keita inside the box as a consequence? said to kill our bets? You are right!

  • 1-3 tough win for lpool since they are concentrating on other major matches and on the other side Lampard’s boys will be hungry for making a statement for the next campaign

  • @digital13 lampard?? he's with everton dude

  • Pool W

  • 0-3 Salah MotM

  • December '19 Aston Villa beats LFC 5-0! October '20 Aston Villa beats LFC 7-2! May '22 Aston Villa SHOCKS THE WORLD! 2-0 Villa

  • @Oversonly 24 Oct Manchester Utd 0 - 5 Liverpool 20 Nov Watford 4 - 1 Manchester Utd 6 Mar Manchester City 4 - 1 Manchester Utd 19 Apr Liverpool 4 - 0 Manchester Utd 23 Apr Arsenal 3 - 1 Manchester Utd 7 May Brighton 4 - 0 Manchester Utd

  • @Barele weird. None of those teams play each other today.

  • @Barele There's nothing saying that the guy is a United fan but you can't stop talking about United in every opportunity even when totally irrelevant because you can finally open your mouth after 30 years, should be difficult to be in a cave all that time. It was totally normal when Liverpool fans were saying that City will slip against Newcastle, however they get offended with anything against them. City won't lose a game or 2 draws out of 3, it's over. Klopp was moaning about Tottenham players were better because they were well rested, highly likely that he will rest key players here to not face the same consequence against Chelsea. Liverpool still will be stronger than Villa, but they won't mind beating Liverpool 7-2 again if they can just like your so called legend Gerrard said.

  • Liverpool to score over 1.5 goals @1.50

  • Villa have nothing to play for and will be 'on the beach' :) Liverpool to win 3-0.