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Comments (20)

  • 4-0

  • boring 2-0, antifootball

  • How they didn’t count Lukaku’s shot on target when he shot on the 8th minute. Shot was going in and it changed direction just slightly and goalkeeper made huge save. Help?

  • 1.08 odds for Chelsea. Are Malmo really that bad?

  • @uefalona Or maybe people think Chelsea is that good.

  • Come on, Chelsea! 2-0 home win

  • @Chilly_B Did you just say 2-0? This can end in 4-0

  • @McHennie well done but Chelsea have only scored 4 goals in a game previously under Tuchel

  • @Chilly_B I mean it's Malmo, come on, literally one of the easiest opponents, surely wasn't hard to score 4.

  • @childishjp really? Because we've only played Malmo about 3 times in our entire history. It's impossible to gauge how good they are relative to us because we never play each other

  • This one have only one winner -- Chelsea, only problem is the final score, but on what team they have it will be at least 3 goals difference. 1&2,5 is be best bet i think !

  • Chel$ki win and RomeLUkaku to score anytime!

  • Line Up; Kepa, Azpi, Silva, Sarr, Alonso, Kovacic, Jorginho, Odoi, Havertz, Lukaku, Mount.

  • Lukaku hatrick, CHE6:0 MFF

  • this is exactly the kind of team that Big Rom terrorizes. I expect a brace from the Belgian, a goal from Turbo Timo and one from the Midfield. Mount most likely