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  • Southgate has to go....Just a Yes Man for the FA

  • Worst German team in 15 years.

  • pikfart and hurry albanian gangsta - rofl , oh yea, u win alot with these two

  • Pope is a muppet

  • you need to be legit idiot to put harrymaguare as your centrehalf , and keep doing it time after time and on and on, Deprive this idiot of coach licence after this match. Harry is our hero!

  • @dzvinka centerback* ofc

  • 2-2 cuming

  • England as a home team as less than 40% possession and playing very deep. Scared as shit playing in home.

  • ah yes, classic Maguire

  • Maguire at least did his (blow)job

  • Those must be the two most boring teams in Europe right now. Germany wants to attack but lacks skills, agility and creativity and England could play better but decidesto not do that and just waits in their own zone. Germany is soo limited ...

  • @neumi17 Germany have Sane who is the dictionary definition of skillz, agility and creativity.

  • @GioMonaldo that's hilarious.

  • @GioMonaldo Apparently you haven't seen him in the last two years. No player makes more technical mistakes when it comes to ball control, no player loses the ball more often to the opponent and also he doesn't dribble anymore at all. The ManCity Sané was the player you are talking about. The Bayern Munich Sané is a different player now ...

  • @neumi17 Musiala is the dictionary definition of a skilled, creative and agile player.

  • I strongly belive in flick.

  • San Marino - Estonia >>>> this

  • Ofc it's terrible again bc Southgate can only play negative, lame football.No threat in WC

  • 8-1-1 England tactics

  • Sterling is addicted to passing ball to Ter Stegen

  • hope both wont gonna make it past group stage in WC

  • @koziol.mutant Faroe Islands or Luxembourg more entertaining, should get wild card entry

  • Germany as good as in the previous games

  • @neumi17 "good" or good?

  • @koziol.mutant good

  • Maguire to get a card @ 4.00 Odds.

  • @Marbella Good one !! ROFL

  • over 3 goals and over 3 cards 10/1

  • Germany haven't kept any clean sheet so far in this NL, England on the other hand have scored just once which came against Germany. Considering the fact they've already been relegated, plus Germany don't really sit back like the other opponents in the group, England should play with a little less pressure here. Given home support, they have everything to play for as opposed to Germany who even if they win, it wouldn't change their condition in the group. England should win this one

  • 0-1 England is probably committing suicide, England will be eliminated early in the World Cup if they keep playing like this

  • Over 2.5 goals

  • they can make it entertaining like 2-2

  • 0-1

  • @eastend1 0-3 maybe.

  • BTTS

  • Hope England will lose, pathetic "team".

  • @prozac666 both are in fact

  • @koziol.mutant But neither is more pathetic than Italy.

  • Once again you have picked a player to start who is suspended. Grealish is suspended and won’t take part. Mount most likely will start.

  • England Blow

  • Germany will win. @2.95

  • Very brave of Whoscored to predict England will score after them failing to score for 5 games. I mean sure there could be a penalty, again, but it's still very foolishly optimistic or just plain bias towards England.

  • @vieri maybe they expect, from a purely statistical point of view, that England will somehow find a goal sooner or later XD

  • @vieri both teams are rubbish so maybe a high scoring game because match means nothing

  • @vieri True. 0-2, England lose.

  • Under 2.5 goals @1.72