Probable Lineups


Probable Lineups Statistical Comparison

(5) 3 Goals 4 (5)
(2) 0 Assists 1 (3)
(6.7) 6.7 Average Ratings 6.9 (6.7)
27.9 Average Age 27.9
181.5 Average Height (cm) 182.5
(1.2) 1.3 Shots pg 0.8 (1)
(50%) 52% Aerial Duel Success 56% (51%)
(0.9) 1 Dribbles pg 0.7 (0.8)
(1.2) 1.1 Tackles pg 1.4 (1.5)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in World Cup Grp. A.

Missing Players

Player Reason Status Rating
Sadio Mané Out N/A
Player Reason Status Rating
Marten de Roon Out 6.45
Memphis Depay Out 6.24

Team News

  • Sadio Mane has been ruled out of the World Cup, after sustaining an injury while playing for Bayern Munich
  • Memphis Depay is still recovering from a thigh injury so is unlikely to start here.
  • Marten de Roon missed Atalanta's last game before the World Cup break, owing to a muscle injury, so may miss out here.


  • Senegal qualified for the World Cup, by winning their qualifying group, remaining unbeaten, before beating Egypt 3-1 on penalties after drawing 1-1 on aggreagte over a two-legged play-off. This will be Senegal's third World Cup, with their first coming back in 2002 where they had their best finish, reaching the Quarter Finals. Their second World Cup was last year, but they were unable to make it out of the group.
  • The Netherlands topped their qualifying group, only losing once, to qualify for the World Cup. Despite this upcoming tournament being the 11th in which they have appeared in, they have never won the World Cup, with their best finish being as the runners up in 1974, 1978 and 2010.
  • Sadio Mane is Senegal's star player and it will be a huge loss not to have him in the team, and with this, it is likely that the Netherlands will get the win.

User Predictions

Comments (61)

  • Senegal unlucky :(

  • @koziol.mutant Despite having a better second half, Senegal barely created chances and mostly resorted to long range efforts. In contrast to the Dutch who had clearcut chances while being the lesser side in the second half - where they scored twice. Also: 1. The Dutch gifted Senegal their chances with sloppy play and 2. Mendy was the culprit for both goals he conceded. So was Senegal 'unlucky'? Nope. Deserved win for the Netherlands.

  • Just want to criticize one thing: like the 1st match of today , again the referee this time added an exxagerate extra time and , like 1st match, the 2nd goal from Klassen was scored after that originally 8 minutes of stoppage.

  • People seem to forget that Netherlands has never lost a game since Van Gaal got appointed, also finished 3rd during his previous WC campaign. If not the best, he's surely the most experienced coach in the tournament at the moment. If they had a proper goalscorer, they would be one of the favourites to get the cup.

  • @Byakuya How is that, thy lack any sort of creativity or individual class besides de Jong. There is nothing world cup contender like in this team.

  • @neumi17 You obviously don't know anything about the Dutch squad

  • @JohnBenjamin I know a lot about the game last night. And there I saw a very limited Dutch team which had only crosses to offer...

  • @Byakuya I agree.Both sides today needed a proven goalscorer.People under estimate Netherlands and Van Gaal.

  • Ugly and uncreative football brings you 3 points.

  • @neumi17 Eat more salt, son.

  • @Big_Boss Get better glasses

  • @neumi17 Dont need glasses to see your bitterness.

  • The Nederlands play the most boring football so far at this WC.

  • @neumi17 No wonder! They are coached by a physical education teacher dude! LOL FC Barcelona got rid of him after converting half of the team into a mediocre Dutch team! Same story with Manchester United! Anyone in his right mind knows what I am talking about: Van Gaal knows nothing about football!

  • @neumi17 this "boring football" can get them to the final . like sir Alex Ferguson said “Attack wins you games, defence wins you titles.”.

  • I can see that there are a lot of fans of defensive football here: for example they think that Gareth Southgate, a defender, is an awesome choice as a coach of the national selection. Actually, in the past 4 years he has achieved nothing with the national selection even though he had access to excellent players. Today, in the first 20 minutes, his team didn't even make an attempt on the goal, because they were scared of Iran! LOL Than, they realised that nothing is to be scared of and ended up winning with a big margin. That's exactly why I cannot stand British football: it's old boys style, defensive crap with mismanaged players who are constantly on the brink of injuries because they don't know how to play one touch football which would prevent the defence fouling them. Haaland is injured, half of Liverpool is injured, Sancho is injured.......that league is the cemetery of good players! LOL

  • @Zoltan you are embarrassing yourself. Please stop.

  • Never hire a physical education teacher (Van Gaal) as your national coach: he has no clue about football, especially attacking football whatsoever! What the hell is Jansen doing in the central forward position? That guy was already retiring in the Mexican league, then he got transferred to lowly Antwerpen, and now the physical education teacher thinks that Jansen is national selection caliber forward???? Van Gaal is a joke!

  • @Zoltan After your comments about England's manager, and these about van Gaal, I can only conclude that you know nothing about football

  • @johnt the England manager is garbage: he was only selected because he was more politically correct than his predecessor! He is a worthy companion to the physical education teacher fighting for 0-0 as we speak! :))))

  • @Zoltan so not only you don't know what you're talking about, now you have to bring "political correctness" into it too? ok lol

  • @Zoltan 7 times league champion, 3 CL finals, 3rd place in the WC, France Football 18th Greatest Manager of All Time, what a terrible manager

  • @wilde Dont reply to him, he's just seeking attention with his nonsensical thoughts.

  • @Big_Boss you're right, but it's hard to leave it without comment lol

  • Senegal, as expected, winning the physical duels but missing teeth up front with Mané's absence. Long ranged shots with not much merit, poor crosses and little chances created. The Dutch, despite being sloppy on the ball, created multiple very good chances to score and should be up by 0-2 minimum if not for poor ball control/indecision. They're their own worst enemy by losing the ball in dangerous positions, miscommunication and poor passing. They're the better team, but need to be clinical to show it on the scoreboard.

  • now columbia seems like it's going 3rd in this group even tho they are so great and orgnized .. qatar wasted almost 300 billion just to be disrespected and hear all the insults at least buy a good draw and buy some youtube channels to make the country look better , i think just 1 mill can do that .. pff what a shame

  • This game could be over already if Senegal had a player who knew how to cross

  • @joshualiley72 Just like Netherlands had a player who could score.

  • @Marbella The Netherlands have that player but he's on the bench and has hardly played all season

  • @joshualiley72 Senegal is more of a one-man team (Mané) than Netherlands (Depay). Also, in de Ligt and van Dijk they have superb headers of the ball in defensive positions and are physically strong. So a good cross wouldn't automatically mean a goal. And as we saw, the times they could head the ball, it wasn't that threatening.

  • best game so far .. huge difference

  • @otmae It's more balanced, yeah.

  • The Dutch are not good. Senegal could easily win this.

  • @Gewoonmoi win? yes, but easily? no

  • @wilde He's merely trolling I think.

  • @Gewoonmoi You're not making sense. 'Easily win this'. because they are stronger physically? To appraise chances you need to look at multiple factors. Football is mostly played with the brain, so your point isn't a very good one, especially since Netherlands isn't as bad as you think.

  • @Big_Boss With easily, I meant 'realistically'. Netherlands is not good at all. They simply do not have a lot of quality.

  • @Gewoonmoi Again you're wrong. The Dutch have more quality on the pitch while Senegal was missing their star player in Mané. You could entertain the idea of a draw being more likely to happen while I reckon betting companies would favor a draw or win for the Dutch more than a comfortable win for Senegal. Another note is that 'quality' here is the assessment of the two teams going HEAD to HEAD. Meaning that in general might not have the quality to overcome better opponents, BUT might have the tools to defeat Senegal due to the present qualities in some areas. Fortunately I'm used to seeing absurd comments here so yours was just one of many. Hopefully people will learn about the game with a dispassionate, honest view.

  • @Big_Boss Do you think Netherlands will get far? I mean, I don't see it.

  • @Gewoonmoi Depends what you mean by far. If they win this group they will likely face either the USA or Wales which I'd favor the Dutch. Today Argentina lost and if they end second, they will probably not face them. The Dutch aren't regarded as favourites or even outsiders so reaching the semi finals would mean a great tournament.

  • @Gewoonmoi Senegal isn't very good either, but their physicality can carry them into the next round.

  • Where is Mane?

  • @Shiznit Injured

  • I am looking forward to seeing Gakpo in this WC.

  • @Marbella He scored :)

  • 0-2

  • I don't think Ake will play in that position.Thats were Blind will play

  • Both teams to score

  • 1-3 Netherlands

  • Netherlands to score over 1.5 goals @1.80

  • Cillessen was left out the squad.

  • Senegal can be a surprise package in this tournament, they should not lose. 2-2

  • @koziol.mutant No Mane No Party

  • this is slightly more interesting (just slightly), netherlands do have a tendency to flop in tournaments, however not quite as early as the group stage + their last 6 results look great. 0-3

  • @Icarax well was 1 goal off but we'll count it 4/4