Probable Lineups


Probable Lineups Statistical Comparison

(2) 1 Goals 2 (2)
(1) 1 Assists 1 (1)
(6.5) 6.6 Average Ratings 6.8 (6.6)
29.7 Average Age 28.2
178.8 Average Height (cm) 184
(1.5) 1.2 Shots pg 0.9 (0.7)
(48%) 47% Aerial Duel Success 47% (46%)
(0.8) 0.7 Dribbles pg 0.6 (0.7)
(1.9) 1.6 Tackles pg 1.7 (1.6)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in World Cup Grp. C.

Team News

  • Mexico have their full 26-man squad to choose from here.
  • Raul Jimenez hasn't played for Wolves since the end of August, but may make an appearance from the bench here.
  • Poland have their full 26-man squad to choose from here.


  • Mexico qualified for the the World Cup as runners up in the CONCACAF table, behind Canada only by goal difference. They will be competing in their 17th World Cup, with this being their 8th in a row. Their best finish has been the Quarter Finals, which they have reached twice, in 1970 and 1986.
  • Poland made the World Cup after finishing runners up to England in their qualifying group, before beating Sweden in a play-off final back in March. This will be their 9th World Cup and they will be hoping to improve on their group stage exit in 2018. They have finished as the third place team on two occasions, in 1974 and 1982.
  • This will likely be a tight affair, but Poland might just have enough to take all three points.

User Predictions

Comments (45)

  • Lucky draw


  • Poland has potential to be dangerous but they usually aren't.

  • @wilde problems are coaches, since Leo Benhakker there are all from "polish school of coaching" so...

  • @koziol.mutant yup

  • @wilde Heh, sure. With such "greatest striker" as Robercik, as he casually underestimated Ochoa like a moron - what else? He did not even try to do his "stop and shoot" penalty take, he just curl it to the side, like a nooob. Not to mention the idea to play with ONE striker, with such great one...

  • @lnsu Why didn't Robercik try his slow-down before taking the penalty? He usually does it to let the goalie start his parade first so that he can shoot the other side. Ochoa has made a move and fooled Robercik.

  • @lnsu He didnt underdestimate the goalie..he was just stressed as never knowing how important that shot will be. Also he probably was so stressed that just forgot his stop and go trick. The referee disrupted him too before by ordering to replace the ball when it was standing right.

  • @oczkusss Great strikers are never stressed when they take a penalty on the big stage. They know they are going to score, so they just shoot and score. That's precisely what separates the best from the mediocre. Like poor Lewandowski. Also, everything you said is one big fat excuse.

  • @Sputnik Ridiculous. By that logic, no striker in history was good because every single one of them missed a penalty from time to time.

  • @wilde He said Lewandowski was stressed. Great strikers are never stressed before they take a penalty. It shows weakness and it means they have no balls. You can't be a great player without balls. Which part did you not understand?

  • @Sputnik The fact he said Lewandowski was stressed doesn't mean that Lewandowski really was stressed. And no, stress doesn't show weakness or lack of balls. Everyone who isn't a psychopath can be stressed.

  • @wilde Now you're just pulling arguments out of your as. Everyone who knows ball knows that Lewandowski always bottles the big games. Overrated striker.

  • @Sputnik Now you're just pulling arguments out of your ass. Everyone who knows ball knows that Lewandowski rarely bottles the big games. Not overrated striker.

  • @wilde Stupid kid

  • @Sputnik you didn't have to introduce yourself again

  • @wilde Again? Do we know each other? And your comebacks are the worst I've ever seen. It's literally like you're in high school. Even if you're older, your mind is still somewhere around 14. Go to sleep, there's school tomorrow.

  • @Sputnik yes, because insulting people on the internet and calling them stupid kids when you have 0 actual arguments is really mature. You're trying to offend people with lame primary school insults, you say that stress means weakness and lack of balls, you think that an adult will be insulted when you call him a kid and you literally signed up to the site today just to call people and players names and THEN you have the audacity to talk about maturity and good comebacks :D Grow up

  • @wilde It does mean weakness in sport. Ask every professional athlete you know, he will say the same. "Balls" are what separate the great athletes from the ordinary ones. If I have to give football examples, here's two - Luis Suarez and Diego Costa. There you have two strikers who have balls and are willing give everything on the pitch and to do everything necessary for their team to win. Even if it means they get injured, or get a red card or whatever. Giving ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING for their teams to reach their end goal. That's what having balls means. Whereas Lewandowski is just a coward, you can see it in his facial expression. I don't have to explain myself to you, stranger. But I will repeat, people who KNOW BALL, know what I mean. And how can you be sure when exactly I signed up to this site?

  • @Sputnik People who KNOW BALL know that you don't know what you're talking about and that Lewandowski scored more important goals in more important matches than Suarez and Costa. People who KNOW BALL know that stress doesn't mean lack of balls. People who KNOW BALL know that everybody can miss a penalty. People who KNOW BALL know that most of the great players aren't brutal fighters kicking and biting people and getting red cards every few matches (and teams need both fighters and calmer players). And people like you who don't KNOW BALL judge players by their facial expressions. How can I be sure when you signed up? Dude, it's written right next to the nick of every user here. Anyway I have a proposition: let's stop insulting each other and either talk normally or not at all. Have a nice day.

  • @wilde You're argumentative and you don't back down in a fight, I'll give you that. If you hadn't repeated something I said, you might have won the argument. :D Cheers.

  • @Sputnik I was starting to think you won't reply ;) Cheers.

  • @Sputnik Man I was never big fan of Leva style but I am watching him as a Poland fan whole his carrer. He doesnt give too much shit to spain or german leages or Champions League matches even finals anymore..but he never had success in national team, this is all what matters for him right now (34 yo) and can put him on pression. I watched him making dozens of penalties but somehow was feeling he will waste that this time. He didt go his usual routine, he doesnt looked like himself because it was one of the best moments in his carrer. So he did it as complete moron this time and lost his head..but belive me noone in Poland critizise him for that. After winning that match 1:0 Poland would have open gates to 1/16 , now it is much more harder. To be honest we play our worst football in last 10-15 years right now.

  • @Sputnik so Messi and Ronaldo are both shit, cause they have lower penalty scoring ratio than Lewy. Messi has 71%, Ronaldo 79%, and Lewy has 89%. You are not the brightest in the shed are you...

  • @lnsu There are eleven players in the team.

  • Will be one goal match but most likely 0:0. After Argentina has been beaten by Saudi Arabia this is most important match for both teams, thwy cant lose.

  • One way traffic so far...

  • both teams unimpressive so far. Zielinsky may settle it, though

  • 1:1 drawww

  • Mexico will edge this..

  • Draw

  • Lew To Score Anytime The Lad

  • @KingKeno He's just that bad, not only to blew a penatly, but to blew it THAT BADLY xD Golden boot of "waste of place in country representation" already granted.

  • @lnsu low quality bait

  • @KingKeno Blew the Pen...................

  • 2.5 goals over

  • BTTS exactly

  • BTTS

  • despite Poland keeping clean sheets recently, their defensive play as a team is not good (f.e. Wales missed like 3 great chances to score). Mexico looks like not on the level as in the past. Both to score should be fine. Maybe a slight edge to Poland given the quality in attack.

  • @koziol.mutant I was at that Wales Poland match and agree.

  • poland really isnt great these days, but neither is mexico. in situations like these, always go for the south american team. 1-0/1-1

  • @Icarax we'll count it, 5/7

  • @Icarax i meant LATAM ik where mexico is