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Comments (34)

  • Canada a 6.21?!?!? What are y'all smoking?

  • Canada is much better than the US team.

  • Canada few years ago was so low that it's almost unbelievable they play this way. Belgium is that shadow of the past only

  • One of the worst games so far.

  • @Sputnik WHAT?! Are you for real? You mustn't have watched this match.

  • @Chancho A classic case of "small team plays in an inspired way against big team, but doesn't have the capacity to do anything" and "big team doesn't play at 100%, but still manages to do enough to get the win". It was pretty boring.

  • Canada made De Bruyne look like Ravel Morrison. What an upset in this game though, Saudi Arabia beat Argentina, Japan beat Germany and now Belgium beat Canada

  • @joshualiley72 according to people and Beinsport ref specialist there were 2 clear penalties for Canada. Some pundits think it's a shame as these cases were too easy for any ref. For info i m a Belgium team fan but i have to praise what canadian players have done.

  • Bummer. I really wanted another underdog to cause an upset.

  • Nice to see Trossard coming on hopefully he will score.

  • Canada is great to watch, hope they'll score finally

  • so awful finishing by Canada, really joke :(

  • Laryea being rated 6.3 so far is beyond asinine. Probably the best player on the pitch

  • This score is such a lie lol. And it should've been awarded a 2nd penalty for Canada

  • Can’t believe it man, Canada have made Belgium look like Oldham and then they switch off on the one long ball, crazy

  • Belgium shocking so far.

  • @Marbella And I personally am not at all shocked that they're shocking.

  • Canada will surprise a few people, they have a few very good players.

  • @harteless Stephen Eustáquio and Alphonso Davies are good. I hope they make the match interesting

  • 2-1 Belgium

  • Trossard brace

  • @Geolardo If he even starts, I bet clown Martinez rolls with Hazard lmfao

  • @KingKeno You called it lol absolute disrespect to Trossard who’s nowadays triple the player Eden is

  • Belgium 2-0

  • 4-0

  • Canada is a joke like Qatar, -2,5 ez

  • @SlobbaN Saudi Arabia (In the backdrop be like DUDEEEE you real )

  • Banana skin 2-2

  • Belgium 2-0, 3-0........if Canada is super super lucky they will pull off the draw, but that is only if Belgium doesn't even step on to the pitch

  • @Obie Lol tell us you haven’t been watching either team without telling us you haven’t been watching. Not to mention the WC so far. Belgium far superior tactically but Canada far superior physically. Should be an interesting one BTTS good value

  • belgium obviously, 2-0