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  • im just glad it wasnt a penalty, its always a way too harsh punishment for minimal contact. on the other hand what tf is that offside just look at something obvious like feet who cares about 2 inches thats legit punishing attackers that have big shoulders. anyway with 20 minutes to go belgium shouldve pushed way more than they were doing, well their plan to do it for just 10 minutes almost worked, if only their striker didnt have one of the worst WC performances i can remember, missing 3 tap-ins. kinda disappointing as a neutral to see such chances squandered. also gvardiol imperial defending

  • Belgium is out...

  • That's why Whoscored's algorithm doesn't make a lot of sense. Compare what the Americans have in the NFL with PFF to this and its like a pathetic joke. Lukaku deserves a big fat zero. A big fat zero almost as fat as him!

  • Gvardiol master class. Future best defender in the world.

  • Whoscored should revise their algorithm to reduce points for wasting clear chances. It's strange enough that people start with a 6 instead of a 5, but it just cannot be possible that Lukaku accrued positive points in this game. 1 key pass and a post is worth something but there are negatives too and they don't seem to be considered.

  • Gvardiol is just unbelievable....bright future ahead

  • @nithinbvb Man of the match, according to me.

  • Lukaku should retire

  • @nithinbvb Unbelievable, he was so bad I had to rewind the highlights to make sure I wasn't watching the same miss twice in a row. Don't even remember how many chances he missed.

  • These teams are so bad that both of them deserve to bow out in the group stage. Too bad it can't happen.

  • @Sputnik No, only Belgium is bad dispite playing well today

  • This is unwatchable.

  • Belgium out

  • Maybe I read wrongly, but in 25 minutes of match there were not shots on target from both teams. What's a boredorm!

  • @dib Boredom? It was a pretty intense match.

  • @hellreaper The match changed when Lukaku entered to the pitch, too late in my opinion.

  • Draw

  • Dendoncker not even on the bench, Hazard not playing, maybe there are some fights in Belgium squad.

  • @Alparslan oh no, Dendoncker is a center half, what?

  • both to score. Looks like a draw 1-1 or 2-2

  • @koziol.mutant what makes you say this im new to this

  • @ddapzz25 Croatia mustn't lose and Belgium need to win so both teams need to attack

  • +2.5

  • @Jeff1986 wdym by 2.5+

  • Wise betters don't bet 1x2 on this game.

  • @mandrake4444 what does a 1x2 mean

  • @mandrake4444 Stay Clear Completely IMO

  • @KingKeno stay clear from what ?

  • @ddapzz25 dont bet big on this match, anything can happen

  • @3shots oooh ok thanks

  • Belgium need a miracle

  • It depends on the lineups and Croatia's attitude. Against Morocco was just to get it done, against Canada was how to win.

  • 1:1 draw

  • Bet W1

  • Double chance: 1X @1.44

  • both score 2-1/1-1/1-2