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  • First goal - penalty that is nowadays given only to those who "deserve" such calls. Second goal was legit. Third goal - tight call that was probably offside, but at least VAR should have interfered. It didn't. If VAR had adjudged the first and third goals correctly, Portugal might have actually lost the game to lowly Ghana. This team sucks when the media fraud is on the pitch. They will meet their maker in the second round.

  • @Sputnik the penalty is correct by the book, a soft one but correct, the third goal isn't offside, makes everything else you said invalid

  • @BSN You're obviously a Penaldog, so your argument is invalid by default.

  • VAR was having party, don't disturb sign on the door. No penalty, offside check, etc...this WC VArR is basically rubish...

  • Portugese Magnefico !!! Finally, giving assists while his pass succession is above 90%, good job Erik Ten Hag.

  • What a huge surprise that Roy Keane thought it was a nailed on penalty for Portugal, but thought the Argentina one wasn't. Who would have guessed?

  • @jonejo34 Keane is and always was stupid. And I mean REALLY stupid

  • I had no idea Inaki Williams played for Ghana!

  • The penalty should not have been given.

  • Portugal was on the verge of blowing it in the dying seconds of the game! They are incredibly lucky to have won!

  • @Zoltan Incredible, haven't seen such blooper from the keeper for awhile XD

  • I liked the match was enthrilling since the middle of the 2nd half. But whats incredible mistake from Diogo Costa in the last minute, he got sleepy or something weird but just be stolen,, fortunately the defender made a claearance but ,could have been a tie. Played liked an amateur there poor Diogo Costa haha!

  • Kudus the next big thing of Africa, very talent.

  • Cancelo and long balls a love story

  • So many people rooting for Ghana :D

  • @hellreaper just against the anti-football portugal is serving....

  • @AramisMick More likely against that media fraud.

  • @AramisMick Exactly! This Portugues team could be extremely likeable, were it not for their stupid Brazilian coach who has no clue about football coaching. So, he disguises his lack of professionalism like most other coaches: he plays defensive football irrespective of his team's attacking talents. That's an enormous mistake as you should always tailor make your team's strategy to the personnel you have.

  • @AramisMick Oops. I pressed the like button, but I wanted to reply. Can you give me an example of anti-football?

  • @hellreaper are you joking? Did you watch it?

  • That's how important Kudus is to the team...

  • Bruno Fernandes man of the match as expected

  • Ok Bruno Fernandes is running the show, i have never lost faith in this guy.

  • Wow, that escalated quickly

  • Their boring football putting own defenders to sleep...

  • Haha, there're still justice on the world, good job Ghana.

  • @thefuckingbest8 Portugal : Bruh, Nice one there, I see you

  • @betwithme Referees and VAR*

  • The equalizer is so well deserved

  • Feel bad for Ghana, that unreal penalty ruined the game.

  • That referee should not oversee another match, send him back to the States please.

  • I would be embarrassed if get a penalty like this. That wasn't even close to a foul, the defender exclusively played the ball. The commentators here on tv all can't believe it ...

  • @neumi17 I thought that too, but he wad charged on the back, so it's a penalty

  • soft penalty...but fair since his first half legit goal wasn't given....

  • @AramisMick What first half goal? Explain.

  • @AramisMick two wrongs don't make a right

  • of course they needed help, so they got it

  • Shame, shame, shame. Smart work from Ronaldo, but shame on the referee.

  • Divenaldo.

  • A shameful penalty. Shame on the referee for not checking.

  • As always, Ronaldo dived again.

  • @thefuckingbest8 his nick name is PENALDOO... Why you surprised!

  • Santos wasted this world-class team.

  • Damn, Kudus is playing very well.

  • Sigh...following Man city's "pass backwards" at all cost approach....with the attacking talent they have, it's a crime to football.....

  • If this idiot is lucky, he will manage to bring in his in form players before Ghana scores. It looks like the goal of Ghana is knocking..... We are in for another big surprise after Argentina and Germany. I guess living off of your FIFA rankings doesn't work any more.

  • Goncalo Ramos, Joao Mario, and Rafael Leao are the most in form Portuguese players currently. They should all come in for Ronaldo, Neves, and Felix who got either burned out during season or did not play enough to reach top form. What the hell is this Brazilian coach doing for his salary???

  • I would also bring in Joao Mario. The coach is not relying on Benfica's greatest strengths!

  • Fernando Santos, the coach of Portugal, must go. He is primarily responsible for this boring game with an awesome squad. Also, Goncalo Ramos, the top scorer of the Portuguese team must come in. He will score!

  • Lack of attacking ideas from Portugal, CR7 and Felix was useless against Ghana defensive system. Very boring.

  • Ronaldo's goal was legal. The referee is helping the defenders, they just need to throw themselves to the ground and he gives faults lol

  • @hellreaper "they just need to throw themselves to the ground" and he gives penalties apparently

  • @hellreaper In fact, he never attempted to contest for the ball.

  • Just a matter of time before Portugal score in the 2nd half.

  • Boring football from Portugal

  • @neumi17 Least surprising match so far. Portugal always plays skull-crushingly boring football. So afraid to lose that they’re content to just pass the ball to waste time.

  • @neumi17 Ghana is defending with the whole team, yet Portugal could have scored a few already

  • @neumi17 let's face it, international football is boring in general. I wonder if Ghana will manage a shot before the end of this game?

  • @jonejo34 They have 6 now at the 74th minute.

  • @neumi17 would have liked to see them back themselves a bit more from the beginning.

  • Second half over 0.5

  • Hopefully that instagram guy gets demolished.

  • 2-1

  • 2-1 to Portugal

  • I have had Portugal/Brazil win double @ 2.00 Odds

  • CR7 card and goal 12/1

  • scoring draw, 2-2

  • 2-0 for Portugal

  • CR7 3 shots on target 3/1

  • @3shots cashed out after 15 minutes, doubled my money

  • Portugal to score over 1,5 in the first half

  • @alxdru lol, Portugal are awful

  • @Progambler No, they are not. They scored a legal goal and nearly scored more 2 or 3 with Ghana having 11 men behind the ball

  • Portugal have scored in 14 of their last 17 games, scoring two or more in 11 of those.

  • Portugal will be dangerous at set pieces.

  • @Marbella no they won't

  • When I look at someone like CR7 and what he's gone through these days and fighter like him, he is going to approach this match physically, emotionally and with greater determination because of what a successful campaign in this tournament will mean to him. Portugal may destroy the Black Stars. However, the Black Stars tactician knows how to approach every match differently. If Portugal underestimate Ghana, they will laugh at the wrong side of their mouths.

  • @Eben great message, it reads like poetry!

  • 2:0 Portugat / Ronaldo to score

  • 2:0 Ronaldo to Score

  • Over 1.5 Goals @1.28

  • Never underestimate Ghana. I see a draw here

  • @PlayboiPapi Ghana Struggled heavily in AFCON, this is a pretty big step up from that

  • Ghana are pretty weak tbh, besides Partey everyone else is pretty average, Portugal should dominate this match and do plenty enough to win with their quality

  • @KingKeno Kudos or Williams are good ones too

  • Portugal 2-0

  • A serious underestimation of Portugal here. I see Portugal scoring at least 2 here

  • Portugal with a confortable win, I predict a 4-0 with a CR7 hat trick

  • @Coutadas dream on. Clown is finished and needs to retire

  • @Coutadas LOL

  • 2-1

  • Portugal to score over 1.5 goals @1.57

  • just give up mate. You haven't got a clue. Portugal are awful and when do they ever score 2 at a major tournament. Bookies must love you if you're actually backing all this crap lol

  • @Progambler :)

  • Portugal to win

  • ronaldo ewako

  • portugal ofcourse 1-0/2-1