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  • Luis Suarez in crying and his team-mates chase the referee down the tunnel as Uruguay are knocked out of the World Cup . LMAO

  • @Marbella With good reason. 2 whole penalties were not given to Uruguay. Both crystal clear penalties, according to the new rules.

  • I will say the penalty that wasn’t called for Uruguay was a little insane, were there other incidents I missed though?

  • I am sorry for Uruguay, they haven't qualified.

  • Oh my, Ghana! Another missed penalty against Uruguay...that's tough....

  • Valverde What a gem

  • Arrascaeta looks very impressive so far with his 2 goals.

  • The ball would go pass goal line for sure, in that case there is no common sense to signal penalty. This rule should be disregarded in this case where there is no chance for scoring, referees and whoever makes footbal rules are total jerks.

  • 3+

  • It's sad that as a punter my money is on Uruguay but my heart goes to Ghana

  • @ptahkg you wont be crying even ghana win but at same time you will also be happy for uruguay nice

  • Suprise prediction Ghana 2 - Uruguay 1 Expected predition Ghana 2- Uruguay 3 Unbiased Prediction Ghana 2 - Uruguay 2

  • Kudus to score again

  • Uruguay to score in the first half


  • BTS + Over 2,5 @2,60 Bentancur to score @12,50

  • Double chance: 1X @2.05

  • hahahhaha this matchup. in the spirit of their last match ill go for 1-2 and suarez to do something crazy, maybe not stick his teeth into an opponent tho hes an old man

  • @Icarax hes washed