Probable Lineups


Probable Lineups Statistical Comparison

(28) 20 Goals 21 (28)
(18) 10 Assists 17 (22)
(6.8) 7 Average Ratings 7.1 (6.7)
30.1 Average Age 31
182.5 Average Height (cm) 182
(1.2) 1.3 Shots pg 1.1 (1)
(53%) 53% Aerial Duel Success 60% (53%)
(0.9) 0.9 Dribbles pg 0.7 (0.9)
(1) 1.1 Tackles pg 1.2 (1.5)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in Champions League Final Stage.

Missing Players

Real Madrid
Player Reason Status Rating
Divock Origi Out 6.48
Thiago Alcântara Doubtful 6.88
Fabinho Doubtful 6.85
Joe Gomez Doubtful 6.41
Player Reason Status Rating
Miguel Gutiérrez Out 6.21
David Alaba Doubtful 6.63
Gareth Bale Doubtful 5.99

Team News

Real Madrid
  • Fabinho trained fully on Wednesday and Jurgen Klopp says Thiago now has a good chance of making the final in a huge double boost for Liverpool.
  • Mo Salah and Virgil van Dijk returned from injury in Liverpool's last league game of the season at the weekend and will start here.
  • Ibrahima Konate has got the nod over Joel Matip in five of Liverpool's six Champions League knock-out games. Joe Gomez should be available but won't start.
  • Roberto Firmino and Diogo Jota will most likely settle for a place on the bench.
  • David Alaba has missed Real Madrid's last six matches through injury, with Nacho on standby to start if required.
  • Eduardo Camavinga has impressed off the bench in the knock-out stage of the competition but Toni Kroos is expected to get the nod.
  • Rodrygo is one of the main reasons they have reached the final so he will battle Federico Valverde for a place on the right wing on Saturday.


  • Real Madrid have had one eye on the Champions League final ever since wrapping up the title in Spain at the end of April. Carlo Ancelotti has rested players since then but it can be hard to flick the switch after coasting for a month.
  • Liverpool narrowly missed out on the Premier League title last weekend but have still won two trophies already this season with victories in the League Cup and FA Cup. Now they are out for revenge on Madrid after losing the 2018 Champions League final.
  • It defies belief that Madrid are even in the final after being outplayed for the vast majority of matches against Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea and Manchester City but here they are. The absence of Fabinho and Thiago, or even one of them, would balance the the tie out on Saturday but Liverpool are still favourites on paper.

User Predictions

Comments (207)

  • By the way, Carlo Ancelotti is officially the best coach of all time.

  • Put Courtois in Liverpool and Alisson to Madrid and the game would have finished 3-0 . Keepers are most important than strikers those days

  • @batman88 that's not how soccer works. If Liverpool had scored, the game would have been played out differently by Madrid and Liverpool would have adjusted its game as well.

  • @Gewoonmoi Exactly. Well said

  • when you win CL and your goalkeeper is man of the match that says a lot))

  • @dzvinka Alisson MOTM 2019

  • @dzvinka It says a lot about Liverpool, not Madrid. Full quote by Klopp continues with "then something is going wrong for the other team". He's actually talking about how frustrating it was to not be able to convert all those chances they had, a guy who paid a record fee for a GK surely knows how important the role is. It was in fact a compliment for Madrid, not an insult.

  • Third cup final for Liverpool this season, third game without a goal. They are lucky to have won two titles through penalties.

  • @sailorripley Second proper team they played against in CL and they choked, other one was Inter. It was only 2-1 on aggregate anyway and that was when Inter were having a very tough battle at the top meanwhile Liverpool had easy games. 270 minutes without a single goal in finals and Liverpool fans like Owen still has the audacity to say that they're still the best in Europe, they should focus more on that instead of Madrid's shots which would end up 0-2.

  • Man, I knew it.. Huge mess outside of the stadium tho.. Fake tickets?? Many Liverpool fans couldn’t enter the stadium.. Well done RMA though, you got to give it to The Real Goalkeeper, he saved everything yesterday.

  • Another 1-0 final for the records. Seems like it's a trend now.

  • Everything else aside, the last few CL finals were all a snooze fest. Football is not what it used to be.

  • @splint3r finals are usually a bit of an anticlimax.

  • @neumi17: i wonder how can you be this clueless? Almost all of your comments are completely the opposite of reality. You must be a Barca fan, because i've only seen this level of stupidity amongst them. Benzema goal should have counted. Check out Nations League final winning goal from Mbappé, which was allowed. You also drive on the highway in the wrong direction?

  • @mysterious preach. Definitely legit.

  • @mysterious You talk about clueless and the "opposite" of reality and in the next sentence you cry about an obvious offside goal? It doesn't matter anyway, Real won. You also drive on the highway in the wrong direction and complain about all the idiots who drive towards you?

  • Barca is never a rival to Madrid, one got beat by Frankfurt on Europa League, the other won the 14th UCL.

  • Madrid got 14, Milan 7, dude its double now.

  • Madrid won La Liga and CL while Cr gonna play Europa haha, and I bet Ramos regrets now not accepting that 1y deal, all for just some extra cash and now they r missing the glory, Mbappe next too, man even Vini has UCL now lol even scored the final goal, Alaba got it too and Courtois who both fought to come to Madrid.

  • @TetouanMorocco I doubt Ramos cares. The guy has won everything already.

  • Madrid's last group stage game was Inter, then they beat PSG, Chelsea, Man City and now Liverpool, this is the best journey ever for a CL winner, also I want EPL fans and british media to stop overhyping there teams, thanks.

  • @TetouanMorocco Only Barcelona 2015 beats this. They knocked out the champions of England, France, Germany and Italy.

  • @splint3r yeah i remember. All of those teams had half of their main team injured when facing Barca. Meh

  • @splint3r Madrid beat the so considered top4 best teams according to media. beat champions of Italy twice on groups, beat ucl champion, english champion became stronger than the 2015, and france champion who became stronger than 2015, and Liverpool. all of them in style, no this was better than Barca's.

  • @TetouanMorocco "According to the media" is key here. The media is wrong about a lot of things nowadays. I don't want to start an argument here, both triumphs were out of this world, but Barca 2015 just edges it for me. No wonder these two clubs are the best clubs in history and nobody else will reach their level. Probably ever.

  • @splint3r Just saying psg and man city nowhere near as good as they are now, + Liverpool and ucl champion chelsea, and don't forget it was PRIME barca at MSN's era argually the best attacking trio in history, NOT winning would have been the upset, unlike this compain of Madrid, so, it's much stronger opponents, with a weaker squad + HOW they went through and the amount of remontadas, for me its not even close. and no, Bayern and Liverpool and Milan are bigger than Barca. and Madrid is the best club in history.

  • @TetouanMorocco OK, Real Madrid are the best in history, no doubt. Barca were really close to them before their recent downfall. Milan are still second in the CL, but they ain't winning it anytime soon, maybe ever. As for Bayern and Liverpool, I'm going to have to disagree. Liverpool's 2005 trophy was dodgy to say the least. The same goes for Bayern's 2020 trophy, but for different reasons. There were force majeure circumstances during that season. Forgive me for not respecting clubs, most of whose trophies were not won on the pitch. Real are now in a league of their own, Milan and Barca are the second tier and everyone else comes after. I'm pretty sure that if Barca manage to fix their problems, they will be the ones to reach Milan's tally of 7. Maybe even surpass it and become outright second. It will not be Bayern or Liverpool, trust me.

  • Ballon d'or. 1st Benzema, 2nd Vinicius

  • @TetouanMorocco بالون دور هو كورتوا آ خويا

  • Robbed of a goal and still Madrid won. VAR official should be sacked.

  • Courtois is best keeper in the world bar none.

  • @NuchalLine He said it yesterday that he would not allow Liverpool to win and he did wow, didn't u see his interview yesterday? and how he said he's now on the good side of history since he's now on the Madrid side unlike when he was with Atletico, that they knew before the game they'll lose against Madrid, well just cz its Madrid, Atleti fans didn't like what he said.

  • Dont talk before the game Salah. Clown!

  • @NuchalLine and guys like Caragher, so good to see them get humbled, along with the english media, just cz they r doing well on EPL doesn't mean they r gonna beat Madrid and so.

  • @TetouanMorocco let's be honest dude, Madrid won in a match where their keeper is MOTM by far... Just two better shots from Salah or Mane and Carragher and English media wouldn't be any wrong, isn't it?!))

  • hala madrid

  • What a story!?: PSG, Chelsea, City, Liverpool, ...and in what way!?

  • Loserpool were so bad that Real Madrid didn't even have to make a comeback.

  • @splint3r ridiculous comment. So, you refer to a team that reaches the UCL final as losers? I think you're a stupid person.

  • @Chancho Yes, that's exactly what they are. They lost the most important game, which makes them losers.

  • Real is the first team that wins the CL title with only 2 shots on goal.

  • @neumi17 thanks for this useless information.

  • @neumi17 it doesn't matter my german friend, 1st Courtois 2nd Madrid scored and Liverpool didn't simple as that, there is even a debate that Ben's goal is legal since it came from Fabinho, and there is that chance from Casemiro, even if its not a shot but still more dangerous than all Liverpool chances except Mane's hit on post.

  • @TetouanMorocco More dangerous than all chances of Liverpool ? Courtois had 4 saves that would have normally been a goal, 3 of them from Salah, one from Mane as well as half chances such as the one from Thiago. One can argue that Real was efficient in front of the goal, solid and lucky in defence and with an outstanding goalkeeper but nobody can claim, that Liverpool didn't have more and better chances ...

  • @neumi17 Isn't that his job? To save shots on goal? I don't like him, but he did his job perfectly tonight. I rest my case.

  • EPL is over rated, Lets debate

  • @prasanna532 no it's not.

  • @prasanna532 100% agreed.

  • @prasanna532 EPL is the new farmers league.

  • @prasanna532 EPL have 10 top teams , La liga have only 2

  • @batman88 La Liga have 8 top teams, EPL have only 2 (Chelsea and Manchester City). Come at me!

  • @splint3r the worst team in EPL have more budget than 3rd best team of la liga. EPL will turn to SuperLigue

  • @batman88 Who is even talking about money here? I'm talking about technical and tactical footballing quality. La Liga has the best teams, fullstop.

  • @batman88 I'd argue that Real, Barca and AM are top teams

  • @prasanna532 you're right. debate over :)

  • I just came here to look back at Liverpool fans cry

  • @prasanna532 are you a pervert?))

  • Hala Madrid! Grande Madrid!

  • Salah was saying before City-Madrid game "I want to play against Madrid", nice to see him on his knees getting his revenge.

  • That is the luckiest CL winner ever. From the other side Liverpool got just the two domestic cups instead of possible quadruple some week ago.

  • @tar88s Luckiset or not, Real won again and again. I think its not just "luck".

  • @Finucci Yes, it was not just luck. Referees also helped along the whole tournament.

  • Real deserved with only 2 players, the one he gives hope to come up to here also will win the Baloon D'or this year (Benzema) and the other one has even no competitor in his level (Courtois). Well done. I am not a real fan

  • The protagonists of football, everyone gave it their all and I'm so proud of this team. Just amazing mentality and grit. Hala Madrid! :)

  • @Real_Madrid great season for Madrid no doubt, but protagonists of football? Lmao gotta be a joke

  • Well deserved, Real Madrid route to the final was insane! imaging playing against PSG, City , Chelsea , and finally Liverpool and beating them all.

  • Carvajal was so much better than dope mr.trent, he didn't pretend to be something special, something more than he is, he just did his job.

  • Catenaccio won again, maestro don carlo

  • I told you 1-0 with Madrid to win and Vini to score.

  • Courtois has been just as vital as Benzema for Real Madrid this season

  • well deserved victory

  • @dzvinka Sure with only 1 shot on target , great team and well deserved victory

  • @batman88 Its football and goal matters only. And Madrid will win AGAIN. :)

  • @batman88 Exactly Suiiiii

  • you won't shoot the Sheriff, but you win the Champions League, Carlo the hero (of the mafia?) ;)

  • It's hilarious how Liverpool fans were saying that "You know nothing about football, Firmino is the most important player for this team because setting up the goals" whenever they see a comment about him not scoring enough, yet another useless performance. He only started 12 games in PL+CL this season, why a so called key player warming the bench? Liverpool were expected to score at least, defensive masterclass from Madrid.

  • @Byakuya How is allowing countless shots on goal from dangerous positions a defensive masterclass? To me that's not allowing shots at all! Courtois was brilliant, but he had to be because Real's defense wasn't.

  • @andrew7taylor Since when GK is not part of the defensive line? His job is to "defend" the goal, you can't keep clean sheet no matter how good you are if your defenders is not doing their job properly. Madrid players were everywhere especially in the second half, intercepting in critical moments and stats also prove that. He had crucial saves but 24 shots, how many of them were clear goal scoring opportunity? 23 tackles in 90 minutes meanwhile Chelsea had 22 in 120 minutes in FA Cup and 25 from both teams combined in 120 minutes in League Cup. Courtois was MOTM without a doubt, but Madrid players and not just defenders was brilliant to cover as well. My comment was mainly about Firmino anyway, seems like Liverpool fans don't want to talk how important he is anymore because he never was.

  • Courtois ist gigantic tonight !

  • 15-3 shots = 0-1

  • @neumi17 Football sucks

  • Atletico and Real play the same football these days

  • @neumi17 imagine saying this horseshit after watching Madrid scoring 6 against fcuking City.

  • Real is a strange team. They have been the inferior side in EVERY single game of the knockout stages but still have the chance to win the title ...

  • @neumi17 start watching cricket, football is not for ignorants like you fool.

  • @neumi17 they play defensively, they're not inferior to anyone. They even let shitty Chelsea dominate the two games.

  • @Gewoonmoi Chelsea, City and even PSG are better that overrated loserpool. So Real Madrid won the CL even before the final where they played the worst team of all the ones they faced.

  • @Gewoonmoi But not very well, otherwise they wouldn't allow the opponent to have that many chances every game. Real tries to be passive and to destroy the game of the opposite side, like Grenada or Levante too ...

  • @neumi17 Madrid just defeated Liverpool as if it were Levante. Liverpool, one of two best attacking sides in the world, set aside like a child.

  • @Gewoonmoi Not the game I watched. Liverpool had 7 really good chances where Real didn't know what to do. They had Courtois and luck. If you allow 24 shots on your goal you are certainly not in control ...

  • @neumi17 two goals scored, both by Madrid. I counted two or three big chances by Liverpool.

  • @Gewoonmoi neumi is one of those people who would call Madrid winning 4 CLs in 5 years lucky. Will call this one lucky too even though Madrid should've won 2-0.

  • @vieri Right, with 24-3 shots for Liverpool, 9-2 on goal and 7-2 big chances Real should have won 2-0 ;-)) You seem to be an expert ...

  • @neumi17 Did you see Liverpool scoring any tonight? I saw Madrid did it twice. Here's news for you: the team that score more, wins in football.

  • @vieri Really? I didn't know that! Thanks for explaining one of the final secrets of the universe!

  • @andrew7taylor You're welcome. Apparently it's a difficult concept to grasp seeing how some people here are harping about useless number of shots.

  • They take 10 minutes to review the goal and still disallow a 100% goal. What the hell is that about? It's negligent. And how the hell does Whoscored give Benzema a 6.1. He's been incredibly solid, holding the ball and having a presence in midfield.

  • 100% goal was disallowed. Shameful.

  • @Gewoonmoi Get in touch with the rules before you make a comment about a final.

  • @neumi17 how is it not a goal?

  • @Gewoonmoi How could it be a goal if you follow the rules ?

  • That was not offside - Last touch was from Fabinho

  • @prasanna532 So ? But it wasn't a deliberate play which was the reason the goal didn't count. It's not enough that a Liverpool player touched the ball last.

  • @neumi17 Deliberate or Unintentional its still a touch from a defender and has to be a goal.

  • @prasanna532 They counted it as a deflection from Fabinho already which is why they said offside, but I can't understand how putting your leg there clearly with intention and touching the ball with your knee which is obviously something you can score with. Clear goal, another embarrassment from UEFA tonight.

  • Full time X @2.75

  • Benz almost done it.

  • Carlo need to do something about the right side, it's dead, Fede has no specific role. Courtois is man of the first half.

  • I'll go draw on 90 min.

  • KO delayed as huge amount of fans were trying to get in late.

  • @Rensen That's what commentator says, reality is huge amount of "fans" tried to get in without tickets. Mostly Liverpool fans, even chanting "Got no tickets, don't care" shamelessly. Embarrassing from Paris as well for not providing enough security for a big organisation like this, so called football lovers which are actually hooligans.

  • 2-2 and rest -->Real

  • So it begins, the game we have been waiting the whole season, for me this is the 14th one for Madrid.

  • This game is live on BT Sport and youtube

  • If Mane and Salah doesn't score or assist, should be sold right in the tomorrow's morning

  • I have never understood why would both teams line up their best attackers, if thereafter they both park the bus??? Because that's what I am betting on: Pool parks the bus, Madrid parks the bus, and the fans will be bored to hell worldwide! Awesome entertainment, right???

  • @Zoltan Liverpool park the bus???? Wtf man. Maybe only last 3 min when they 3-1 up

  • @Zoltan Liverpool never 'park the bus': they play with 2 CB's and 2 'fullbacks' that as inverted wingbacks. It's probably the most attacking formation in Europe. The fact that you don't find Liverpool entertaining doesn't change this fact.

  • anyone what the ref is like regarding letting the play flow or does he give loads of cards? French ref C Turpin

  • @3shots likes cards, but lets flow

  • @3shots letting the play flow

  • @3shots -

  • LiverPool 3:2

  • Over 2.5 match goals.

  • G/G + over 2.5 goals

  • Real Madrid Win/Over 2.5 Goals/BTTS/One Card Each Team

  • Liverpool is going to play tonight against highly experienced coach in the name of Carlo Ancelotti.

  • On paper,liverpool is good.thats true.but the difference here is real Madrid players are big game player.they always turn up in a big win by extra time.goal by nacho

  • Bookies are so weird with Real Madrid this year. I get it that Liverpool has been more consistent than Real trough the series, but they underestimate Madrid over and over in every round. Initially the odds on them lifting the cup was 2.5+, now it's sitting around 2.25. Considering it's a final, and anything can happen in a single match, I am very surprised how uneven the betting for this one is once again, with Liverpool being around 1.5. We talking about the all time best team in the ECL after all.

  • @DanInter counting shots against and Liverpool scoring ratio it is close to that, BUT Real played against better teams.

  • @DanInter That is really mad. 1.5-2.25 means an implied probability of 66,6% to 33,3%.

  • @DanInter History is not a factor to be taken into this debate. It's a 90-minute football game. Liverpool's brilliance to overtake multiple sides throughout the season is reflected in the odds. Let's be honest, Madrid shouldn't even be here in the first place (it is supposed to be Chelsea or Oilchester $hitty). Ppl forget about the context of Madrid's games and continue to overhype or follow the delusions of Madrid's media-power.

  • @Alpha00 Oilchester $hitty? Man you are really funny.

  • @Alpha00 "History is not a factor to be taken into this debate"... Have you ever watched the Champions League before?

  • @splint3r Bro ,Don't hate on me, hate on the fact. Bring your arguments and let's deep on it

  • @Alpha00 He has no arguments, he is just a spamer bot

  • @Barele lol

  • @Alpha00 Chelsea? Shitty Chelsea? Is that a joke? Liverpool can't handle the intensity that Madrid will bring. Liverpool doesn't have the killer instinct. The only team right now that is undeniably more gifted than this Madrid is City and they got knocked out in Madrid.

  • @Alpha00 There is a difference between overhyping and not underestimating. History might not matter in most cases, but when it comes to Real and ECL, they clearly have the mentality of a winning team, regardless of the odds against them. Don't get me wrong I prefer Pool over Madrid. But do you know what were the odds for final winners were after the 1st leg match vs Manchester City (1 goal deficit, while 2nd leg was to be played in Madrid)? Liverpool 2.5, MC 2.85, and RM 10.0. This is why I am talking about the bookies making some extremely weird stuff so far. And the 1.5 to 2.25 seems also more one sided compared to what it should be IMO. Let's not forget Pool wasn't exactly brilliant in their FA cup final either vs a struggling Chelsea side, who completely fall apart after the take ownership issues. And Real might be somewhat inconsistent, but they are certainly better side than that Chelsea team.

  • @DanInter Bro, Do you rate Madrid ahead of City in the total of two games? Or only in the Bernabeu game? during 90 minutes, City were killing it. 3 minutes of yo-yo madness. Now we call it the mentality of a winning team and trying to link that with the history of the club or the Cub's aura, and this kind of cute argument. Yes, I do agree that RM 10.0 is an underestimate. By looking at it right now, the bookies have messed that up so badly, but honestly, at the same time, by looking at Madrid's road, and the way they carried themselves to this final, turning the tables against better sides, especially the Chelsea one, I can see the point of it too. Bro, Liverpool must win this thing. Only 3 players shine in this team. There's no system or tactics, just players making randamly runs.

  • @Alpha00 LMAO

  • @Alpha00 you guys talking about team but most important is the coach this time and Ancelotti is a mad tactical mind. I believe that what happened with City wasn't just lucky. Give them one so they sit back we will hold the ball more time reducing their occasions to minimum and in the end when they almost sure to go true hit them hard on tired legs when they wait for final blow. It could be same freaky tactic in Mach with Liverpool. For example they can start very hard get one then keep back and count on counter attack with younger and quicker wingers.

  • FT Draw

  • Salah to score 2 or more

  • @sarigginsUSA In your dreams

  • @MickeyClark I told you In your dream

  • Liverpool

  • @eastend1 Why? Usually Madrid wins.

  • 4-2 Madrid

  • 2-1 Liverpool

  • 2-4 Real Madrid. We don't play finals, we win them.

  • Impossible to predict. At first glance Liverpool is a bit better, but City is a bit better than Liverpool and still got beaten by Madrid.

  • @Alparslan Man City are ridiculously overrated.They were too close to a bottle the whole season against dreadful sides, Liverpool are much higher than City. but, Real Madrid vs. Liverpool is a 40/60 on one side. Madrid has the best player in the world, Karim Benzema, as well as the pace of Vini JR and Modric's magical 70 minutes, but they are shoking defensively. Liverpool is the best team in the world right now. Liverpool are the favorites in each line, but Madrid could snatch it.

  • @Alpha00 No, Liverpool are even more over-rated than Manchester City.

  • @splint3r Bro how, Even as a Chelsea fan, I wish I could say that, but come on, have you even seen their last 9 fixtures? Nothing to compare with Man City's schedule Really, this Liverpool side is way better than Man UTD 99' or the f OVERRATED Arsenal Invencibles.

  • @Alpha00 Told you so. This was Real Madrid's easiest game during the whole eliminatory stage.

  • @Alpha00 He is a professional spamer no doubts..

  • @Alparslan , yeah that’s true.

  • Over 2.5 goals.

  • Full time will be X and btts of course. I like Liverpool but I hope Real Madrid will win again.

  • I want Liverpool to win!! 1-1 First half. Still 1-1 at the end of Second half, extra time still 1-1. Then Liverpool win on pens..


  • ����������������������

  • All I can say, is that they will battle on penalties..

  • On the few occasions we’ve played Madrid, we usually struggle, however in this case I think Liverpool have enough to win. 3-1 FT

  • 3:0 Liverpool first half. 3:3 FT and Real Madrid to win on penalties. You heard it here first! :D

  • Hala Madrid y nada mas

  • @NuchalLine Hala!

  • @NuchalLine Oh you mean the team which has a criminal running the club, Florentino, who was caught hiring people to manipulate the draws using cold balls in the pots in previous seasons and who bribes referees to help them in tough matches like the last one against Manchester City? This kind of people need to go away and let the football become purer. It's not about winning at all cost.

  • @hellreaper The ref made City choke? Okay....

  • @hellreaper Cry.