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  • How is Adama allowed to come in oiled up like Hulk Hogan in 1985????

  • @FootyFiyah Oiled up?

  • A different atmosphere compared to when Liverpool visited Molineaux, Wolves were lucky to put 3 Goals in but Liverpool never got on the front foot offensively in that match and I wonder if they struggle to do the same here as well given their recent schedule and lack of depth anywhere but the forward position. Wolves will make a strong push at the end of the season but will bear down defensively here on the trip to Anfield.

  • W1


  • I won't be surprised if Liverpool does win here.

  • @bopol correction doesn't win

  • At some stage , Liverpool must start winning points. They can't afford not to be in the champions league, considering how arrogant they've been over the past few years. I'm not a betting man, but for once I'll bet big for both Liverpool and Arsenal to win their matches at home on Wednesday. You guys must line up for some sweets on Thursday. Liverpool 2- Wolves, Arsenal 3-1 Everton

  • a draw 1-1

  • Liverpool will want revenge after losing the away fixture 3-0.

  • BBC: Postponed due to the death of the Queen.

  • BBC: Postponed due to the death of the Queen.