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  • Just one year ago, the whole world thought Liverpool will be dominating EPL along with City for years to come and now Liverpool are in the mud. Anyway congrats Pep for another successful farming season.

  • @GioMonaldo I suspect they would be in the mud for long. They should make two smart recruitments in midfield and proper understudies for Arnold/Salah. They should give Firmino a contract extension too.

  • Get Klopp out and get Poch in!

  • @Marbella This season he did not buy well and should have bought better players.I am still not convinced about Nunez.Well done leeds they deserved the win.

  • @Marbella You clearly have no idea how the club runs recruitment

  • @Marbella Are you high?

  • Liverpool need to bring Henderson on.

  • Really good game so far. Liverpool has been a little sloppy going forward but the off-the-ball movement for both teams has been exceptional. Once again, Thiago is defensively so underrated, insane how astute he is at intercepting and challenging in the counter press and also fouling when needed. Nunez is getting better in the build up.

  • @sarigginsUSA Fouling when needed definitely matters, especially when you kick someone's leg in a clinical free-kick area and ref ignore it (14-15th min). I need Nunez to score but he was totally useless today, luckily it doesn't seem like Leeds will be able to convert their chances even though they had better opportunities.

  • @Byakuya What we really seem to be missing besides the obvious of cover in midfield is someone capable of progressive passes through the middle and behind the defense. Not creating enough clear cut chances and by putting playmaking duties more on Salah, he’s only able to get goals here and there. Second half was incredibly poor by comparison for us.

  • @Byakuya ������

  • Nunez will give me heart attack and I am still young

  • Liverpool lose or draw

  • Hahaha Liverpool fans deluding themselves Joe Gomez is world class ������ the clown is absolutely horrendous and Liverpools 5th best CB

  • @Progambler At his best he’s exceptional, but yeah, barring the City masterclass he’s been shaky this season.

  • Mohamed Salah, Darwin Nunez and Roberto Firmino all to score 5/1

  • Liverpool to win

  • Liverpool 4-1.

  • Under 3.5 goals @1.90