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Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts Form
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Team P W D L GF GA Pts P W D L GF GA Pts P W D L GF GA Pts
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Man City
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Team Characteristics

Man City

+ Leeds's Strengths

Attacking set pieces
Coming back from losing positions
Stealing the ball from the opposition

+ Man City's Strengths

Finishing scoring chances
Very Strong
Defending set pieces
Very Strong
Attacking down the wings
Creating chances using through balls
Creating chances through individual skill
Shooting from direct free kicks
Counter attacks
Attacking set pieces

- Leeds's Weaknesses

Keeping possession of the ball
Avoiding fouling in dangerous areas
Avoiding individual errors
Defending counter attacks
Defending against through ball attacks
Very Weak
Defending against skillful players
Very Weak
Protecting the lead
Very Weak

- Man City's Weaknesses

Stopping opponents from creating chances

Leeds's Style

  • Play with width
  • Take a lot of shots
  • Attacking down the left
  • Attempt crosses often
  • Aggressive
  • Play the offside trap

Man City's Style

  • Control the game in the opposition's half
  • Attack through the middle
  • Short passes
  • Possession football
  • Non-aggressive
  • Rotate their first eleven
* Strengths, weaknesses and styles are calculated from statistics of each player's latest two seasons

Match Forecast

Man City will score as a result of an opposition error
Very Likely
Man City will score as a result of a through ball
Very Likely
Man City will score as a result of individual skill
Very Likely
Man City will score from a direct freekick
Man City will score from a fast break situation
* Match forecast is generated from clashes in team characteristics.

User Predictions

Comments (49)

  • Haaland looks hungry for goals.

  • Gotta love the clown at the helm of Leeds: he dares to walk around the stadium applauding the fans after a game lost because of his stupid game plan! With a braver game plan Leeds would have been good for a draw for sure. They have proved it in the last 15 minutes!

  • A textbook approach on how to lose a game by the clown at the helm of Leeds: leaving your most in-form player on the bench, dutifully defending while allowing your opponent a close to 80% ball possession and basically by doing all this, sending your players on the pitch with a lack of conviction that they deserve anything better then a draw. I wonder what would have happened if the clown does exactly the opposite of the things listed above. I bet Leeds could have given a hard time to City! But hey, a loser is always a loser and whatever team he gets, it will get the same mentality!

  • The only evidence you need that whoscored is a pointless rating system: Grealish rated 7.3 after almost 60 minutes

  • @normal_fan99 Hard to believe a club paid 100m for Grealish

  • @normal_fan99 He got an assist lol

  • @Marbella well he got two, and finished with a 7.9 rating. Anyone who watched the game would tell you he was the worst player on the field. Missed 3 incredible sitters, 100m is a mockery of money. 40m player maximum

  • @normal_fan99 2 assists in a game is a great performance…

  • Aside of his ugly mistake, Meslier did a nice job so far on Haaland.....

  • The clown at City obviously thinks that Grilish is a forward. No, he is not. He is a fkn' midfielder for God's sake! And the clown keeps a true forward on the bench: Phil Foden. Also, somebody should teach Mellier to hang on to weak shots such as that of Mahrez, instead of hitting back as an assist to Rodri. Other than that, the pace of the game should be much faster, with a lot more attempts on goal (City), while Summerwille should come on for Leeds.

  • Grealish cost 100 million pounds? LOL....he is utter crap as a footballer...

  • Grealish is biggest flop ever

  • @koziol.mutant A very over rated player along with Kalvin fat phillips.

  • boring titi-sraka

  • @koziol.mutant You mean sirtaki? For sure, those Man City players at times can provide a real spectacle, but I'd never have deemed them to be up for that!

  • Draw

  • A city win bet here.

  • I can already tell that Leeds is playing for only 1 point with Summerville on the bench. That's total nonsense because he is the only one who can take on one-on-one situations and score from those - he is the best in-form Leeds player at the moment. And you guys wonder that I always complain.... LOL

  • Real Madrid should try buying Cancelo. He's so good and I'm sure he'd love playing there.

  • @Gewoonmoi they have Carvajal as a RB they can't sacrifice him and a player like Cancelo shouldn't be a bench player, they sold Hakimi for this same reason to Inter, both are slightly better than Carvajal but the key word is "slightly", and as a LB I heard they're going for Davies that seems a better/logical option and they already have Mendy too. but between you and me I always wanted Cancelo in Madrid since his Juve days.

  • @TetouanMorocco Cancelo would be amazing on left, and even in central midfield.

  • Smash Leeds United Manchester City F.C.

  • I need to see how injured is this Leeds squad. I am afraid that they will be at almost full strength.....

  • After scoring the first goal against Leeds in the 35th minute, that clown at the helm of Arsenal chose to park the bus against Leeds back in October. The game ended in a 0-1, shameful to both teams. Guess what: that clown is the disciple of the clown that's coming to Leeds today! Small problem: people were not notified that they are paying for circus!

  • @Zoltan What's with the whining all the time ? Chill dude.

  • @betwithme I cannot stand the Premiership because it is defensive, ugly football!

  • @Zoltan 34 goals scored in 10 games in this last round and he's moaning because the football is too defensive. what an absolute tool. if you hate the premier league so much why do you comment on every game? maybe you wont be so angry and abnoxious if you spent your time doing something you like? or perhaps is there nothing in your life that you like?

  • @Zoltan A win's a win. Don't hate

  • Man City Win and over 2.5 goals in the game

  • @Marbella That would be true if a real MAN would lead the team! LOL

  • @Zoltan Hater

  • I remember Arsenal really tearing into leeds last year at leeds, I think this one goes a similar way I'd like to see City's forwards press a bit harder here. Leeds Usually play with a lot of players getting forward hard to see them being able to do that here in this one Man City to win to nil here.

  • After seeing City's back line the clean sheet seems a real long shot. Ake, Akanji and Lewis starting that's gotta be a first

  • @FootyFiyah I remember Arsenal parking the bus after scoring the 1st goal in the 35th minute this October...... LOL

  • @FootyFiyah @FootyFiyah But....the latest habit for City is to go 2 down before they can be bothered to respond....I believe they submitted to the league to have their games start at 0-1 down, but the proposal was rejected... :p

  • Double Chance on Leeds. big shock for city tomorrow

  • The Citizens haven't been so "destroyers" playing away as they are at home and Leeds plays as "eye for an eye" style, undoubtedly this will be a good game, there must be +2 goals at the score card.

  • Man. City to score over 2.5 goals @1.83

  • nice prediction!

  • Leeds have been destroyed by injuries.

  • Pep has to stop their passing backwards and sideways method and go more direct...losing this one will see the title slip away...Leeds will press from the attack line and any mistake will be punished....

  • @AramisMick Guardiola does not think: he can only play one way..... That's why if the opposing coach is willing to think, he can outsmart Guardiola easily! The possession game is not an actual strategy: it is bringing disaster upon you if the other team presses aggressively against you to force turnovers and to punish you on the break.

  • 1-3

  • This will get ugly. 9-0 to City

  • Difficult for Man City, but I predicted 1-3.

  • @JSOneHundred in what way could leeds cause problems for city?

  • @pibedebarrio Leeds have done well against top teams thinking of possession only...they can press and force mistakes in the City backline...and let's face it...City is not great at keeping clean sheets this term....

  • @pibedebarrio Style of play and the fact Manchester City F.C. are the away side.

  • @pibedebarrio Meslier could always cause problems to anyone! He is a world class goalkeeper much like Yann Sommer.