Probable Lineups


Probable Lineups Statistical Comparison

(71) 40 Goals 38 (56)
(58) 41 Assists 25 (42)
(6.6) 6.8 Average Ratings 6.9 (6.7)
28.1 Average Age 28
185.2 Average Height (cm) 182.7
(1) 1.1 Shots pg 1.3 (1)
(51%) 57% Aerial Duel Success 53% (52%)
(0.5) 0.6 Dribbles pg 0.5 (0.7)
(1.1) 1.1 Tackles pg 1.1 (1.5)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in Premier League.

Missing Players

Man Utd
Player Reason Status Rating
Luis Díaz Out 6.97
Thiago Alcântara Out 6.82
Calvin Ramsay Out N/A
Arthur Doubtful N/A
Naby Keïta Doubtful 6.14
Joe Gomez Doubtful 6.69
Player Reason Status Rating
Christian Eriksen Out 6.7
Anthony Martial Out 6.59
Donny van de Beek Out 6.18
Jadon Sancho Out 6.82
Luke Shaw Doubtful 6.9

Team News

Man Utd
  • Calvin Ramsey has been ruled out for the rest of the season with injury.
  • Thiago and Luis Diaz remain ruled out with injury.
  • Naby Keita suffered a knock against Crystal Palace, so will have to be assessed before this game.
  • Joe Gomez likely remains out with a muscle injury.
  • Arthur remains a doubt for this game.
  • Donny van de Beek is ruled out for the rest of the season with a knee injury, while Christian Eriksen may not return to action until April or even May with an ankle injury.
  • Anthony Martial continues to be sidelined with injury.
  • Luke Shaw missed out against West Ham in the FA Cup with injury, so will have to be assessed before this game.
  • Jadon Sancho also missed that game with West Ham, through illness, so will have to be assessed before this game.


  • Liverpool are unbeaten in their last four Premier League games after beating Wolves 2-0 on Wednesday night, they have not got five games in a row unbeaten in the league this season. A defeat to Leeds in October has been their only loss at Anfield this season so far.
  • Manchester United qualified for the next round of the FA Cup with a 3-1 win over West Ham in midweek. Since the World Cup they have lost one and drawn two of their Premier League games, winning the other seven. Away from home, only five teams have conceded more goals in the league than United (20) this season.
  • Both sides are coming into this game in form and this fixture has produced 18 goals in the last four Premier League meetings, so expect quite an end to end game, which Jurgen Klopp's side might just win, given their brilliant home league form this season.

User Predictions

Comments (102)

  • historical game

  • @kwgr Fake result, it was a boycott against the Glazers.

  • @Sputnik Yes indeed it was. It was fake result. Ah, yes, the fake result. What ever helps you sleep better after this obviously. Last year was 2 fake results btw? 4-0 and 5-0 that must have been fake right? 2 years, 4 games, 17-2 outscored. 3 fake games and 2-1 man untd win was real game i guess?

  • They should just drop the "United" part out of that club's name. I don't see any unity, and haven't seen it for a good number of years now.

  • Man Utd conceded two hat-tricks against Man City and now they concede two doubles against Liverpool's front 3. Very generous from them.

  • @MrNemobody *three doubles

  • A rubdown that will be remembered for generations xD

  • Boring.

  • what is possession %?

  • @begrail Why don't you look on the stats above when you are on a stats site ?

  • @begrail BBC said Liverpool 60% possession

  • Real Betis will be fancying their chances at old trafford on thursday.

  • Salah masterclass..

  • What did ETH say after the game ?

  • @Marbella ETH is Peter Bosz on steroids xD

  • On the Liverpool side, Salah was predictably the man of the match as he always seems to be in these huge games, and could not have picked a better day to become Liverpool’s top premier league goalscorer. Gakpo, Robertson, TAA, Henderson, Nunez as well were absolutely sensational. This is perhaps the first time since Liverpool 3 - Man City 0 back in the 19/20 season that I’ve witnessed such a high intensity from us and I am delighted by it. If we’re able to keep going, qualify for CL next season, and manage to get Bellingham and one more midfielder and central defender over the line, we will be a scary, scary team for anyone to face.

  • Ok, so to be serious, no one saw this kind of a pummeling coming, except maybe the Liverpool staff and players, but it was ridiculous that United fans were seemingly so certain of winning at f-ing Anfield. Obviously the performance of United during the second half was unacceptable for any professional team, but I’d like to single out Bruno Fernandes as perhaps the most embarrassing “professional” I’ve ever seen. Going back as far as I’ve seen him play, about 5 years, the second that things go against him, he turns into the worst possible diva and seems only to care about his own desire for the game to end and not his obligation to the team to do everything for them.

  • @sarigginsUSA The first mistake is to rate Bruno Fernandes. The second is to think he's good enough for an elite club like United. Well, he's not and if you think I'm wrong then please tell me the last time United won the league with a midfield with Bruno Fernandes and Fred. It'll never happen. Can't and won't. Then you have Antony and Weghorst, mediocrity personified.

  • @sarigginsUSA Fernandes and Shaw had to be sent off, but that would make an excuse for them, so I am glad they faced that 7-0 in a full squad.

  • @dzvinka Good thing I’m just a fan because even if I was a Liverpool player, I’m not sure I could keep myself from punching his face out of second-hand embarrassment lmaooo

  • Is there any build up play from man United? No they just sit deep and waiting for the counter attack .....only way to win is just give a different colour jersey to rashford, so they can easily find him on the break.

  • ETH will be giving the MU players the hairdryer treatment.

  • Man UTD were taken to 7th heaven.

  • @Abdulski97 ha ha. Very good!

  • Man UTD were taken to 7th heaven.

  • Liverpool had 8 shots on goal = 7 goals ...

  • @neumi17 To be fair, there were at least 12 clear chances for Liverpool to score. 7 from 8 on target just shows how clinical they were

  • Man United fans, feel free to cry, I won’t judge

  • United fans deserve this. Getting way ahead of ourselves, I had 2-1 Liverpool win but this is something else. Let’s be clear, this Liverpool side are not finished. This Manchester United side is not the finished product. Despite the result I still think united is in a better position than Liverpool overall, but let this be a warning. Seen enough false dawns to know the importance of patience.

  • Biggest shock of the season so far.

  • @Marbella Not really a surprise. This United team have that cowardice in their DNA. It's always there just waiting to come out and say hello, just to remind us what they truly are.

  • @Marbella nah, the shock is liverpool are only 5th

  • What the hell.

  • There is one with you guys haven't realized. Klopp hate losing home league games to big clubs, just like back in the days when he was in Germany, he hardly lose home games to Bayern Munich.

  • Ronaldo ??

  • it's so cringe. ManU now only do everything to ask for a Penalty. Ref should give more card away

  • Dear Tottenham fans, give us the flag. Before Liverpool's first goal, they had 0 shot on target meanwhile United had 3 and xG was about the same for both sides. This is bottling on another level, what made players so clumsy instantly? Why Ten Hag insisted on playing with high pressure despite seeing Liverpool benefit from it? Unbelievable, well done.

  • @Byakuya I have a lot of respect for most of your football opinions, but let this serve as a reminder that it takes more than a Carabao cup and 3rd place to take the mantle back

  • @sarigginsUSA I was hoping for no injury due to fatigue issue as I said before the game, but they were dead on the pitch instead. United playing with the same squad every game and some crucial ones recently, can't expect them to be at top level all the time. Again, I said Liverpool seek of redemption and they were especially up for this game because it's the biggest one they have. Ten Hag also tactically failed on how to approach this game, United was horrible rather than Liverpool being amazing. Basically, Liverpool saw the opportunity and took it. Put 7 past, still 7 points behind. It doesn't change the fact that United will still be competing for 2 more cups meanwhile Liverpool will end up with 0 this year. I believe that Tottenham will bottle to stay in top 4 so that place will be yours, good luck.

  • @Byakuya And still, this lose will chase you forever and ever :)

  • @Barele Because? That's only your imagination, it's just 3 points in the end. It will damage United's momentum for sure, but it will be forever or you will get a cup for it?

  • Liverpool did not even play that well in this game. ManU has revealed their true form. They were lucky to have a world-class player Case, but now he was too tired to play and their midfield broke instantly. Weghorst is the worst player, only an extra runner who role is running around like a fool to confuse the other team, Antony is a flop who can only pass the ball to the enemy Garnacho is just a small match player. TenHag only sign failed player and contribute nothing to the team, he doesn't even sub Case out

  • @gincka bro what are you smoking!? Liverpool didn’t play well yet they won 7-0 dominated possession won the ball back instantly always were in control and United looked lost, if you think Liverpool didn’t play well your fucking dumb

  • @Benard19 the morals affect the result, you can't play well if your team loses, 7-0 is because ManU was killed in their 3rd goal. The fact that the 1st half ManUplay is better, Liv clearly only has 2 goals from a few attacks they barely make it. ManU didn't score in 1st half cause that useless Weghorst and Antony keep losing the ball in some stupid way. Even Case walks as he has been seriously injured from the start of the game.

  • @gincka With all due respect, as poor as United were, Liverpool were just brilliant in the second half

  • LOL

  • Liverpool win

  • Why is Weghorst 6? he's better than case in this first half, made decent pass and touches.


  • MU to score in the 2HF @1.55, MU win the 2HF @2.62

  • @mandrake4444 I respect your confidence

  • @mandrake4444 One can't go more wrong than you did. Think about your credibility in the future ...

  • Case seems too tired to play, this is a big match and he can't even walk right

  • Man Utd win, they should take control of the midfield with the likes of Casemiro.

  • @Marbella Hahahahahahaha!

  • @Marbella good one bro

  • Time for united to drop some points

  • should be a great game, looks indeed like a home win most likely.

  • I just hope United win it here.

  • I have to go with united winning this one. They seem to be in a formidable form Draw is a very real possibility tho

  • @eristotle this comment aged like milk

  • Klopp lost his first game against United at Anfield, now there's a good chance that he will lose his last one as well. Maybe a draw considering Liverpool's seek of redemption in the league, but still they're not good enough for a victory against an in-form United. I hope no one gets an early injury, still in 4 competitions and almost the same squad every game due to missing players.

  • I’m a neutral. Noway is Liverpool losing to United in Anfield. Liverpool 2:1. United are in good form. They have 1/2 world class players in their squad. Casemiro and De Gea. Everybody else is performing well. Nowhere near world class squad. Is the media hype. The biased refs and FA with Howard Webb favouring United. The ref allowed an off side goal at the Carabo final when Casemiro scored. Refused to draw the red line. They drew the line for the Newcastle player which came up green. Didn’t draw Casemiro’s red line. I hope United get a whopping!

  • @albgunn Just because of not being a Liverpool fan doesn't make you a neutral here, most of your last comments talking negative about United and almost all of them proven to be wrong. You're a typical hater, keep crying for a fully deserved win.

  • @Byakuya hater yes but the overhype is crazy lol. Talking about ETH like he’s SAS makes United fans lose all their credibility quick.

  • @Wrwally Every fanbase has that type of over-excited fans, definitely not the majority especially talking about Ferguson. No team in Europe has more wins than United this season which is 30 right now, same team which escaped from Conference League thanks to West Ham bottling it last season. Performing like a title contender for the first time after 10 years, hype is understandable.

  • Whoscored still thinks Liverpool will win? Which what they are doing right now, I don't think Liverpool can stand a chance against ManU even when I am not a ManU fan

  • @gincka can I have more of your expert advises?

  • @gincka You seem to be an expert.

  • @gincka hahaha classic

  • Man United want to keep their unbeaten run, so they must win for themselves!

  • 0 - 2 MU

  • I think we’ll see something closer to vintage Liverpool for parts of this game and drab equality for most of it. If Liverpool capitalize on its moments, they’ll win. I think Salah is a quintessential big game player and will manage to get at least 1 goal himself. 3-1 Liverpool win, Salah scores and motm.

  • @sarigginsUSA - Lol - I presume you're a Liverpool fan, or at the very least you are pro Liverpool....Clearly this is a United win. Liverpool will be humbled and United will once again prove how good this current team really are. I agree about the result, except that United will win 1-3 or maybe even 0-3.

  • @Caseyyy1 Liverpool was humbled... with only 7))) ahahaha

  • @Caseyyy1 Cry

  • @Caseyyy1 Your comment didn't age well ...

  • United lineup is weird. I think Shaw will be good to go for Sunday, also Fred coming off the bench yesterday means he'll play Sunday instead of Sabitzer. Antony is one of the favorites of ten Hag, how does he not play this if he's available? Garnacho won't start.

  • 2-1 win

  • 1-1

  • 1-2 MU

  • VAR to make horrible mistakes

  • @Jimic Correction, "officials who run VAR to make horrible mistakes". The technology is perfectly fine

  • @Jimic But surely, that's impossible, they have the video replays to make sure no mistakes are made. Perhaps you can detect a little sarcasm in my comment?

  • If United can win this one comfortably, showing just how good they really are this season, then I really think they will win the premiership this season and ETH will be hailed as the best United manager other than Ferguson. For us United fans, just imagine ETH staying at United for the next 20 years and winning as many cups as Ferguson. As dumb ass as this comment is, wow, that's a lovely thought.

  • @Caseyyy1 Well they certainly showed how good they are :-))

  • @Caseyyy1 LOL

  • @Caseyyy1 hhahahaha United are the most delusional fans , you really think United would win the prem league regardless if they won tonight or not? Go have a hard look in the mirror and realise you don’t know much about football , glad you realised how dumb your comment sounded but keep them high hopes up, Liverpool will still finish above United this season just remember this comment at the end of the season.

  • @Caseyyy1 , LOL I was surprised what you've been smoking when reading your comment until you said "For us, United fans". Even if United win this game, they won't win the league. Arsenal and Man City are definitely winning on Saturday (especially Arsenal) and the gap will remain the same...if you win at Anfield, and that is a very big IF.

  • 1-0 united