Match Summary

Bournemouth Liverpool
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities from the flanks
(Team has no significant strengths)
Lost possession often
Were poor at finishing
Gave away a lot of free-kicks around the box
Were caught offside often
Commited a high number of individual errors
Played with width
Dominated possession
Attacked down the left side
Favoured through balls
Favoured long balls

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Comments (34)

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  • good

  • Gakpo the Invisible

  • LOOOL Return of the scousers

  • Liverpool are back boys

  • Liverpool has been infected by "Reckless Pain"

  • Football can be strange at times.From beating MU 7-0 to losing at Bournemouth.

  • @Marbella to be fair. They beat ManU cause ManU players have been exhausted, a player like Casemiro can't even walk normally and that makes ManU midfield completely broken.

  • @gincka tbf Liverpool lost here for good reasons too, there's always an explanation for every loss.

  • They said Liverpool is back, life comes at you fast. They said it's Anfield, even after conceding 5 from Madrid there just 2 weeks ago. They thought Liverpool had a brilliant second-half, instead of seeing how many mistakes United did. Take the L, struggling for top 4 is the best you can do just as I said before.

  • @Byakuya Liverpool will still find a way to finish 4th, and I don't think many have sad otherwise. Let's also not pretend that just because this match showed a horrible Liverpool performance, that means that somehow they weren't brilliant in that second half last weekend. All that said though, this was abysmal, abysmal, abysmal. It's more astonishing to me how often we go behind and I see no fire, no anger from anyone except Alisson, Van Dijk, and Robertson. those three are our only reliable starters that have shown a pure desire to win all season.

  • @Byakuya we'll probably get top 4, shit happens I guess, no confidence from the lads today...

  • @amoguspartiet Considering it's just Tottenham, probably you will. But Liverpool no different from them this season, no consistency. Newcastle should better go to Europe first with that squad, it's all between who will bottle it.

  • Absolutely unforgivable

  • This is an unforgivable performance

  • Artur is d only hope for liverpool klop have to start playing him

  • Salah missed his penalty! What a cost!

  • Gakpo and Liverpool

  • Let's see if Liverpool can now score 6 goals in the 2nd half like it did against MU! LOL P.S. The script of the game had gone just as I predicted thus far: Arnold and Robertson played foolishly as part of a 4 man defence system caused that as they ventured forward Liverpool's denfence got caught with just 2 man against the Bournmouth counterattack and they scored. Had Klopp used a 3 man defence that stays back with Arnold and Robertson being a permanent part of the midfield, this goal would have never happened because 3 defenders could have dealt with the Bournmouth counterattack. What Klopp will probably do now is to bring in Henderson and Firminho into the midfield so that Arnold and Robertson can stand back to defend the counterattacks. The big question always remains though: just how much the confidence of his team was shattered by the Bournmouth goal, given their awful away record this season???

  • Just looked at the screenplay of the supposedly great, 7-0 win of Liverpool over MU: actually, they were quite lucky because Liverpool did not play for almost the entire first half and MU had more shots on target, so if MU scores first (like it happens in most of those situations when a team plays alibi for the entire first half), their confidence would have been demolished and MU probably wins in the second half. Of course, with this weird game plan the entire Premiership plays - playing alibi for the entire first half - it lends itself the perfect solution: push hard in the first half and score couple goals, then the game would be over quickly. But, they do the exact opposite by mirroring each other. Terrible strategists and mediocre coaches inhabit the entire Premiership. The other day it was refreshing to see Brentford do exactly what I had just suggested. Of course they won the game!

  • Terrible lineup from Liverpool, as usual. The 3 no name midfielders have ZERO creativity and will be overpowered by the 4 midfielders of Bournmouth. It is clear that Klopp wants to attack from the wings with Arnold and Robertson, so Burnmouth plays with 4 defenders to stop them. But then, why doesn't Klopp play a 3 man defence with Arnold and Robertson playing further up in the field, so that they can be more effective in supporting the 3 forwards? Against a bussing team such as Bournmouth it is completely sufficient to play with 3 defenders because it will take manpower to break down their bus: Robertson and Arnold can help back if needed. Having complete faith in the 3 man offence of Liverpool is a bit naive, based on the away track record of Liverpool: Salah and Nunez are not exactly the role models for supplying Gakpo - they are all goal scorers on their own right so I don't know who will supply the assists if Robertson and Arnold will be stopped cold by Bournmouth?

  • Bournemouth win.

  • @Shyne genius

  • BTTS

  • @Yeng_Dai_Chin clean sheet

  • Liverpool 9-0

  • @Lvc oh really?

  • Liverpool will be fired up to win this after their 7-0 demolition of MU.Players and staff will be very confident.

  • Bournemouth double chance

  • @FF2021 I think no chance for Bournemouth to win.

  • @mandrake4444 you sure?

  • @mandrake4444 in EPL never predictable