Probable Lineups


Probable Lineups Statistical Comparison

(68) 40 Goals 25 (92)
(46) 29 Assists 18 (68)
(6.5) 6.8 Average Ratings 6.7 (6.8)
25.5 Average Age 25.5
180.9 Average Height (cm) 178.7
(1) 1.2 Shots pg 0.8 (1.1)
(53%) 56% Aerial Duel Success 46% (55%)
(0.6) 0.6 Dribbles pg 0.7 (0.6)
(1.4) 0.9 Tackles pg 1 (0.8)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in Premier League.

Missing Players

Man City
Player Reason Status Rating
Solly March Out 7.38
Jakub Moder Out N/A
Jeremy Sarmiento Out 6.35
Tariq Lamptey Out 6.21
Robert Sánchez Out 6.42
Adam Webster Doubtful 6.52
Adam Lallana Doubtful 6.45
Player Reason Status Rating
Nathan Aké Doubtful 6.75

Team News

Man City
  • Solly March, Jakub Moder, Jeremy Sarmiento and Tariq Lamptey are all likely to miss the remaining two games of the season.
  • Adam Webster may be available for this game, but will have to be assessed, while Adam Lallana may return on the weekend for the final game of the season.
  • Robert Sanchez is likely to continue to be left out of the matchday squad.
  • Nathan Ake remains an injury doubt for this game.


  • Brighton secured a European place on the weekend, as they ran out 3-1 winners over Southampton, with a point from their final two games being enough to secure a Europa League place. Only six teams have conceded fewer goals at home (20) in the Premier League this season than the Seagulls.
  • Manchester City secured a third Premier League title in a row on Saturday, after Arsenal's loss to Nottingham Forest. They followed that confirmation with a 1-0 win at home over Chelsea to maintain they current winning run in the Premier League, which stands at 12. Only Arsenal (12) have won more games away from home in the league this season than City (11).
  • With City likely to make changes, Brighton may feel they can get a result from this game.

User Predictions

Comments (39)

  • Interesting to see how Haaland got "cold" with all this possession based, super-slow football which is enforced by Guardiola and which is not conducive to his scoring on fast breaks. He has missed some enormous opportunities and if this were to repeat against Inter, City will not stand a chance! De Bruyne and all the other "mighty" City attackers had the same exact problem: they simply couldn't elevate the pace of their attacking game to the level Brighton's pressing demanded them to do so! This is the simple explanation to City's failure today and the praise for Brighton's great game plan at the same time.

  • LOL Commentators cannot get over actually seeing a real coach among all the mediocre "managers" that inhabit the Premiership: they are just in an awe and rightly so - Roberto De Zerbi is probably the best coach I have seen since witnessing the amazing coaching acumen of Jupp Heinkess who disposed of the young Messi lead mighty Barcelona with his Bayern München in 2 games while scoring 7 goals in the process. That Bayern played like Brighton today: high pressing and counterattacking game, offensive mindset, one touch football and shooting as soon as possible. Now THAT'S coaching NOT what Guardiola is showing week in and out with his super expensive team who should have won the Champion's League and Premiership every single year since he has arrived!

  • @Zoltan You have to include Klopp as well, Since that Bayern team used Dortmund's Gegenpressing which became the new meta after Dortmund were winning the Bundesliga with a cheap squad

  • Haaland's goal was disallowed is a disgrace, fkn disgrace

  • @jacobasil STFU!

  • @jacobasil that was a clear foul. Did you see something else?

  • Despite almost the strongest City squad, Brighton dominates, 2 disallowed goals and quite a few good chances. That match doesn't decide anything, but might do some morale damage for blues if they don't improve.

  • @tar88s *do not improve in the 2nd half

  • Nice to see Brighton outplay and outsmart an overestimated City side, just as I predicted. Roberto De Zerbi gives a demonstration of what coaching looks like, with a one touch game and plenty of shots on goal. Guardiola probably does not understand what's happening to his team! LOL

  • @Zoltan They're about to win the treble. What's exactly "overestimated" again? Or are you just butthurt?

  • @nikoanzai sounds like you're the one who's butthurt.

  • @nikoanzai They will not win the treble.

  • @nikoanzai Where did you leave your eyes dude? Couldn't you see the real football team throughout the game??? Brighton and his teenagers outplayed the "mighty" City!!!

  • @Zoltan Did I disagree that Brighton outplayed them? Read again.

  • Nice to see KDB and Haaland starting the game in what looks like a strong side.

  • @Marbella I hope you did not put your house on over 2.5 goals dude! LOL

  • Brighton could have used Burn, Trossard, White, Mwepu, Bissouma, Cucurella, if they had not been sold. I expect 6 new players.

  • Both to score (100%)and brighton win.. pep dont take risk

  • I think we will not see many goals,pep dont want injuries

  • City's B-Team against a real Brighton side---? Hard to say! Double Chance 1X

  • @RichieRochdale BHA have half their side out, maybe Dunk as well.

  • @Perseus Sorry, Perseus, I should have explained my strategy a bit more carefully. I was referring my anticipation of City's "intent", in this match. They simply want to keep their A-Side Players fit and injury-free before the big Finals; the results of these last matches are of secondary importance. Expect more of the same against Brentford on Sunday.

  • 1-2

  • depends on lineup, I think if its weak like against Chelsea , I expect Brighton to win!

  • @FF2021 Finally, a sane person! LOL

  • Over 1.5

  • To the wishful thinkers below: don't even dream about City's first line playing in this game! The bench will play and even they will not be motivated thanks to the inhumane game schedule enforced by the billionaires in the Premiership! It will be old-boys style ball-hogging game plan by City, but Zerbi's side will turn this nonsense game plan to their advantage! They will be motivated, City will not and that's what matters!

  • @Zoltan So you were saying?? KDB, Haaland, Stones all back in? Is that their B team? Lol. Take a rest mate.

  • @Zoltan Disagree're right in seasons that has nothing else to play for...but they still need to prepare for the FA sand ECL cups...Pep cannot allow his boys to wind down and relax before June...He may preserve to avoid injuries but the team must be fired up for the next few matches....5 subs (if he remembers this...) works perfectly for team integration....

  • @Zoltan Are you ok?

  • Over 2.5 goals in the game.

  • Pep has to play mostly 1stXI players lest they get rusty ....match sharpness of a team cannot be preserved by training only....Haaland needs another hattrick to equal the record anyway....

  • Both to score.

  • Premiership teams have no shame (just look at what happened at the Newcastle - Leicester game), so Brighton will clearly win this one, especially that City plays away! Big opportunity to cash in on this no shame attitude! LOL

  • @Zoltan lol your living on Kuku land.

  • I would expect the big hitters to come back in for this. Haaland I am sure will definitely start. I think Grealish and KDB too or at least one of them. Ederson will start too. As will Stones. I am starting to feel you are on a wind up with these predicted teams :D

  • @Slickz You are living on la-la land my friend! LOL

  • @Zoltan we will see mate. I will be proven right.

  • @Slickz you are probably right, and my prediction is like yours, but I wouldn't be so sure, like anything could happen