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  • Napoli were clearly not playing seriously for some reason, but they overdid it. This was disrespectful to the fans at the stadium.

  • :o

  • Clearly, this game was sold! I am shocked how the Italian football corruption uncovered years ago in connection with Juventus still exists today! And no one will investigate this game, I am pretty sure!

  • @Zoltan Man United losing to Newcastle isn't? annoying EPL fans...

  • Tonali has been a pitbull today

  • Terrible refereeing

  • @wilde denial...

  • @Kisuke denial of what? Napoli deserved to lose, but the refereeing was terrible. you presented 0 counterarguments.

  • Napoli has 20+ points leading. Of course, they save leg for C1

  • @gincka there’s nothing to save.. there’s still 10 days till that fixture. I don’t see why they wouldn’t play on their full potential here

  • @MoshEne Milan have the mental advantage now. Losing 0:4 and 1st leg without Osimhen at San Siro. Napoli should start preparing for leg 2 already.

  • @Kisuke No, they don't. I'd wager Spalletti was 'playing dead'. We will have to wait and see whether he will manage to fool Pioli or himself.

  • @Sputnik ???

  • Napoli 2-0