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  • Juve is probably the most boring club to watch in Europe. Zero individual class or flair, just tactics ...

  • @neumi17 Until Di Maria came on. I hope that Juve tactical ethic doesn't wear him down.

  • How is McKennie getting this many chances, jesus christ

  • Miretti is talented but not at a first 11 level yet

  • I'm getting tired of these cheap penalties being awarded every week. That wasn't a "stomp", the Juve defender was simply tired, late, and clumsy. He tried to get the ball but realized he was late and had nowhere else to put his foot. The Benfica guy was smart and stopped playing in hopes they'd give his team a penalty. Then the ref punishes the team trying to play the game and rewards the team hoping VAR would give them a penalty. Perhaps in cases like this where there is no ill intent or deliberate fouling they should just make it a free kick.

  • @tkr so Juve was trying to play and Benfica relying on VAR? Hmm, interesting. Statistics tell something else.

  • Juve scored in the 6th minute, so we probably should prepare for a boring 84 minutes ending with 1:0 or 1:1. hope I'm wrong

  • @wilde Only slightly. Juve did play extremely boring but conceded even 2. So sorry but you were not wrong.

  • indeed Juve's win is unlikely, but not impossible. 1-1 (most likely) or 2-1

  • Benfica +1

  • Yep, 1-2 or 0-1.

  • Both to score.

  • Juventus cannot buy a win at the moment...At best a draw for them...

  • Under 2.5 goals @1.90