Probable Lineups


Probable Lineups Statistical Comparison

(5) 2 Goals 5 (8)
(4) 2 Assists 6 (8)
(6.5) 6.4 Average Ratings 6.8 (6.6)
28.4 Average Age 29.4
179.9 Average Height (cm) 181.4
(1.1) 0.8 Shots pg 0.8 (0.8)
(43%) 51% Aerial Duel Success 54% (50%)
(0.6) 0.7 Dribbles pg 0.6 (0.6)
(1.1) 1.4 Tackles pg 1.4 (1.7)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in World Cup Final Stage.

Missing Players

Player Reason Status Rating
Ko Itakura Out 6.86
No missing players.

Team News

  • Japan should have no fresh injury concerns coming into this game.
  • Ko Itakura will be suspended for this game, owing to an accumulation of yellow cards.
  • Croatia should have no fresh injury concerns for this game.


  • Japan qualified for the Round of 16 as the winners of Group E, after beating Spain in their final group game, 2-1. They have never made it beyond this stage of a World Cup, being knocked out in the last-16 on three occasions, including in 2018 when they were knocked out by Belgium.
  • Croatia drawing 0-0 with Belgium in their final group match was enough to clinch them second place in Group F. They were runners up in the last World Cup and are yet to lose a Round of 16 match at the World Cup.
  • Japan showed in their wins over Spain and Germany, that they can cause an upset, so there is a chance that they may clinch the win here, against a Croatia side who aren't quite at the same level as they were back in 2018.

User Predictions

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  • Does anyone know if their is a quantitative study of run up length and penalty success?

  • @MEHJones I wish there is a study for that. I would be interested.

  • @MEHJones *there

  • Sad for Japan...

  • @sanaullah but happy for Croatia

  • I don't know how but yet again Croatia went for extra time in knockout game like last worldcup,They are so dependent on their midfield. But still they have that experience which requires to play in extra time or in penalty shootout. Hard luck Japan #GG

  • Extremely bad penalties from Japan...

  • I'm really surprised 'cause it's not common to see a goalkeeper saving 3 penales in penalty shooting. And throughough the match he alternated some good savings with some not accuracy ones,

  • good performance for Croatia, should kill the game earlier though

  • Hattrick save from Livi! Congratulations Japan for amazing tournament! We will play for you also. Croatia is the elite after all. Top 8. Despite doubts.

  • @Alparslan They are nowhere near elite!!!

  • @Alparslan I like respectful comments like this. Congrats for the win.

  • Good game Japan and Croatia. See you all in the next match thread.

  • Three saves by Livakovic!

  • Japan shocking penalties.

  • Sad for Japan, I was rooting for them, but it was some really bad penalty taking

  • Croatia win!

  • Two amazing saves!

  • Hashtag Japan.

  • Croatia to qualify

  • @Biru11ven Eternally blocked in.

  • Hayya, Hayya, Hayya JAPAN! Hayya, Hayya, Ha—

  • Do it for the parallel universes Japan.

  • Pens, here we come!

  • japan are so full of life. i don’t even care if croatia are the more quality side, playing boring football at the World Cup is like mixing oil with water

  • Minamino or Ito to score in extra time

  • Really tired of looking Japan GK always playing long hoping for a miracle.

  • Croatia a very over rated side.

  • @Marbella VERY

  • @Sputnik are we? We win. And thats important.

  • @Ewerfekt tbh you draw

  • @Ewerfekt Yes, you are. You will be destroyed by Brazil in the next round.

  • Boring game

  • @Frei98 Every game involving Croatia is boring.

  • @Gewoonmoi Gewoonmoi dealing Pocket Aces LMAO.

  • @Frei98 That's what footbal is, sadly

  • @Frei98 It's a great game if you're cheering for Japan. They are outclassing Croatia.

  • Gooaaaaal Japan!!!

  • Come on Japan, you can do it.

  • Crotia without Rebic are too neutered. They need creativity.

  • @LordStumpington Rebic has been out of form for months.

  • Croatia are going to win this

  • 2-1 Japan. The paradox of this team is that they have a patent for European teams at this Mundial2022, and yet the last match with Europe they played was against Belgium in the 1/8 at Mundial20218 which scored a goal in extra time. I believe he is dismissing the Croats. The world needs "virgin" patterns ��

  • Best collective selection of the cup, along with Spain and Morocco. Croatia will dominate from start to finish.

  • 2-1 Japan (Andrej Kramaric 22' Ritsu Doan 36' Daichi Kamada 72')

  • Come on Japan!!!

  • Croatia to win

  • Modric the maestro will control the midfield for shore

  • Japan 1 Croatia 0.

  • @JSOneHundred I'm feeling a Draw...Japan wins on Penalties

  • @Obie sorry

  • @Obie In a few minutes we will see if your guess is correct!

  • I mean if nothing else, just to be able to continue the Blue Lock meme is worth hoping for a Japan win. But on a serious note, both teams are very underestimated by most at their best, so probably the first extra time match

  • Hrvratska have Modric. That's kinda like cheating. Japan is collective a strong side with some nice individual quality. I think a draw (1-1) within 90 minutes. Could go either way especially in extra time. Hoping voor penalty-shootout. Japao to continue in the tournament and we get to see some more cleaning in the stadium and the locker room.

  • No suprises sofar in knockout stage. This will be the closest 1/16 match sofar and 1-0 Croatia win. Tommorow also two close matches, especially Portugal - Switzerland.

  • Extra time

  • the same strategy from Japan is expected here. defending, defending, counter-attack. if they succeed not get scored in the first half, then the second half is Japan's half. Under 2.5 goals / Double chance on Japan.

  • Japan, Maroko and Switzerland

  • Over 1.5 goals @1.44

  • Keep your eyes not on Spain & Croatia but on Morocco & Japan. Don't be used to names and flags of nations this time.

  • @mandrake4444 morocco draw and japan also draw

  • @mandrake4444 agreed

  • Japan actually got draw vs Spain who was lazy (dunno how Japan got goal when cross went from off the pitch), Croatia to get it done, probably in ET.

  • 1:3

  • This is too funny. I can't warp my mind about everybody expecting us to lose here. We are active WC runner-ups with even better team then 4 years ago. Yet somehow everybody is saying Japan will win just because they beated worst Germany side I remember and Spain that wanted to lose for easier bracket. If any team can parry Japanese mentality it's us. We are more expirenced and have more quality. 0-2 Lovren to score first.

  • @Ewerfekt croatia sucks..., germany atleast dominated japan

  • @Ewerfekt You're correct. This match is really balance and could either way, no favorite here which is refreshing after two days of underwhelm round 16

  • @Ewerfekt I never delete. As every proper Croatian I stand behind my words. That said don't think that I underestimate Japan. You got very good and very likeable team. It's shame one of us has to go home, but we got this.

  • @Ewerfekt please do not delete your comment. we'll talk after the match.

  • @eqbalreza yo? Good game, wish you all best in future.

  • @eqbalreza since when was it possible to delete comments on this site?

  • @Ewerfekt I agree with you, Croatia is clear favourite

  • 0:1 Cro

  • japans strength is their pace and they'll be looking to play counterattack as they did against spain, and much like spain croatia is a side with superior quality that has the ambition to play possession more and combine together until they find an opening. they also have decent structure and certainly not easy to break through (though they allowed too many clear cut chances in the end vs belgium). both teams' defenders are decisive and aggressive, i would say a low score. since they succeeded against spain and germany, its hard to rule out an upset but i think its the end for them here (as its always been for them in the RO16), croatia just better collective play. 0-0/0-1