Probable Lineups


Probable Lineups Statistical Comparison

(8) 5 Goals 8 (8)
(8) 5 Assists 5 (6)
(6.6) 6.8 Average Ratings 7 (6.7)
30.4 Average Age 29.5
182.4 Average Height (cm) 182.3
(0.8) 0.7 Shots pg 1.6 (1.4)
(50%) 52% Aerial Duel Success 46% (44%)
(0.6) 0.6 Dribbles pg 0.7 (0.8)
(1.8) 1.4 Tackles pg 1.3 (1.3)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in World Cup Final Stage.

Missing Players

Player Reason Status Rating
Josip Stanisic Doubtful 6.7
Player Reason Status Rating
Gabriel Jesus Out 6.46
Alex Telles Out 6.29
Alex Sandro Doubtful 7.14

Team News

  • Borna Sosa was not part of the matchday squad in the win over Japan, due to having a virus, but he should be in contention to return for a start in this game.
  • Josip Stamisic also missed the Japan game, owing to a muscular injury, and so will have to be assessed ahead of this game.
  • Alex Sandro missed both the game against Cameroon and the game against South Korea owing to a hip injury and so will have to be assessed before this game.


  • Croatia made it through to the quarter-finals after beating Japan on penalties, maintaining their record of never losing a penalty shootout at a World Cup. They will be aiming to reach the semi-finals for only the third time in their history, after finishing third in 1998 and runners-up at the last tournament in 2018.
  • Brazil qualified for the quarter-finals with a convincing 4-1 win over South Korea. Since winning the World Cup in 2002, they have gone out at the quarter-finals stage of the World Cup on three out of the four years, finishing fourth in 2014.
  • Croatia will offer a test to Brazil and will be hard to break down, but the five time champions should get the win here.

User Predictions

Comments (228)

  • dunno why Orsic legend doesnt not play more often

  • @koziol.mutant He is good player for counters. Relies too much on speed and space to be starter for us. He also shares position with that absolute madman Ivan Perisic. However as sub he is incredible asset.

  • Three pieces of advice for 2026: 1. Less bleach, more brains. 2. Stop worrying about where on your crest you will place the sixth golden star. 3. Avoid bragging about all the goal celebrations you rehearsed before even scoring those goals.

  • I told you so. We had hardest path to semis and did it without single good game. We are old, slow and tired. We play anti-football. Yet we somehow made it twice to top 4 . In row. Menatlity. Croatia. Who is next?

  • brazil nearly cause an upset, will done brazil! may the better team win!

  • @wdetac the better team lost

  • @wilde better team win this time

  • For young players who one day dream of becoming footballers, set your eyes on Modric. At the age of 37, he gave a lesson in class and a spirit of sacrifice. Congratulations to Croatia for the victory.

  • Brazil tactics after going 1-0 up was just a joke. No possession keeping, no marking, no pressing. Just waiting for Croatians to attack lol

  • @koziol.mutant also cro goal was from counter attack

  • @koziol.mutant they were mentally done before that. No tactics could help.

  • Croatia are the second most pathetic national team after Italy.

  • @Sputnik All you need is to take a bow ... and learn ... an by learn i mean suck on it ... I mean with this pathetic comment all there is a mouth and hope that someone , somewhere will stick something in it...! Pathetic ...

  • @SimeonHash Don't tell me what to do, nigga

  • @Sputnik so sad

  • @Sputnik And you are the second most pathetic commentator here after Zoltan.

  • @moo13 there are many more pathetic than them both tbh

  • @moo13 That would be @wilde

  • @Sputnik and why is that? Also it's dzidazawodnik

  • @Sputnik how pathetic a team who lost to a pathetic team ?

  • @tarvos Also true.

  • @Sputnik Add Morocco to that.

  • @Marbella Nah, they are solid.

  • @Sputnik How much for a kilo of salt?

  • @Sputnik That's now 4 penalty kicks victories in the last 2 world cup's elimination stage.

  • @T0ny04 They know they are not good at football so they focus on defense and penalties.

  • @neumi17 thats bullshit. We didnt shoot but we played football

  • @T0ny04 Precisely.

  • Livakovic is goalkeeper of the tournament for sure!

  • @DM3T I think Bono is

  • @neumi17 Bono or Szczesny. But somebody else might grab it if he does good in the semis and final.

  • @Sputnik Szczęsny so far, but since he's already eliminated, someone else will get the award.

  • It looks like Argentina parked the bus already, 1 hour before the game (5 in the back from the official lineup)! LOL

  • @Zoltan Take it easy bro. Just enjoy the game. Might be the last time we see Messi in a WC. Enjoy the ride.

  • Today Netherlands has NO forward playing basically. The big question looming is whether Lionel choses to walk around, or will he score as the single capable striker of his team????

  • @Zoltan Depay is a forward.Who scored have both formations wrong.

  • @Zoltan Or will he choose to take the bull by the horns himself or just sink his chin into his chest because he isn't getting a win on a silver platter? Probably the latter.

  • I am looking forward to tomorrow's game with Portugal: that team has a real forward (NOT CR!) who can prevent this shit from happening! LOL

  • Croatia has too much quality to play like they do, They didn't even try to score, at all. With the players they have, at least try to counter. They attack and hold possession only to kill time it seems.

  • @Gewoonmoi Just look at their disaster standing on their sideline! What else do you expect from that kind of man as a coach! And he even got his equal at the opposite end of the pitch: Tite. Neither of these are capable to coach even on a junior level!

  • @Zoltan zoltan dont shit. We were top 2 and now top 4 with nation of 4 million. How is Dalic bad coach.

  • @Ewerfekt that's not because of the coach. That's because of 1. good players 2. unbelievable luck

  • @wilde yeah right there ... that is called looser talk ... "unbelivable luck" ... yeah that's the croatians probably "train" most of the time ...

  • And again, why is Gvardiol not man of the match? FFS!

  • @BeautifulLoser Croatian GK was the hero without even thinking twice, he blocked easy 4 goals at least. Let alone the PSOs.

  • @Yman You're right. But Gvardiol deserves more credit.

  • Brazil proved he has best attack in the tournament, and Croatia and Morocco best nerves. Brazil had more chances, Croatia was better with the ball, but we are weak in centarforward position. Sad for Brazil and Neymar but happy for my Croatia and Modric. We will play for Japan and Brazil also next 2 games <3

  • @Alparslan Croatia isn't playing for anyone but for themselves. They're anti-football and win by relying on lucky PKs. Neither Japan nor Brazil will be happy to see Croatia repeating the same boring methods.

  • @Nanami Stay salty

  • I enjoyed all the dyed blonde players, though.

  • After watching Croatia, somehow, get past JAPAN, they are now in a semi-final. No more Gaymar. Hopefully the Dutch will put Stumpy in his place this evening. One down, one to go...

  • Man, I saw neymar crying.. He deserved to win. Now, it looks like he's done with football.. :(

  • @DM3T Brazil as a nation is super passionate about football (it's kind of a celebration for them every time their National team plays), so ofc emotions will run high in these cases for every single brazilian.

  • @DM3T one more chance in 4 years

  • @Alparslan neymar said. "I see it as my last (world cup) because I don't know if I have the strength of mind to deal with football any more," There is 80% chance that he will not be in the next WC. Especially after what just happened, seeing Croatia score 4 minutes before the whistle and end up winning on pens like this.

  • HOW????

  • Unbelievable

  • Great! So now we get to watch the same 0-0, Extra Time, PK garbage from Croatia in the final! Who on Earth is curious to watch this kind of crap??? Honestly, I would disqualify both teams in such a situation when they both want to bring the game to PK!!! Neither of these teams deserves to be in the final!

  • @Zoltan France won't allow anyone to get to the penalties.

  • @Gewoonmoi France are going out tomorrow, mate.

  • @Sputnik yeah going out on the pitch to kick England out of the WC

  • @GioMonaldo They're going out of the World Cup. Trust me.

  • GG Croatia! Congrat! :)

  • @Finucci Next game tonight will be exactly like this, for masochists like you! You don't wanna miss it! :))))

  • @Finucci If you understand even a bit of football and you have played this great game in your life, there's nothing to congratulate about! The game was utterly boring and just being a result nut tells everything about you! Because of result nuts like you this beautiful game and our world's all affairs got to the point where it is right now. Enjoy! LOL

  • A sad f'ing day in football history. I hope some day they change the rules to prevent this crap from happening. I'll pray to every god that Croatia gets eliminated next round.

  • @T0ny04 why? We showed more then Brazil did.

  • Remember 2018? Penalty win against Russia, 109' prolongation goal against England. I hate them now..

  • @T0ny04 what, change the rules by giving Brazil a convenient free kick or penalty every time one of them cries to the ref?

  • @T0ny04 what kind of rules? to make Brazil always win tournaments by default?

  • @Frei98 @T0ny04 I don't care about Brasil. Bring back the golden goal. The game goes on until one team gets its fingers out of the ass and scores a f'ing goal. That's how it should be. Not freaking PKs during the most important competition in the world.

  • @T0ny04 If your team loses because of a golden goal, "bring back the silver goal! That’s more fair!" Well no matter, just ask FIFA for it, no one will grant your request here.

  • @Frei98 I'm not trying to implement these rules by expressing my frustration on Brazil is not "my team" so stop pretending it is because you have no counter argument. I'm just a football fan and seeing this kind of crap happen pisses me off.

  • @T0ny04 yeah, yeah

  • @T0ny04 Well said my friend! I am glad that there is at least one person here who thinks!

  • @Zoltan They even had a PK win against Danemark in the round of 16 in 2018. Man I need to stop thinking about them I'm losing it.

  • @Zoltan Imagine: Croatia loses the game after PKs against Russia in 2018. Loses to Spain in the Euro 2020 like they did. Loses to Japan after PKs in the round of 16. Nobody would even dare pretend they deserve any type of recognition as one of the best national teams in the world. Yet here we are.

  • This greatly reduces the chances of Brazil winning the tournament.

  • Dance in tears Brazil. Neka samo suze rone

  • Antony is so overrated.

  • Told ya!!

  • Croats going through. Brazil no chance in penalties.

  • Unfortunately 1 shot on goal was enough

  • pity both teams waited until extra time to start playing

  • @3shots :)

  • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Croatia just equalized

  • Croatia deserve to lose with such boring and negative tactics.

  • @Marbella Man if they win penalties again I'm gonna be so pissed off. They don't deserve to be here. F Croatia. Don't get me wrong I love a lot of their players but wth... How many times can you get lucky like that, penalty wins, deflection equalizer? It's ridiculous..

  • @Marbella and they equalized by a deflection... i've never seen a team get so lucky

  • Wauw what a goal! No words. What a class by Neymar and what a fantastic team goal. This one might be the best goal so far this tournament.

  • @StickandMove The Croatian defender and the GK have responsabilities though.

  • Croatia missed the chance by not switching formation.

  • I am praying for a Brazil Argentina semi

  • Neymar!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great goal, was about time ...

  • @neumi17 A beauty, looks like he learned that one from Messi.

  • To be honest if you're a 25 year old Brazilian player and you still play in the local league I can't take you serious. Who is this Pedro guy?

  • Red card not given to Neymar and a lot of yellow cards not given to Brazilian players for grabbing and stoping counter-attacks.

  • Croatia ain't had a shot on goal. Say what you want about Brazil, and they've been poor, defensively they've locked it down.

  • Please Brazil... For football's sake.

  • I don't like the attitude of Neymar. He doesn't partipate in defending and helping out his teammates. He's supposed to be the big man then whenever Brazil has possession. But he doesn't step up. You have to be decisive then in my opinion.

  • @StickandMove Defensively he might be the only one excluded from the formation to make him last the whole prolongation and reduce de risk of injuries. He might never have scored that goal if he spent energy defending.

  • @T0ny04 I can understand. He delivered in thr end but it doesn't look good at times. He let people walk by with the ball in his direct area. A little bit of effort is welcome you would say.

  • Haha everyone is bashing Croatia because they don't play spectacular. However I think they play very good, I'm enjoying watching them, Gvardiol is playing extra class.

  • @CristianoRonaldinho Yeah solid team. Not surprising that they beat France a few months ago. If they had better strikers we would be saying they are really good.

  • @CristianoRonaldinho No, not because they don't play spectacular but because they don't PLAY at all ! They are not intrested to score a goal so what's the point of watching them ?

  • @CristianoRonaldinho Croatia knows how to manage a game. They had the better possession and forced Brasil back to defending deep, but not enough to finish the attacks. Still Brasil favorites to pull it out in ET.

  • @LilyWhites If they knew how to manage games they'd probably win in normal time. I don't think getting through 2 round with PKs is called "management". They just can't score but have a great midfield/defense. This kind of team is boring as f period.

  • A team which can't perform a single shot on target during whole game shouldn't be at this stage let alone semi-finals, this is anti-football and unbearable to watch. Anyone calling this somehow a domination should be embarrassed, they're still in game only thanks to Livakovic. I hope they won't accidentally pass this, they clearly don't deserve at all.

  • @Byakuya how did Brasil deserve to pass? Liva had one or two good saves. But Brazil is shit too.

  • @Ewerfekt At least they're not sitting back and playing for penalties, prepare yourself for another draw next game if they go through.

  • Croatia �������� terrible team i dont want to watch this shit. Just 0-0 games and no shots at all.

  • WTF ? 7-0 shots on target for Brazil and still no goal. Should be 3-0 by now ...

  • @neumi17 IDK if Croatia is just lucky or really good at defense, but every 2nd ball lands at their feet for a quick clear. To their credit they have the composure to play out the back as well.

  • zzzz this game is so boring.

  • @Marbella Yep, very boring game. But Brazil will qualify in 120 min, before the penalties. All in.

  • @Marbella Don't think so, why ? Brazil is so much better

  • @neumi17 Brazil is better, but the game is boring.

  • Richarlison not turned up today

  • @3shots And Neymar as well.

  • @3shots He is actually really poor with the ball in his feet. No quality in the passing game. Not a genius at dribbling. He scored the most beautiful goal, but he seriously lacks quality. It's like he's only in the starting lineup to cover up for Neymar. Neymar doesn't participate when Croatia has the ball. Then again Neymar isn't turning up when Brazil has the ball. Serious chance he just had. There won't be many like those. You have to grab every oppurtunity with both hands nowadays.

  • @StickandMove Brazil hasn't had a serious center forward in quite some years, maybe since Ronaldo. Jesus/Firmino/Richarlison are all interchangeable but it's okay because they're decent enough and the team works. They just want a good poacher that can pressure and facilitate Neymar.

  • Croatia to dominate again in the second with Perasic to score the winning goal late in the game . Gooooooooo.....CROATIA


  • overestimated brazil. first good opponent and theyre tactically & collectively the worse team. individually the quality is visible up front, dribbles, plays, but how the whole team is glued together is pretty average. i was particularly not impressed by the lack of energy, aggression, tackling from some brazil players particularly defenders, they play like theyre already qualified, or theyre underestimating what croatia players can do with those opportunities. i mean militao was barely marking and running after perisic when he turned him and took a shot, those are the kinda things that get you out of the WC man. brazil never won with tactics and a tight game but they have to be stricter defensively, not give balls away, and as the bbc commentator said, the croatia midfield is controlling them. croatia are doing what they need to, classic football in a way, link-up play without a proper 9...a lot of good decisions & combinations. croatia RB insane, can neymar stop complaining to the ref

  • @Icarax Only thing I'd add is that Vinicius is really good at winning BS free kicks. They did underestimate Croatia but team is still good enough to win anyway, like usual. First half was a snooze, we need a Croatia goal to make this game spicier.

  • Croatia is still very good. It's amazing how they maintain possession in buildup against one of the best teams of this world cup. However they aren't sharp in front of the 18 yard box. I think they should switch to 3-4-2-1 with the two sidebacks pushing up, Brozovich falling back, and Perisic&Pasalic drawing in. They should push up possession to in front of the penalty area, and they need a 6v5 in the midfield for that, so that they can create chances. If they do that I'm quite sure they can convert one.

  • @CristianoRonaldinho Croatia is one of the more fluid teams you will see, meaning that they will start out a half in one formation, but then as the game develops can change on the fly to adapt.

  • Pens

  • Both teams terrified to give a goal away in this high pressure game.

  • @Marbella That's the thing with Brazil. They have very good players, but they are cowards.

  • Brazil really looking poor today. Croatia much more determined, focused and displaying much more fighting spirit. Brazil a bit nonchalant. They have to compete at the energy level of Croatia. Otherwise this is their last match in Qatar this World Cup. Croatia even better in ball possession with Modric as conductor.

  • So far, one of the most boring matches of this wc

  • Croatia is a very well drilled side and would not be surprised if they pulled the upset. They will absorb pressure, even go down a goal, but still grow into the game and cause problems through Modric and Perisic.

  • Croatia needs Rebic out there. They have no creativity and don't really have a scoring threat. Brazil, multi goal win.

  • @LordStumpington unfortunately for them, they left him home

  • @LordStumpington Rebic hasn't been a threat for months

  • Brazil ���� will finish the game in 90mins

  • It'll be another game of 12 v 11. Brazil seem to have bagged these refs... again.

  • 1-3 Brazil

  • Brasil will not have an easy afternoon. Croatia is incredibly tough to beat. An upset would not surprise me.

  • @Gewoonmoi What are you talking about?? Are you talking trash? Look at how Croatia played against Japan

  • @ak84 What did you say?

  • 1/2 Croatia wins first half then second half Brasil wins 1:2

  • What Croatia is missing is a good number 9. Too bad they left Rebic home, which could have filled that role better than Petkovic or Livaja

  • @MoshEne Rebic has been out of form for months

  • @wilde your right but I still think he can create/score more than any other central forward that they currently have

  • @MoshEne this may be true, but he scored only 6 goals in his last 43 matches for the club

  • Thank God Jesus not playing haha...CROATIA 2 - 0 BRAZIL

  • Brazil to score in both halves

  • Both Teams To Score

  • @tunakarahan oops, my mistake

  • @tunakarahan Sorry, Not any shock

  • Another shock?

  • @eastend1 Sorry, Not any shocks

  • @mandrake4444 Well that aged well. Lol

  • Croatia to win has odds of 9.0 - insanely high, considering this would the first big test for Brazil in this tournament. No disrespect but Cameroon almost had a perfect game plan in their win. Brazil can be overconfident and go to sleep in defence any time. But that being said, Croatia or draw should have been higher than 3.0. I would say Croatia to snatch a draw at least or win if Modric steps up.

  • @betwithme Currently 9.21 odds for Croatia, I am intrigued to put 100€ on Croatia, bigger surprises happened this WC I just wonder what are chances of Croatia winning this match in % ? Is it too crazy to think they could pull it off in 90 mins.

  • Croatia will tear apart Bazil's incompetent defence. 2-0 CROATIA :)

  • Brazil to win 3-0. Richarlison to score twice.

  • 1-1

  • Croatia did almost nothing against Japan, only 1 header which resulted and a few bad shots. They didn't deserve the qualification, to be honest. Croatia need to play much better and focused else they don't stand a chance.

  • @hellreaper Japan played good football, same as Marocco this WC, Brazil will play using more attacking style which leaves space for some counterattacks and generally will be easier to get in front of goal.

  • @hellreaper Japan are a great team...

  • Brazil to score over 1.5 goals @1.50

  • Croatia 1 Brazil 0.

  • Brazil must try to play aggressively and play more balls in the Croatian defense area. Neymar's creativity will be tested here, where on the other hand Modric will try to dominate the middle of the field. Croatia had no other choice but to defend and rely on counterattacks. If Brazil does not win during normal time, then Croatia will win the match via a penalty shootout.

  • @3dshanty7 Brazil has a way better bench, so if (5% chance) it goes to ET then Brazil will win before penals.

  • Brazil needs to attack and end the game in the first half to conserve leg for the semi. If they let the game drag out too far, it's going to be tough and they might loss.

  • Brazil is too strong, it not possible for croatia to win. just hope they don't play too aggressive that lead to serious injury after this game

  • Brazil will never want this to go into penalties or extra time so they'll go all out and probably manage to score a couple of goals. 0-2

  • likely low scoring game, 0-0

  • Croatia will find another gear in this match against Brazil, don't be fooled & take them too lightly. If Croatia drag Brazil into ET and penalties, it will be game over for the Seleção Canarinho. With that said, Luka Modric & Ivan Perisic to score meaning 2-0 Croatia WIN. Lets Goooo....CROATIA

  • @UEFAMAN They need to improve a lot from last match. Japan was way better than Croatia. Luckily for Croatia, they managed to hold the draw til the penalty kicks and Japan had no quality to take them.

  • @UEFAMAN , Brasil got better keeper and goal scorers , they won’t be afraid of anything

  • I can't belive we are in the World cup quater finals playing vs Brazil. Sao Paulo 12,3 milion people, Rio de Janeiro 6,7 milion, Croatia 3,9 milion. Brazil probably has more football club players than Croatia has inhabitants.

  • @Alparslan *male inhabitants

  • I dont think people understand how motivated are our players. We are original giant killer and we are yet to catch proper scalp on this WC. 2-1.

  • @Ewerfekt The problem is Croatia starter has been playing 350+ minutes, their leg going to be more heavy than Brazilian, whom been playing around 200 mins. It's going to be tough

  • @pessi Come on, they have 4 days to recover, its not like they play 24 hours after the Japan game. They should be fine, specially if you are playing a world championship quarterfinal, should be enoug motivation to get light legs ^^

  • @Ewerfekt draw vs Belgium was that giant killer, now it is all but finished

  • @Ewerfekt y'all could barely beat Japan...this is one giant you won't kill

  • @Excelsior Japan and Morocco are proper teams. As was Belgium in last game. Even Canada, tho too naive wasnt bad team. I bet Canada would beat Poland, Australia and South Korea. If we score first Brazil wont know what to do. If we get to ET we win. Mentally strongest team against mentally questinable team. All pressure on them and thats when we are strongest. We had problem scoring mostly because we always had to play possesion. Against Brazil we can finally unleash our counters. Not to mention we have strongest defense in history of our nation.

  • @Ewerfekt I would like to see as little of these annoying Brazilian dancing goal celebrations as possible, but you have to have at least some respect for their class. Don't act like Croatia is the favourite here because, with all due respect, you aren't. And every team in the WC is a "proper team", except Qatar.

  • @wilde Proper maybe wasn't best use of word. I meant great. On serious note. Brazil is always favorite before they lose and they didn't really show much on this wc. Beaten bad Serbia side, hardly won against Swiss who got destroyed by Portugal and won against naive S. Korea side. We have better chance then majority of people thinks.

  • @Ewerfekt Sure you have a chance and you're right Brazil didn't really show much. But you can say the same about Croatia.

  • Flip an infinity + 5 sided coin to decide the winner!

  • Croatia can change the game's tempo at will, but I don't think they can hope for a draw. Alisson is a very good gk when blocking short-range shots, but struggles against long-range ones, Croatia can make a goal like that, also Brazil's wide defenders are struggling to block crosses. Brazil 2-1

  • 1-3 Brazil

  • Croatia 0 Brazil 11.

  • Listen croatia are ok solid but theres no way they beat brazil in 90 minutes, not enough quality or pace up front, didnt even dominate or create that much against japan really, just held on defensively and slow/boring attacks. Its possible that they hold on until pens as they did before but i dont trust them to score. 0-1

  • @Icarax saem , i reckon they will park the bus, I reckon on 4 ties will end in a 90 min draw

  • @Icarax dont delete this comment

  • @Ewerfekt you can't delete your comment on whoscored, unfortunately for you.

  • @wilde you still here talking smack to people? plz get lost