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  • Sorry to see the Moroccan players be so angry at the end. Unprofessional and disrespectful to the Croatians. Croatia was the better team in every regard. There is honor in accepting loss.

  • What happened with VAR? Clear penalty on Gvardiol and no check at all?!?

  • Why were Morocco so angry at the end? They were lucky a penalty wasn't given against them.

  • oh orsic, remind me of robben, what a signature goal!

  • as expected, better team win, Croatia win, which is good for football, I hate seeing second best team win

  • @wdetac I hope you post the same thing on the other game tomorrow, if Argentina win.

  • seem like 2 days is not enough for Morocco recover from their lost. Too many injury and they seem too tired to breakthough Croatia defense, their attack in the second half is so harmless.

  • 1-1

  • huge mistake by Bounou already..

  • Bet W1

  • 0-1

  • if u thought Ounahi was underrated wait n see El Khannous, Zaroury & Chair to destroy Croatia out of motivation and power of Allah

  • @pibedebarrio Allah and Jesus do not intervene in football . Believe it

  • @pibedebarrio Khannouss is the biggest Moroccan talent. He might play.

  • Croatia & Over 2.5

  • Hard to see Croatia being troubled too much by Morocco here, they will probably look like they have a world class defence again after the shambles against Argentina, and no doubt will control the midfield. Just basically a question of if they can put away a chance or two, or just win on penalties anyway. Croatia 3rd place, Maroc -9.5 shots multi @ 3.75, cash it in already.

  • Croatia 12 Morocco 0.

  • Morocco lack a striker of quality.

  • @eastend1 As do Croatia. Kramaric is not your typical number 9 and Petkovic sucks.

  • 0-0. Croatia wins on pens.

  • @DM3T They will not win for a third time. No f*cking way! Nobody has ever done that.

  • Yes, neither team scores much, and has reached this stage with defense more than anything. Croatia was exposed vs alvarez & messi, but this isnt messi, or even the brazil team that croatia kept at bay, its frickin cheddira, hamdallah attilah & co that cant finish 1v1s. similarly, morocco defense have kept bruno & felix at bay and now they have to deal with petkovic & co that cant generate a shot on target in 90 mins even controlling the midfield with mastery. if both teams are still motivated to go for bronze, this is 0-0 and pens. 1-0 either way after a header or rebound is the only other possible option but less likely. id say 0-0/0-1/1-0 in that order of probability (descendingly). if croatia are tired as they slightly showed in the semi, or morocco arent so motivated to go for bronze, score may be more wonky but no proof really points to it.

  • Under 3,5 goals for sure.

  • @Davisson 3.5? likely under 1.5

  • @wdetac under 0.5 @12x looking juicY