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Real Madrid

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Comments (32)

  • Chelsea had their chances of buying Ronaldo and they thought too long. Yes I know Ronaldo has ego issues but it's better than playing without any Forward.

  • rma is just that team that is able to constantly get goals against the run of play, scrappy goals, pressure in just the right moments, and i used to think its just luck but i guess its just in all the small details of coaching considering it keeps on happening every season. regardless, its a brilliant team in all areas of the pitch, its actually quite crazy to think that the number of goals theyve conceded is probably top 3 in the competition and the number of goals theyve scored probably is as well. just the most balanced team of the decade and of course the midfield is probably the biggest agent of that as theyre able to get through any opponent. i dont talk much about their unstable opponents in this game because i know it will just repeat with stronger teams, as it was in rma vs city or psg last year.

  • Chelsea is a messy team. Last 4 matches and only one lucky goal past week from Gallagher , thanks an strange rebound. Need desperately a goal scorer, I really miss Lukaku.

  • @dib But I really miss Diego Costa.

  • End of first half. Chealsea should take out Gallagher and put in Mudryk, the number 23 is lost in the role in the game. Real Madrid could swap Modriç for position with Valverde, James is isolated in midfield and Modriç lacks the physical disposition to reduce his space, while Camavinga scores on the back line forcing Vini to retreat and Thiago Silva playing behind his back. A beautiful tactical strategy with a line of 3 defenders.

  • At the end of the game, the substitution that put João Félix destroyed the midfield and still lost a chance to score. Joao is not a bad player, but he holds the ball a lot and Chealsea needed a fast player who would drive and release the ball with speed. And it wasn't him.

  • 1-3 or 2-3 Real.M win and qualify..

  • 0-3

  • @eastend1 almost

  • kante to make 6 tackles 5/1 looks good

  • I have had a very large bet on Real Madrid DNB @ 1.86 Odds.If RM draw then we get the stake back.

  • @Marbella Bye Bye Chelsea Lol

  • Both teams to score and RM to qualify

  • I think RM will play like they did in Feb in the last 16 of the CL when they beat Liverpool 5-2 at Anfield.

  • Lampard is quite frankly a mediocre at best manager. Carlo Ancelotti is one of the best ever. Chelsea is an aimlessly assembled squad. Real is a methodically assembled and well-oiled machine. There’s essentially no chance Real loses this, barring a sending off or two

  • 0-2

  • @neumi17 hope you put money on that

  • Real don't even don't even need to win the match. They'd happily sit back and soak up the pressure. As Chelsea flood forward, desperately seeking to score 2+ goals, Real will just exploit the gaps left at the back.

  • @Onmieadson so do you think Real will win?

  • @dadodinamo7 I think they'll qualify

  • @dadodinamo7 on the counter attacks yes

  • 3-0 Chelsea

  • @DaelenMagyar At least you haven't lost your sense of humor.

  • @DaelenMagyar Is that your Todd Bohley impression!? ��

  • Yeah lmao

  • @Onmieadson ''I still can't believe why we aint playing 443''

  • @Onmieadson lmao

  • 3-0 Madrid

  • RM will destroy Chelsea on the counter attack.Chelsea struggle to get goals and are obviously 2-0 down from the 1st leg.

  • @Marbella without Vini, I doubt RM can do much on counter attacks

  • @eqbalreza Vini Jr has travelled to London and will have a late fitness test.Personally i think he will play some part in the game.

  • 1-2