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  • who won the fight between minjae and giroud???????

  • Calabria had Kvaratskelia in his pocket

  • Good to see Italian teams performing! I just hope Napoli slips through. The Georgian is spectacular.

  • How many shoots you think will make each team?

  • 0-0

  • "Milan win unlikely to happen again?" Why? Watching Napoli's lucky win against lowly Lecce and accounting for Oshimen's absence tell me otherwise! In fact, Milan should be completely relaxed and follow the same counterattacking game plan they exploited last time!

  • @Zoli How do you explain Milan's poor performance, against Empoli? It was painful to watch , really... Napoli will play decisively, if not this time, a week from now.... Napoli will go through to the next round ---- you heard from me , here first

  • @deakyb Milan played that poorly because they started the game with Origi, Rebic, Pobega and Saelemakers upfront, who can't score a goal even if they played handball. When they brought Leao and Giroud on the field it was already too late.. given the absence of Osimhen and Simeone here, I would say there is a 50/50 chance for each team to go through. If Kjaer and Tomori play like they should, Napoli wont even score

  • @MoshEne Exactly!

  • @Zoltan quit lying man you didn't watch the Lecce match.. I agree they have dropped a bit lately but they'll clearly be more motivated. Why would Milan relax in such a big game? Yes, Milan can play that same 11 and counter, obviously. Your a genius, you must manage a pub team or something, wow!

  • Actually, they both win on away, so it's unlikely to confirm who will win yet

  • 2-2