Probable Lineups


Probable Lineups Statistical Comparison

(31) 23 Goals 12 (19)
(20) 12 Assists 14 (17)
(6.9) 7.2 Average Ratings 6.9 (6.6)
28.9 Average Age 29.5
183.5 Average Height (cm) 183.5
(1.2) 1.2 Shots pg 1 (0.8)
(58%) 54% Aerial Duel Success 53% (52%)
(0.9) 0.9 Dribbles pg 0.4 (0.5)
(1.3) 1.1 Tackles pg 1.1 (1.3)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in Champions League Final Stage.

Missing Players

Man City
Player Reason Status Rating
Kyle Walker Doubtful 6.71
Player Reason Status Rating
Henrikh Mkhitaryan Doubtful 6.92
Joaquín Correa Doubtful 6.48
Mattia Zanotti Out N/A
Valentín Carboni Out 5.76
Alessandro Fontanarosa Out N/A

Team News

Man City
  • Kyle Walker missed training on Tuesday with a minor injury, but should be fine to start this game.
  • Pep Guardiola is unlikely to change too much from the win over Manchester United on the weekend.
  • Nathan Ake recently returned from injury and came on in the final few minutes of the FA Cup final, but Guardiola is expected to go for Manuel Akanji at the back.
  • Henrikh Mkhitaryan has been sidelined owing to an injury picked up in the Champions League semi-finals, but may return in this game if he is fit enough to do so.
  • Joaquin Correa's calf injury suffered in the Coppa Italia final against Fiorentina means he remains a doubt for this game.
  • Milan Skriniar returned to the matchday squad for Inter against Torino on the final day of Serie A action and could well play a part in this game.
  • Mattia Zanotti, Valentin Carboni and Alessandro Fontanarosa, who were all not expected to feature in this game, will likely miss out because of international duty at the U20s World Cup.


  • Manchester City clinched the FA Cup on Saturday with a 2-1 win over rivals Manchester United and come into this game on the hunt for a famous treble. They are the top scorers in the Champions League this season with 31 goals and have only conceded five goals in their 12 games. City have also got to the final without losing a game and by beating two of the last three winners of the competition, in the previous two rounds. Prior to this season, their only Champions League final appearance came in 2021 when they lost 1-0 to fellow Premier League outfit, Chelsea.
  • Inter come into this game on a decent run of form, having only lost one of their last 13 matches in all competitions, which came against Napoli in Serie A, winning 11 and only drawing against Benfica 3-3 in the Champions League quarter-finals, which of course put them through to the semi-finals anyhow. Inter finished second in their Champions League group losing only twice to the Group C winners Bayern Munich, but since then have remained unbeaten in the competition. They have won the competition on three occasions in their history, most recently in 2010, when they clinched a treble.
  • Inter have the quality to pose City a threat in this game, but if Erling Haaland can continue his form in the Champions League, which has seen him score 12 goals, then it is hard to see past Pep Guardiola's side from winning this game.

User Predictions

Comments (118)

  • im glad the better & more entertaining team over the season has won (love good quality footy & dont care about the oil money unless they cheat ffp), happy for the talented players after many heartbreaks too, also glad that boring inter antifootball lost after a rigged mickey mouse run after getting dismantled by bayern tho i have to say they were surprisingly better than city in this particular match at controlling the tempo. inzaghi better tactically than expected (and city worse or at least trying to play it safe). citys cold blood (rodri) & defense got them over the line this time compared to previous years. am glad rodri got the goal as well, hes been an insane (best itw imo) cdm at city & his importance gets overlooked alot imo. lastly haaland is terrible, no way people will call that "the best footballer" just cuz of tapins and getting carried...its cr7 vs messi all over again. mbappe>>

  • So at what point can we start calling the Pep era City the greatest club dynasty ever? I think they're better than any Ferguson era United dynasty. Maybe only Pep era Barcelona even compares. I mean it's just comical at this point. No one is on City's level. Yet, with all of that said, they have only a small fraction of United or Barcelona's fan base. Really bizarre.

  • @nizzle - Hold your horses with the recency bias. They've won a single CL and you want to crown them as "the greatest club dynasty ever"? What about the team that have won 5 European Cups in a row? Only in England are they dominant and consistent, in Europe this is their first piece of silverware since 1970.

  • @nizzle you can start calling it whatever you want. I don't give a sh*t about this team.

  • If Lukaku start instead of Dzeko, that might be different story. Ederson, man of the match for me.

  • @xxl92 Makes sense, but I am sure the idea was to have Lukaku on during the match, so City defence has less stamina and time to adapt. Lukaku was a constant threat, but also he blocked the shot, what could be the goal after DiMarco header

  • If Man City is as good as it gets, then football is in a really bad place right now.

  • Manchester City are still not a big club and will never become one. I don't care what anyone says.

  • congrats city. I think Stones is the man of the season for City. He took incredibly his free role to do perfectly multiple tasks and that was behind City success. 6 dribles in the final waw.

  • @sampo I think in his position dribbles are not important and I actually can't remember one.

  • @neumi17 Absolutely wrong, if he is dispossessed on his natural position, then the trouble begins. Also, he changes his positions very often during the match.

  • The best moment of the match was the goal Phil Foden should have scored. That was a Musiala-like move.

  • Haaland did great with his 3 accurate passes.

  • I'm glad City finally won the CL but that was an awful game. Their goal was an accident, a great shot from Rodri but he was super lucky to get it off a surprising deflection that everybody expected to be a corner. I didn't expect City to win this out of good luck.

  • Congrats City! Congrats to Pep! well deserved Treble.

  • Lukaku with a special performance tonight. First he blocks the shot of his teammate and then he misses the empty net and aims directly on the goalie.

  • @neumi17 But still better than Martínez & Dzeko, right. Both of them just know how to chase the ball.

  • @neumi17 So the goal wasn't empty then, right?

  • @Maarten It was empty except for 70 cm right in front of him ...

  • Kevin De Bruyne should seek some therapy. His muscular problems in Champions league finals must have a psychosomatic causes. Big thank you to the three Italian anti-football clubs losing their finals and making this a glorious week!

  • @BeautifulLoser Lucky win this time, maybe this reason cause he never win Ballon d'Or.

  • @BeautifulLoser Last time wasn't a muscular problem. His brain was scrambled by a German brute.

  • @Maarten True! I must have mixed something up. I felt sorry for him.

  • Lakaku stepped up again to win it for City

  • Very happy for Pep and skipper Gündogan. City have earned this. I feel sorry for Dzeko, one of my favorite players. No pity for the rest of the Nerazzuri lot, particularly not for the clown at the sideline.

  • @BeautifulLoser Coach should have probably started Lukaku and then subbed in Dzeko for last 30 min.. Dzeko did 0 for that first hour and it cramped their style. Martinez and Inter play better with Lukaku but Lukaku is too much of a ****head to close a game whereas Dzeko is more reliable - he probably would have made that 1-1 at the end.

  • @tkr Actually, both Dzeko and Haaland did zero. That's because of how the whole thing has quickly evolved to this boring kind of "let's watch those strikers die of loneliness" match, which is mainly Inter's responsibility. I definitely agree that Dzeko is more clinical and cold-blooded.

  • Congratz to Citizens fans. I'd got more expectationss for the match, did not seem to me a good one. I guess Ederson would be awarded as MVP of this final thanks those geat savin in last minutes.

  • Well, although the financial methods to assemble this squad may have been questionable at best, the fact of the matter is that City have far and away been the best team in the world this season and all the players and Pep do deserve credit for how they’ve performed

  • Congratulations City and Pep, best team this season on the planet. Inter was a worthy opponent and had many chances.

  • Wow Foden, what a player !

  • @neumi17 lol

  • Gündogan with a really good game so far

  • @neumi17 well below his standards whole game, was dispossessed few times, but pretty decent not to cause stupid mistakes, as Akanj for example.

  • @neumi17 IMHO he massively underperformed.

  • Inter has it's chances

  • Deserved lead! But City is unwatchable. Particularly Stones, Ilkay and Haaland

  • Garbage City...i hope Inter wins.

  • let’s go inter

  • Rodri = disaster

  • @GioMonaldo Yeah, right ...

  • @neumi17 one lucky goal doesn't change the fact that he was a disaster in the first half

  • @GioMonaldo He actually said it himself in the interview. He admitted that he played badly and got lucky. Whereas that dumb c*nt Grealish said he played badly, but that he doesn't care, cause he is part of the team that won the trophy. You can see the difference in mentality. One is likeable even though he plays for a sh*t club like City, the other one is classless, insolent and obnoxious.

  • Inter will win the final

  • Grealish is a bad dribbler

  • Come on Inter. Hope Stormzy comes on and smashes in a couple of goals

  • Must be an adventurous match

  • Please Inter, please.

  • @Gewoonmoi How should that come true ?

  • @neumi17 City is never great away from home. Inter has a good chance.

  • @Gewoonmoi Inter is much worse away from home.

  • I did a bet on City to win on regular time

  • KDB assist and Haaland to score anytime.

  • Lukaku is better than Dzeko in terms of big matches....Lukaku should pair with Martinez....

  • @fred2278 Did you really mention Lukaku and big matches in the same sentence? I mean... Seriously?

  • @fred2278 Lukaku is horrible.

  • Dzeko vs Ake is the battle which decides this game, I feel Inter have mostly been strong in air, Should be critical for dead balls

  • Absolutely no complaints from me about Pep's Teamsheet; COME ON CITY !!!

  • You guys in the uk will be able to see it free on bt sport youtube channel..

  • Why Dzeko instead of Lukaku? anyway 1-1 is the play

  • @koziol.mutant Can you imagine.....Lukaku is better in terms of big matches

  • Two or three men on Haaland’s so Gundogan to score anytime

  • Everyone underestimates Inter, even the bookies. That's exactly when the big surprises happen! LOL

  • @Zoltan If the coach had started Lukaku and put on Dzeko as a sub and not the other way around, Inter would have lifted the cup. Don't let these idiоts here tell you anything else.

  • @Zoltan Certainly not tonight

  • Dzeko to score against his older team!

  • Some of the Italian media are saying Simone Inzaghi is terrified of Haaland and may play a very defensive game to try and stop him.Obviously City will go with a very attacking frame of mind.

  • @Marbella I think Haaland is the best thing since sliced bread. However, if Inzaghi watches some of the "big matches" featuring him, sometimes he's absolutely invisible. I would be much more concerned about Super Kev, Silva and Gündoğan in this game, massive Players who never let you down on the Big Stage

  • Haaland, Bruyne and MoM Bernardo Silva to put Inter down @1.01

  • @papaitucano Why to even bet for 1.01 ?

  • A fink ma g over2,5 enet

  • Will be way tighter game than 4-0 REAL. City is not playing at home, but Istanbul. Both teams top form currently. Inter will play defensive, but also more posession in the opposition half as they know that city will most likely convert their scoring chances. Pressure is on City. Italian sides rarely disappoint mentally. Expect excitement at beginning (high energy) and end of game (more open spaces) . I see Inter scoring and city not netting more than 3. Big value on draw and btts or inter +3 HC.

  • Inter's only chance is to give all they have in the first 30mins and score an early goal, But if they play defensive and let city manage the match, They will get destroyed.

  • Inter should save the gas money and stay home. Citeh 4-0

  • @Oversonly You're pathetic

  • I agree with you on the scoreline. 3-1

  • Man City 2-0 Inter Milan

  • will win with big numbers.. 4-0 or 5-1

  • Manchester City to score over 1.5 goals @1.57

  • Juz put on over 2.5 goal.gud value and to end the season.

  • City usually bottle it.

  • 2-0 4-1 ht ft

  • City all day long

  • No2 trophy for PL teams this week COME ON CITY COYI

  • @eastend1 STFU!

  • It will be a strongly played game, cagy as well, but Man City will win.

  • Man 4-1 Inter

  • 3

  • @Emmanuel123 --- trophies for City?

  • @RichieRochdale No, 3 trophies for Inter (including the Italian Supercup).

  • @Sputnik May the best team win, Sputnik!

  • 0-1 early goal. Inter

  • Unless old "Fraudiola" has another rush of blood to the head in a Champions League Final (and swaps Rodri for Phillips---, please, God, NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!), there's really only one Winner in this match. City 2.1 to complete the Treble.

  • @RichieRochdale BTW, regardless of the above, Pep Guardiola is the best Manager that City ever had or ever will have in its entire history whether we win Old Big Ears or whether we don't. Just wanted to clear that one up in advance.

  • @RichieRochdale City will be way to strong for Inter.

  • @Marbella You know, Marbella, the ONLY thing that I am worried about in this match is Pep having another Champions League Meltdown, :( God alone knows why he swapped Rodri for Sterling in the last C.L. Final we played against Chelsea ??? It wasn't like Sterling had had an amazing Season, he had been fairly anonymous in the second half of that Season, in fact. If he plays our strongest side then, HONESTLY, I will have no complaints about the result. However, if he starts tinkering in the Final---, and we lose---, gggrrr !!!

  • Man city Btts and win

  • no value on man city I'll take inter Milan with those odds any day

  • 1-1

  • Man City will play a very attacking game whilst Inter Milan will play a defensive game relying on counter attacks.

  • Let's just have a look at Inter's way to final: Got beaten back and forth by Bayern in the group stage and only managed to beat Barcelona once, then after the group stage: Porto, Benfica, Milan. While City trashed Sevilla, Dortmund, Leipzig, Bayern and Real. Scored 9 goals on 4 games against Bayern and Real Madrid. There is no such thing Inter Milan will not be destroyed.

  • @Khalq21 All of this means absolutely nothing. As they say in a famous song - "the winner takes it all".

  • Man City 0-2 Inter

  • @Yuseef2023 Haha you wish.

  • Man City 3-1

  • 1-1 90min

  • Whoever won the Real Madrid - Man City tie was always going to win the entire thing, and it looks like it's going to finally come Man City's way. Inzaghi has only been in management since 2016, and I really doubt he possesses the tactical acumen to overcome Guardiola, in the same way Ancelotti and Tuchel have in recent years in this tournament. Inter are on a fantastic run and won't make it easy for Man City, but as Icarax said, Man City have too many danger men in all areas. Something would have to be catastrophically wrong for them if none of those players (Haaland, KDB, Bernardo, Grealish, Gundogan, Rodri, Mahrez, Foden etc) were able to get City over the line

  • man city have 1 too many weapons now to have trouble with scoring even against a team as defensively solid as inter. much like the madrid of the past, theyre very solid in every area of the pitch. their defense alone is good enough to go for a 0-0 with inter and rely on pens but obviously theyre so much more than that that i cant really envision any other scenario happening in Istanbul than what happened in the semifinal 2nd leg vs madrid - total domination & chance creation. with the amount of good chances city will create it will take an unbelievably wasteful erling, an incredibly uninspired silva, an awfully off-target jack, a terribly out of shape kdb, a bizarrely shy ilkay, for city not to score in this game. with a similar level of aggression as the semifinal, city has defiinitely got this in the bag as long as they pay attention to the set pieces, the main weapon of a counterattacking team like inter. i dont think inzaghi has the capacity to make it hard for city/pep tactically.

  • @Icarax I, for one, really appreciate you taking the time to write these things, Icarax, and I certainly get a lot out of reading them. Please keep 'em coming!