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  • Diogo Jota is good coming in from the bench not as a starter Salah was supposed to be taken off at half time. Klopp should play Endo before it's too late and MacAllister goes to the side. How can we have an outright 6 and not play him then why did he get him??

  • Incredible that the guy who's parents got kidnapped is able mentally to have a stronger will to win than all the other players. If I was Klopp I'd be giving Diaz a huge hug in the dressing room, then ask him to step out and spend the next half hour going down the line of our midfielders and forwards and giving them absolute hell for that performance.

  • Am I the unlucky one yesterday it was Arsenal and today Liverpool too

  • Gomez - championship player, mcalister - championship player, Salah - should be sold to Saudi half year ago, Nunez --- pfff ahahah, Trent - not even a defender.

  • @dzvinka All incredibly stupid takes. Today was a pathetic performance, implying they are much better players than they showed

  • This is an absolutely pathetic performance from Liverpool. Every single player should be ashamed.

  • Draw

  • Luton 1 =Liverpool 4

  • Luton to win, both teams to score.

  • 9-0 liverpool win

  • 0-3 Liverpool